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Monday MeMe Again

September 22, 2008

Here’s a new Monday Morning MeMe from Daughter #1’s blog Write From Karen. Thought I would share a little of myself to whomever is interested.

1. What did you do over the weekend? (Saturday and Sunday – be specific, please. Remember, this is a journal about your life, so, tell us about your life. *smile*)

I work in retail (Wal-Mart, to be specific) so that means, yeah, I work the weekends. Sat. was also my birthday. So after I got home from work, Hubby and I went to see #1 daughter for a nice visit. Then we went shopping for a new boom box that would hopefully record cassettes to CD’s. But, no luck.  Next was to eat supper, then a quick trip to the grocery store, then home. Since I got up at 3am to go in to work at 5am, I was zoning out at an accelerated rate. I was in bed by 7:30! Sunday was work again, then home by 3:00. I pretty much slept in my recliner all evening — not very productive, is it?  

2. Which are scarier to you: ghosts or aliens? Why? Do you believe in either/both? Why or why not?

The unknown is always a little scary, so both would be to me. I believe in God, the Devil, and Angels, so why wouldn’t ghosts be just as believable. I’ve heard and read about some strange happenings in my lifetime, and I’ve always tried to keep an open mind. So I’m open to whatever causes them to happen, whether we call them ghosts, spirits, or whatever. And who says ghosts have to be bad?

In the same respect, who am I to say that there couldn’t possibly be other lifeforms in the vast regions of outer space? And who says aliens would have to be bad?

3. I can’t live without my _________. Now, please tell us why you can’t live without it.

I can’t live without my crafts. I LOVE making things with my hands, be it creating something to wear, decorate the home, give a child as a gift, or whatever. It’s almost like a compulsion. I HAVE to make things. I remember as a child being fascinated watching Mom making something with a crochet hook and a ball of string, or my aunt’s fingers flying with the tatting shutter. I remember going to church bazaar’s and barely being tall enough to look over the tops of tables at all the beautiful items that people had made. I wanted to be able to do that! This is the passion in my life and so, yeah, I can’t imagine living my life without it.

4. What is the cheesiest movie you ever saw, and secretly enjoyed? Why did you enjoy it so much?

The ones that come to mind are the “Ernest” movies. Ernest Goes Camping, Ernest Joins the Army, Earnest Scared Stiff, etc. They really are cheesy, but in a funny, sweet way. Ernest is so innocent and genuinely caring, you can’t help but love him. My very favorite of all is “Ernest Saves Christmas”.


September 18, 2008

My friend Carolyn and I had our monthly lunch/visit last week. I’ve talked about my friend Carolyn trying to get me into quilt making. I guess I’m intimidated a little by the sheer size of a quilt and all of the steps to go through in making one. Even though I finished sewing the green sampler quilt top, I haven’t done anymore to it because I’m in unknown territory again–having to cut all of the bordering pieces and sew them on now. Consequently, I’ve pushed it to the back burner again. I thought if I did a smaller project and get my feet wet, a larger project won’t seem so daunting. I ordered this kit from Connecting Threads.


It’s a little wall hanging. I LOVED working on it. It has appliqued letters that spell out the “Welcome.” I had to use the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and also the walking foot that came with the machine when I got to the point of quilting it. I’d not used either one on this machine, and I must say, I had FUN, FUN, FUN with it. Everything worked out just like it was supposed to!

The directions in the kit just said to “quilt it and enjoy” after I got the top sewed together. That’s when I had to e-mail Carolyn and ask her what to do next. I have a bunch of quilting books and magazines about quilting, so with her instructions and what information I could get out of my books, I managed to get it quilted and bound. I can’t believe how quickly and easily the binding went on!  Ok, I’m ready to do another one!

2 of 10

September 11, 2008

If anyone is keeping track of the scarves I’m making for the Special Olympics, here is scarf 2of 10:


As I said in the last entry, this scarf is knitted. It took me a little longer to make, but what cha think? It turned out rather pretty, huh?

I’m working on 3of 10 now. Hopefully I’ll have a new one to post soon!

