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My Bad

May 28, 2009

I’ve been doing soooo good all year not buying more craft stuff to add to my already over-flowing stashes. But while I was on vacation, I had lots of time to play around on the net. That was not good. It was so fun to check out my favorite websites and I had plenty of time to look around for as long as I wanted. Needless to say, I got carried away and bought more stuff that I don’t need.

I got four new kits from Connecting Threads,


six books on sewing from Crafter’s Choice,


and some yarn from Joanne’s. I’m going to put this yarn with some yarn I already have for two knitting projects. I can kind of justify the yarn because I needed it for these projects. BUT, I really didn’t need the kits or books. It sure has been fun looking at the books, however, picking out projects that I want to make and drooling over the kits that I can’t  wait to start working on!

Well, I’m off work all day today, so maybe I should get started!


May 27, 2009

Check this out


May 25, 2009

Well, I feel a little older today. Hubby and I have six grandchildren, all boys. The oldest is 18 and just graduated from high school Fri. night. It doesn’t seem like he should be old enough, but time marches on, I suppose.



He went to school in Jeff City, so Hubby and I made the trek to see the graduation ceremony. It was held outside in their new stadium. We went early to get good seats but unfortunately a lot of other people did too! However we did get some pretty good seats. Even though they were about half-way up the bleachers, we were almost right in front of the podium that had been set up on the field.


It was hot with the sun shining. It beamed down on us for a good 45 minutes until it got low enough to be behind trees. The ceremony didn’t start until 8 pm, so by then it was cooling off enough to be bearable. I felt sorry for all the graduates having to wear those long gowns. But they’re kids. And kids can seem to deal with the weather a lot better than adults. I felt the most sorry for dear Hubby. He had to sit in the sun on those hard bleachers for over three hours! He didn’t complain, but I know he was ready to get out of there! 

They had several speakers, and one of them was our state’s first lady. She had a nice speech. A nice, L O N G speech. It was close to nine when they finally started the graduates coming forward for their diplomas. There’s only one public high school in Jeff City, so there were 591 graduates to call forward one by one! Of course they were lined up ready to go up onto the platform, so it proceeded slowly but steadily.

100_0846  100_0847  100_0849   100_0850 

The graduates were called alphabetically. Our grandson’s last name starts with a “W”, so he was one of the last one’s to be called. In a way, that was good because we could keep track of him in the sea of red robes. On the other hand, we had to wait soooo long. As the graduates got closer to the end, the relatives and friends started leaving. We were able to get down a little closer to make pic taking a little easier. As the graduates got their name called, parts of the audience screamed and shouted. So when it was Grandson’s turn, we all stood and shouted too. We were hoping that he would hear us and look our way. But it didn’t happen. He did a little dance when he got on the podium, however. At first I thought it was because he heard us and was reacting. But his brother told me that he dared him to do that. Later, he told his younger brother that he will expect him to do that when it’s his big G day!



I’m very proud of Grandson #1 for getting this far. Only five more graduations to go!

Vacation Time

May 15, 2009


It’s that time again, and I’m soooo ready! It actually starts this Sat., but I’m using my two days off and a personal day to add a few more days to the week of vacation. The more time off, the better, right?

We were planning on going somewhere – Grand Canyon, Black Hills, or the Gulf of Mexico – but decided against it the closer it came to vacation time. The more we thought about it, the more we just wanted to stay home and relax. Get some things done around here. I never have enough time and/or energy to do any time-consuming chores.  I’m always so tired! The hours I have to put up with for my job are really getting to me. Plus, putting in 45 to 50 hours a week are just too much for this old lady. 

The one big job I’d like to accomplish this vacation is getting my shop out back painted. The weather hasn’t been cooperating with me, however. Rain, rain, rain. If it’s not raining, then it’s threatening to rain. Another chore I’d love to get done is build a patio and a sidewalk to my little shop out back. That’s been an ongoing want for several years now. It’s easy to put off because I know it’s going to be a huge and tiring task for me. I just don’t have the stamina that I used to have. I’d hate to start it and then poop out before it’s done and leave it unfinished for years to come. Yes, believe it or not, I’m like that! Unfortunately I’d have the hubby to deal with if that happened. 

Speaking of unfinished chores, I’m determined this year, (yet again), to finish some of my ufo’s in my craft and sewing room. I probably could, but I keep starting new ones! I seriously have a disease, if you haven’t figured that out by now. 

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting since the first of the year. I kind of, sort of, made a New Year’s resolution to use up some of my yarn stash. Although I’ve actually finished some of the items I’ve started, I have more items now that are unfinished to add to all the others. Hmmmm, is this like that proverbial salmon trying to swim upstream? 

If there’s any justice to any of this, it’s that I actually have a few empty spots on my yarn shelves. Now if only I can get some more of these items finished…..