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Shopping trips

March 26, 2009

I’ve spent the last two days with friends from KC. We used to work together at Wal-Mart. They come down to see me once or twice a year. It’s soooo fun to see them. I look forward to their visits! The two of them brought an extra gal this time. I enjoyed seeing her again too. It’s been 13 years since I moved away from there, and yet they all look exactly like they did when I worked with them. However, I look 13 years older! What’s up with that!?!

They picked me up Mon. and we stopped at their motel so they could check in.


Then we headed to Lamberts to eat lunch. That’s the place where they throw rolls at you. It’s such a fun place to eat. People walk around all  the time handing out fried potatoes, fried okra, black-eyed peas, and macaroni plus the guy that will throw you a roll when you get his attention. They keep butter and honey on the tables for the rolls. Ummmmm good! All the food was delicious and we left with our stomachs filled to the max.



The Branson Landing was our next stop. We shopped and shopped. It was a lot of fun. We acted like a bunch of giggling teens trying on clothes, making jokes, and laughing so much our faces hurt.


K and E had so many packages that they kiddingly (I thought) talked about getting one of the little carts that parents rent to push their children in just so we wouldn’t have to carry all those sacks. Well, guess what? They weren’t kidding!


We also went to the Tanger Outlet Mall and shopped until they run us out of the place. Then at 9:30 (!) we were eating at the Olive Garden. I got back home at 11:00 pm with plans that they would pick me up again at 9 am for another day of shopping.

We spent the next day at the Battlefield Mall here in town. It rained quite a lot, so we couldn’t have planned our days better even if we were able to control the weather. We shopped, tried on clothes, ate lunch, and shopped some more. It was so much fun being together, catching up on news, and watching each other try on clothes.


We stopped for ice cream (the sun was shining by then) and more talking on the way to drop me off so they could start back home. We planned another trip in Sept. We’ll all meet each other at Osage Beach and shop at the big outlet mall there. I’ve never been there so that’ll be quite a time, I’m sure. I can’t wait!

March Madness

March 19, 2009

It’s madness because a LOT is happening this month. I’m currently on vacation — just started yesterday — and I have something going on almost everyday. Last night we went to my Grandson #4’s birthday party. He turned 13! Now we have four grandsons that are teenagers! But they’re all really good boys. None of them have been doing anything that you would call “wild” — like a couple of my kids did. My girls are very blessed to have good boys. They don’t realize how really blessed they are!!

Anyway, back to the b-day party. Here’s a couple of pics of the event:





This a pic of our four oldest grandsons. All teens now. What a great bunch of guys! Can you tell Grandma’s just a little proud?

The next event will be Sat.  Grandson’s #4 and #3 have b-days just a week apart, so it’s my turn to celebrate their b-days. Grandpa and I will pick them up Sat. and take them to do something they want to do. I’ve heard bowling, mini-golf, go-cart riding, and movies so far. I don’t know if we’ll have time to do all that, but we’ll see. . . . . It’ll be a fun day for all of us regardless of what we do.

Mon. I have a couple of friends coming from the K.C. area to spend the day with me. We’re talking lunch at Lambert’s (where they throw rolls at you — a really fun place to eat) and then to Branson to shop and/or see a show.  I’m looking forward to that!

My sister’s b-day and my in-laws’ anniversary is scattered in there too, so we’ll be seeing them also. I’m glad Easter is a little later this year!

Good-bye Lilac

March 4, 2009

We had  a beautiful huge lilac bush right in the middle of our yard. It was here when we bought our house almost ten years ago. It was a good 25 feet tall and had beautiful big lilac blossoms every year. Oh, the smell in the springtime when you walked out into the back yard! It was delicious! 

A couple of years ago we had the worst ice storm that  I can remember this area ever having. I’ve been living here all my life and I’m 62 years old. Ice was everywhere! I’ve been working for Wal-Mart for over 20 years and never in all those years has W-M been closed because of the weather. Well, not only was all businesses, schools, and, yes, even W-M closed, but our city was at a stand still. The trees were a disaster. Our pine tree in the back yard and my lilac bush were the worst victims in our yard. We tried to save them, and even though the pine tree is lacking a lot of it’s limbs, it’s hanging in there. But, alas, my lilac bush is no more.



We’ve had a few pretty, warmer days lately, so Hubby took the saw and did away with it. We have another lilac bush in the yard, but it’s only a few years old and so far hasn’t given us any blooms. It’s growing along a fence this time, so it may be a problem as it gets older. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I hate doing away with trees and bushes, but sometimes it’s the most humane thing to do. I’ll miss it. And the smell……