1 of 10

September 8, 2008

I’m on a mission. The Special Olympics World Winter Games are after crochet and knitters to send them 5000 scarves for all the athlete, the delegates supporting them and various dignitaries who will be visiting the Games. You can read all about it here.  That’s a lot of scarves, people.  I’ve decided to make 10 as my goal.


This first one of ten is done. It was crocheted, so went pretty fast. I made it from a pattern by Laura Gebhardt that’s printed in the October 2003 Crochet World magazine. Of course I had to substitute the yarn for the Super Saver that they want the scarves to be made out of in these colors.

I’m working on 2 of 10 which is a knitted one. I sort of come up with the idea on my own. Sort of, because the pattern stitch is one that’s been around for a while. It’s a slip, knit on the knit side and purl on the other side. I just cast on about 36 stitches using size 8 needles, knit about 12 rows with one color, changed to the second color, knit another 12 rows, etc. until I reached 70 inches. It looks almost like a rib pattern. I got it off the needles last night. I need to weave the ends in, block it, and put the fringe on it. I’m off work today so I’ll have time to finish it. I’ll be putting the picture on here soon. 

I’ve been working on these scarves at work on my breaks and lunch hours. There are several ladies interested in making one or two for this special cause, so I’ve been sharing the crochet pattern with them. One lady has already finished one and working on her second one, which is knitted. It’s interesting how different these scarves are turning out.  

My goal is to make all ten scarves in different stitches, some knit and some crocheted. I’ve got more ideas already buzzing inside my head. This is exciting coming up with different pattern ideas and getting them made. But most importantly to me is knowing that someone very special I don’t even know will be wearing what I’m making with my own hands. I hope some of you out there in blogland will take the time to make a scarf. If I can just get one more person to help, I’ll feel like this blog entry was worth writing.

September–Sewing Month

September 4, 2008

September is one of my very favorite months:  1. School’s are back in sesson. (Even though I don’t have kids at home anymore, it brings back memories of how anxious I was as a kid to be back in school and also to have my kids back in school. Sept. and school just go together.) 2. It’s my birthday month. (I don’t enjoy putting those years on like I did when I was a kid, but I like the attention I get when it’s my birthday.) 3. It’s the beginning of the fall season, my favorite time of the year! (Mother Nature’s colors, cooler weather, craft shows, church bazaars, etc.)

Somewhere I read that Sept. is also Sewing Month. I wonder if that has to do with sewing new clothes for the children to wear back to school. Well, whatever the reason, It’s one more thing to like about Sept. 

Speaking of sewing, I made this little purse several days ago.


It’s made from Simplicity pattern # 3527. The dress is something I’d wear and I may make it one of these days, but I actually bought this pattern for the purse. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but there’s some pleats in the middle with a yoke at the top. It’s so cute! I just knew I had to have one. It’s a simple pattern and only took a couple of hours to make. I’ve already picked out some wild-colored polka dot fabric to make another one out of.

Since this is Sewing Month, I’ve decided it’s time to get out my hugh plastic tote full of sewing UFO’s and work on them this month. (If you don’t know it by now, I’m very good at starting projects, but bad about finishing them.) I’m very proud to announce that I’ve finished one already! (Sewing goes soooo much faster than knitting or even crochet. I don’t know why I don’t do more of it. Got out of the habit when I didn’t sew for the kids anymore, I guess.) Anyway, this is what I finished:


It’s just a pre-printed panel that you cut out and sew up. But I put batting on the front and back and quilted around the details. Then I sewed it together, stuffed it, put beans in the bottom to give it some weight, and now it’s a door stop!

One more thing, I almost forgot. I made these little pillow cases and pre-printed fabric book from Care Bear fabric for a little great-great niece. I was supposed to have had them done several months ago, but I put them back and forgot them. (I’m so bad about that!) But going through things, I found them, had to re-do the pillow cases, then took them to her. Better late than never, they say.


I’m working on a couple more things, so hopefully, I’ll have some more show and tell next time. Have a great, productive day!