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Visit with #2

April 16, 2009

I had a nice visit with #2 daughter last night. She lives in Jeff City so we don’t get to see or talk with each other very often any more.  We’ve been getting together on Skyp  on Wed. nights to talk and catch up. (I think I’ve mentioned this before.)  When she lived here in town, she would come over on Wed. and we would craft together. So this is a way we can visit, catch up, and even knit or craft while we visit. It’s almost as good as getting together in person except she doesn’t get any muffins that I used to fix for us to snack on every Wed. morning. (Boy, you sure are missing out, Sweetie!)

She had a little trouble with her camera and it kept shutting her computer off.  So she finally just had to unplug the camera and we were able to stay connected. She could see me, but I couldn’t see her. At least we were able to talk.  AND talk we did. We got on at 6 pm and it was almost 10 pm when we finally hung up! We talked about knitting, politics, kids, Easter, family, and she even talked with Dad about the Kevin Smith show and ET’s! Here’s a pic of a T-shirt that her Dad bought and sent to her. (I’m modeling it) She got a kick out of it.


She’s making a patchwork afghan out of  different colors and textures of yarn. I’ve seen a little of the yarn that she’s using, and it looks like it’s going to be really pretty. I’m going out to the shop out back today where I have a lot of odd skeins of yarn stored. I’ll sort through them, pick out some colors that she’s mentioned that she would like to have to brighten it up and little, pack them into a box, and run it up to the PO and get it off to her. Maybe she’ll have some more blocks made up to show me next week. (Hint, hint, Sweetie)

Well, I’m on my way out back now.