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Weeks 28 and 29

July 23, 2007

Week 28

The doily is done and blocked. The angel Christmas ornament is done. I started and finished a plastic canvas needlepoint Christmas ornament also this week.

I played in my shop out back with paints and got a painted Christmas ornament done.

The fair tags for all my projects came this week and I got the ones attached to the finished projects and at least those are ready to go! 

Week 29

Sorry folks, this is as far as last week’s blog got. I had to work extra to fill in for vacations at work, plus try to get all these fair projects finished before Sat. I’ve been b u s y!  I got everything done, though, except one item. I probably could have gotten it done, but by the time I got to it, my brain was pretty much dead. I couldn’t think at all straight, so I just said, “the heck with it!” (Besides, it wouldn’t be “normal” for me if I finished everything!)

I was sewing my sweater together the night before I had to take all the items to the fairgrounds. I was soooo tired because I had been up since 3 am! The next day, Sat., I had to get up at 3 am again, work till 2 pm, run home, steam my sweater, put the tag on it and run everything out to the fair. That’s about as last minute as I like to cut it.

The fair starts this Fri. I’m taking a personal day from work that day plus my vacation starts on Sat. Yeah! I’ve planned it so I’ll probably go at least six of the ten days of the fair. I’m just a little kid when it comes to the fair. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE the fair?)

I didn’t get any more pictures of my projects taken. Sorry about that. I’ll have plenty to show after it’s all over, though. Hopefully, I’ll have a ribbon or two to show with them!

On to other things.


My gladiolus have started to bloom. Isn’t this yellow one beautiful? I’ve also had a purple and pink one bloom. There’s about three more with blubs on them getting ready to pop out. I wish they would all bloom at once. I think that would be a beautiful sight!

Daughter #1 and her family are on a vacation in Colorado. They pulled a trailer behind them all the way and are there right now. Must be nice to wake up with the mountains as a view right out your window!! I’m glad they had this opportunity to go and I know they’re having the time of their lives, but I have them on my mind a lot this week and will be happy to know when they’re back safe and sound.

I had lunch with my friend Carolyn again this week. We talked about quilts a lot. She even brought me one of her quilt books to look at and even let me take it home.   I’ve been looking at it and reading in it ever since. So many beautiful quilts and so little time! (Why does time have to go so fast when we have so many things we want to make!?!)  

After our lunch, I went to JoAnn’s fabric store and found some material that will work with my blocks. (One piece is actually some of the same fabric in my blocks!) Now I can start cutting my strips of fabric to go between the blocks and all around the edge to finish it up. I’m excited about it, but at the same time a little apprehensive. I tend to procrastinate when it’s something I haven’t done before. I talked with a gal (who quilts) at work yesterday and was telling her I wasn’t sure how to go about cutting all those strips. She showed me how she folds the fabric and cuts through four or eight layers at a time. Then measures and cuts off what she needs or sews them together to get the length. Wow, sounds simple, but if there’s a way to mess it up, I’ll probably find out how!

I walked into my sewing room this morning and looked at my “mess”. Somewhere along the way to getting all my projects to the fair, I’ve managed to pull out all of my UFO’s and kits from the closet where they’ve been hiding, and they’re all over the room. I’m amazed that all this stuff was in the closet because the closet is still full of supplies, books, patterns, paint, you name it! It’s really overwhelming. (I was going to take a pic to show, but I’d be embarrassed.) Ok, now I need to do something with all this before I start something new. (Have I turned over a new leaf? Naw, I’ll probably just stick everything back in the closet and start cutting my strips of fabric.)

I’ve been shopping at Herrschner’s again! I got this package this week. Some of the yarn is some really pretty self-striping yarn that I’m planning on making socks with and the other is 100% wool that will be used for a felting project. I love to get packages like this! (Like I really need it!!)


Here’s a link to something you might find interesting — free patterns compliments of Hancock Fabrics! Let me know if you try any of them. I’m still looking through them!

Have a great week and keep those nimble fingers flying!

Week 27

July 9, 2007


This has been a busy, crafty week for me. I got the snowflake afghan done and it turned out really pretty. The next big project I tackled was another afghan that’s been in the closet for a couple of years. This one is knitted and only has twenty blocks, but each block has many tails to weave in because of the way it was knitted.


This is going to take a while and it’s boring as heck. A word of warning: weave in the ends as you go and it won’t seem so overwhelming when the project is done! I need to listen to my own advise next time. Actually, my older sister would get after me for this, and I AM better than I used to be…… unfortunately not at the time I was knitting these afghan blocks. I don’t think I’m going to finish this one in time for the fair. It’s extremely boring and I’m finding myself shoving it toward the back of my projects to finish. Soooooo, I have this other knitted afghan

Basketweave afghan

that IS finished already that will probably take the place of the log cabin one. 


