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Yearly Visit

April 12, 2010

 I’ve mentioned on my blog before about my friends from KC.  Ellen and Kathie usually make a trip down a couple of times a year to visit with me. They’ll pick me up and we’ll go shopping somewhere. We usually make a couple of days of it. Last year they brought another friend, Donnell. We went shopping in Branson at the Landing. Fun, Fun!

Well, it’s that time again. We decided to meet at the Premium Outlet Mall in Osage Beach. They brought another friend, Debra. (I used to work with all of these gals at Wal-Mart when Hubby and I lived there.)


We arrived on Wed. and was in Osage Beach until Fri. That’s the first time I’ve been to that Mall. Daughter C. has told me that it’s a really big one. And it is!

In spite of the fact that I was coming down with another cold, I couldn’t help but enjoy the company of these gals. If we weren’t shopping, then we were eating! And we all laughed, a lot! We went to a movie one day in between shopping. We saw “Bounty Hunter“. It was a really cute  movie.    The time went very fast and it was time to say good-bye again before we knew it. I always hate to say good-bye.

I got home about seven, bringing in package after package of the goodies I found while shopping that I just had to have. We all bought and bought so had a lot of packages to separate at going-home time.


Ellen joked with us that if we wound up with someone else’s stuff, we would just have to mail it. Well, guess what? I got one of Ellen’s sweaters!

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until several days later. I had to go in to work at 5 am the next morning, so after visiting with Hubby a few minutes, off to bed I went. The next day at work, I kept feeling worse and worse with this cold that was coming on. I didn’t feel like going through my goodies when I got home. I came home from work the next day after only a half day of work. The cold was settling in my eyes. The next morning my eyes were so puffed up and watering, I couldn’t even see out of them! I had to call in to work. In 22 years of work, I’ve only called in just a hand-full of times. Needless to say, it was another several days before I had the energy to go through all my stuff. Gosh, I had forgotten by then what all I got. I was excited about everything all over again!

I found a box and got Ellen’s sweater mailed off to her. I felt bad because I hadn’t even e-mailed her that I had it. When I heard from her about it, she said that she had just about convinced herself that she hadn’t even bought it. Gosh, I’m so sorry Ellen!

We’ve already talked about our next meeting. We’re leaning toward a visit to Silver Dollar City! I hope we go during the Crafts Festival in Sept., but we’ll have fun whenever we go!

Crochet Scrap Afghans

April 8, 2010


This is the April issue of Crochet World. It’s crammed full of neat items to make. I was especially interested in the scrap afghans. It’s a challenge to me to try to use up all of this yarn stash that I inherited from my sister, not to mention my own stash. I’m always on the look-out for projects where I can do just that.  

There’s one particular pattern that I’m sure I’m going to make. It’s the Granny’s Cool Spools afghan. Just look at all the different colors I can use!


I’m still working on the 72-motif scrap afghan that is trimmed in black. I got “in the mood” to crochet on it several days in a row and now have way over half of the motifs done. I need to finish this one before I start on the spool afghan. So now I have some motivation to get myself back “in the mood” to crochet on it! ‘Cause I really want to make this afghan!!


April 7, 2010

Here’s my latest “new” project. I got this kit quite a while back from a quilt shop. It’s from Patch Abilities. For some reason, I decided it was time to make it up. It was really fun to make. The kit just had the fabric, pattern, and instuctions. I had to measure, cut and sew it all together. The flowers, leaves and pot are applique. I hand-stitched around all of them with embroidery floss in the blanket stitch. I just got the binding on it today. Didn’t it turn out cute? I’m going to hang it in my sunroom where I have a lot of garden and outside decor.


Here’s my latest finished “UFO”. I painted this snowman on a pickle jar. You may remember a blog entry a while back about it. I got it finished a couple of weeks ago. It turned out so good, I think I’ll enter this one in the Fair this year. Do you remember the fan blade I painted the snowmen on? I think it will go in the Fair also. Yes, it’s that time of year again to start thinking about the Fair!


A Good Find!

April 1, 2010

Daughter C. and I had our usual weekly talk on Skype last night. We were visiting away having a wonderful time catching up for the week, when suddenly she jumped up and yelled, “I’ve got to show you something!” She left me for a few minutes, then came back and loaded a pic that she sent to me. Here’s what she sent:


Yes, it’s a corner cabinet.  A new (to her) piece of furniture that she and her fiance’ found in a random stop at an antique store. It’s already a used piece of furniture, so of course, already has the used and distressed look to it. She’s “into” hearts and when she saw the hearts on the doors at the bottom, she almost had an out-of-body (according to Fiance’). And the best part? It was only $60! When she told me about it and I saw the pic, I couldn’t believe it.

You see, I’ve been searching for a corner cabinet for, literally, years! I wanted something old and distressed-looking and  preferably used/antique. I’ve been to antique stores, craft shows, furniture stores, and yes, even on-line searching everywhere. Finally I found a corner shelf that was close to what I’ve been looking for. It was at Hobby Lobby. It was new, but had the used/distressed finish. It was the small size I wanted, and it was a reasonable price after taking the 30% off sale price and the gift card to HL that I got from DH for Christmas.

Daughter C. knew this. That’s why she was so excited to show me her new cabinet. I didn’t even know that she was looking for one. I suspect that she wasn’t, but when she saw this one and knew how long I’d been looking for one, she couldn’t resist getting it. I have to admit, it looks good in her kitchen alongside her table. I’m proud of it for her. What a stroke of good luck in finding it! If only I’d been so blessed, I could have saved a lot of years looking. But I really like mine and I’m not looking anymore.