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Knitted Brain

February 26, 2009

I love to knit. But I think this is going a little far. What would you use this for? Well, it’s interesting anyway.

Knitting’s My Lot

February 19, 2009

I’ve been super busy at work and have been working 40+ hours the last couple of weeks and it looks like it will be that way for at least a couple more. I’ve been sooooo tired when I get home from work. (I’ve been getting up at 2 am lately to get to work by 4 am.) About all I can manage to do in the few hours I have when I get home before going to bed by 6 pm is knit. I usually fall asleep knitting, though, and the other night I noticed I had purled on my project instead of knitted. So I had to do a little frogging this morning to correct my mistake.

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t something I usually make, but I kind of sort of made one to myself that I was going to try to use up some of my stash of yarn. I’ve done a lot of knitting since the 1st of the year. That’s about all I’ve had the energy to do. IF I can only figure out how to stay awake doing it………   But, anyway, I’ve made several things I need to catch you up on:

lacy shawl

This lacy shawl is made out of some yarn that I’ve had so long I can’t remember when or where I got it. It had a simple lace stitch but I kept getting confused on which row of the pattern I was on. Consequently I had to frog a lot. (Maybe it was because I kept going to sleep!) I was getting frustrated, but I managed to stick with it and now it’s done! It’s just the right size to throw over my shoulders when I’m watching tv or knitting. I still have about four skeins of the yarn left. I’m trying to think of something else to make with the rest of it so I won’t have to put  it back into my stash.  

I found some leftover yarn that I’d made Hubby a sweater out of a long time ago. (I can’t even remember when it was. This yarn has been around for a long time.) I was pretty sure I’d have enough of this yarn to make a simple shell for myself.  I found a mock turtleneck shell pattern and got it made in no time. It turned out a little big, but that’ll be ok. I can wear it like a vest with another sweater or blouse under it.


 I still have some of that yarn left, so I made a pair of fingerless gloves. They have long ribbing at the wrist so they’re quite warm. And believe it or not, there’s still yarn left. I think I’ll make myself a little purse or holder to carry my ipod around in. I haven’t made that yet, but when I do, and if there’s still yarn left over, it will go into my bag of scraps to be made into another granny square afghan one of these days. Well, no one can say that I didn’t get my money’s worth out of that  yarn purchase!


After working with that yarn for a while, I got really tired of looking at it. So I rummaged around in my stash and found a little skein of off-white baby weight yarn that I thought would be perfect for a lacy cowl collar. I got this pattern from Lion Brand. It turned out absolutely beautiful!


I’ve been looking for yarn to made Hubby another sweater, but alas, I don’t have enough of one color of yarn in my stash (a color that he would like anyway) to be able to make it. One day, I was thumbing through an old issue of Family Circle easy Knitting and saw a sweater I thought he might like. It’s made with several colors of broad stripes and the main color is gold.


I showed it to him and he also liked it. I went searching for yarn and found enough of the different colors I had to make it. It’s not the same colors, but close. I showed him what I found and he said he liked the colors. That was the go ahead I needed  to start it. If you’ve been a reader of mine for very long, then you know that I get obsessed with a new project. Especially when it has different colors and I’m anxious to see how the colors work out. I’ve  been working on it as much as I can stay awake plus taking it to work and working on it during breaks and lunches. (That helps me to not eat when I’m really not hungry anyway.) I’ve finished the back and am halfway up the front now. I think it’s going to be a quite handsome sweater.


Daughter #2 and I used to get together once a week to work on crafts. She moved away and although it isn’t that far, it’s still too far to come down once a week for a craft day. Besides she’s working a full-time job now, so she couldn’t even if she could make the trip. So we’ve discovered Skype. The last three Wed. nights, we’ve call each other and talked and crafted together over Skype. It’s GREAT! And it FREE! We can show each other our latest projects, gab about everything that pops into our heads and I even get to see the boys and visit with them too! I just don’t know what took us so long to do this!

I’ve been off from work the last couple of days, got a little house cleaning and washing done, and a little more knitting. It’ll be time to start another loooong 40-plus hour week in a few hours. Of course, I have to watch Survivor tonight. And then get up at 2 am. Ugh………until next time……….

February Already?

February 11, 2009

Here it is February — in fact almost the middle of Feb. already! It seems like the time goes by so fast, but at the same time, I can look back and see that a lots happened and I’ve accomplished quite a few things.

I’ve been cleaning and re-arranging things in the room we call the office. It’s really Hubby’s office, I suppose, because all of his stuff is in here and this is where he earns his money. But my computer,  the file cabinet where we keep all of our papers, and a little desk that’s been handed down on Hubby’s side of the family where I keep all of my office supplies are also in here, so it’s kind of  just an office. 

I’ve been cleaning and clearing out a bunch of old receipts from the file cabinet. I can’t believe I hang on to them until they start getting brittle and turning yellow with age! I must be my mother’s daughter after all! Needless to say, it took me a while to go through everything, but I did manage to get rid of quite a lot of useless paper.

Next I tackled the little desk. My goodness, I don’t think I’ve cleaned that out since we got it and started putting things in it. What a mess! Yes, again, it took a while to go through everything, but I think it looks quite nice now. AND I can find stuff that I’d forgot I had. In fact, I’ve bought duplicates of supplies that I didn’t realize that I already had! Gee, am I the only person out there that’s done that? I hope not!

After I got the desk looking all organized and clean, I moved on to bookshelves of books and equipment that Hubby needs to do what he does that keeps money coming in to our bank account. I took everything off the shelves, cleaned the shelves, and then put everything back again. He says I shouldn’t move anything of his because he knows where everything is. Boy, I have a hard time believing that because it just looks like a mess of mix-match junk to me. But he would probably say that about my sewing and craft room. (Actually he wouldn’t be too far from the truth right now because it kind of looks like that to me too.) I also moved one of the bookcases full of books from in front of one door to the back of another door. It makes the room look a little less cluttered.

NOW I’m to the point that I’ve got to tackle his two desks. This is where I’m going to be treading on really thin ice! His desk is his sacred ground. Everything that’s there is supposed to be there, (no matter what I think). Except the dust. So I need to move everything to clean up the dust and manage to get everything back to where it was. This is tricky. But I’m going for it. I’m pretty sure I can do it. Wish me luck.

Once I get that done and my little desk straightened up again, I should be through with the office. For a while. I still need to wash the curtains, blinds and windows but that will be for another day. When it’s warmer.