I’ve also started a doily. I’m working on the last round now. It’s not that hard, but the directions have been a real pain to understand. I’m not going to mention the book or the author because I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Maybe I should, though, so you can avoid it. It’s got a copyright of 1989, so if you already have it, then I’m shooting a dead animal…and if you don’t have it, you probably couldn’t get it by now anyway. This is the first thing I’ve crocheted out of it, and the other doilies are really pretty, so I may try another one just to see if I find the directions for it a pain too. If I do, then this book will not be in my library for much longer. Needless to say, I’ve spent way too much time on this doily — crocheting and then frogging and crocheting and frogging some more. But I’m on the last round now, and by golly, I’m going to finish it!!


I’ve also been cross-stitching on a little angel that will be a Christmas tree ornament. I’ve been working on it at work on my lunch hour each day. This is also a UFO. I can’t remember when I started it, but I’ve carried it with me thinking I’d work on it at work and I wind up reading or visiting with fellow associates on my lunch hour. But this week, I’ve picked it up again and it’s going fairly fast.

It’s only 16 days till we take our projects to the fair for check-in. I still have seven  projects (six, if I don’t use the log cabin afghan) to finish up… and three of those are almost done. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can! Back to the craft table! Have a great week!

Week 26

July 2, 2007

Do you realize that this week marks the half-way point for this year? That’s right, 2007 is half over already! Where does the time go? I thought that after the kids got out on their own, I would have more time to myself and accomplish all these wonderful things. The time goes faster now that ever! Are we in a car with no brakes rolling down a steep mountain? Ooh, that’s a scary thought! Let’s move on!

I had to get my act together and turn in my entry form for the fair this week. We still have until July 21st before we take the items to the fairgrounds, so I usually bite off more than I can chew (or finish in this case.) I’ve done this every year since my 20’s, so I don’t think I can change. So the night before we have to have our items at the fair, I’m burning the midnight oil to frantically get them all done. The older I get, however, the more realistic I’m getting. Or maybe I’m just running out of energy! In any case, most of the crafts I want to enter this year are already done or just need a little more work to be done.

I have 19 craft items and 11 food items this year. The food items will be made and taken to the fair during the fair, so it’s not like I have to have them done by the 21st. More about the food items later.


I finished the set of Easter coasters made from felt. This was a kit that Cynthia actually started. She cut all the pieces out but didn’t get any farther with it. I think that was about the time that they started the process of moving, so she got a little side-tracked away from crafts. It took me a couple of days to get all the stitching done on them. The directions didn’t say anything about finishing the box that holds all the coasters. It’s just a plain paper mache box. I took the rest of the green felt and covered the box and stitched the top coaster to the side of the top of the box. It looks like it was meant to be that way, and difinitely looks finished now.


Next, I dug out the hugh red and white afghan that I started two (?) years ago. It has 72 8″ blocks. I got all the blocks crocheted, then it went to the back burner. The main reason I wasn’t in a hurry to sew it together was that I “lost” the book that the pattern was in and I couldn’t remember how to finish the edge after I got the blocks all sewed together. I thought I would have found the book by now, but I’ve been looking for that book ever since! I KNOW it’s around here, but I have the feeling that I’ve loaned it to someone and just can’t remember who.

In any case, I NEED to get it finished, so I’m just going to make up my own edging. It’ll be something really simple like a few rows of single crochet. If I remember right, it was something pretty simple anyway.

I have it about half-way sewed together so far. We had company over the weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to sew on it. The company was daughter Cynthia and her boys. She called Wed. and said, “How would you like to have some company this weekend?”  It was a last-minute decision, and I was so excited but I had a lot to do. The boys were going to spend the night with their cousins. They always get along so well and have a ball when they’re together. Cynthia, however,  was going to stay with us. My sewing room is also the guest room, and it was a MESS! I had all my UFO’s out of the closet all over the room. Plus, working on them also makes a mess—-hey, I don’t need to tell you crafters how much of a mess things get when we’re crafting, right? I had to spend the next day getting the bed cleaned off and everything at least out of the pathway to the bed.

We had a great weekend though, in spite of all the rain! The boys spent the first night with their cousins and the next night with their dad. He bought fireworks for them and they got to shoot off fireworks and could even see the “Firefall” from their other Grandma’s house in the country. I had to work Sat. morning, but it worked out ok because Cynthia stayed busy transporting the boys around from one place to the other. I got off work at 2 pm and that gave us some time to run south and do some shopping. We both got some good buys on some new clothes and made a stop at Hobby Lobby, of course, where we got yarn on sale. She isn’t sure what she’s going to make with hers, but I kept saying, “I don’t know why I’m buying more yarn!” (I’ve already made up my mind a long time ago that it’s a disease!)

We stayed up late Fri. night watching Stephen King’s “Rose Red” movie. It was a mini-series when it first aired on tv, so it’s about four hours long. We watched half of it, and at 11:00, hubby reminded me that I was going to have to get up at 3am to get ready to be at work at 5:00. After shopping all afternoon with Cynthia on Sat., we stayed up and watched the rest of the movie. It was going on midnight when we finally went to bed Sat. night.

I had to go to work at 10 am Sun. morning. Cynthia and the boys had lunch with me before they headed out of town. I really got worn out from the weekend, but it was worth it!