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Fair — Day 1

July 31, 2010

It was an exciting day at the Fair! Hubby and I went to the rock contest today and out of nine entries, my rock won third place! I don’t have a pic of it yet because they didn’t have all of the rocks set up in their section by the time Hubby was ready to leave. So I’ll get some pics tomorrow.

There was a lot of variety in the rock contest. They had the youth judging first. Some of the entries were very imaginable. But the one that won the first place in the adult category was really cute.

After the judging was over, Hubby and I walked around to see if we could find my other entries. I took 20 items and it was fun trying to find them among all of that incredible talent. A gal with her friends within our hearing distance commented that it was like “searching for hidden treasures”, because she was looking for all of hers too. I’d never thought of it like that before but that’s exactly what it’s like. Especially when I have a lot of items to find.

We finally found everything. I took pics of all my ribbons. I got a ribbon on 18 of the 20 items I took! Here’s a sampling. . . .

But my proudest moment was when I saw the purple shawl I knitted. It not only had a first place blue ribbon on it, but it also had a Champion ribbon AND a Sponsors Choice Award attached to it. In all the years that I’ve entered my projects in the Fair, this is the first Champion ribbon I’ve ever gotten! And it’s the first Sponsors Choice Award too. Wow! That really made my day!!

A lady that works at the Fair said that she was there when it was being judged, and the judge said that it was “perfect”! I won the Champion ribbon over all the knitted items in the whole section. That made me feel really proud.

Tomorrow is the pie contest. I’m making an apple pie and a berry pie. I don’t know if Hubby will go with me or not. This contest usually takes a while to get through because there’ll be several judges and they have to taste all the pies and then talk among themselves to pick the ribbon winners. I’m looking forward to it though. I hope I win another ribbon but I really don’t care now. I have my Champion ribbon!!

Let’s Rock!

July 30, 2010

Tomorrow’s the first day of the Fair and it’s also the first day of one of the Special Contests that I’m in. The theme of the Fair this year is “Rock, roll and ride.” So this contest is to decorate a rock any way you want. What a neat idea to have a painted rock with flowers on it to add to my rock garden, I thought.

So this is what I came up with…..

I painted the background a green color to simulate moss growing on and around the rock. A small rock glued onto the large one was the center of the large daisy. Here’s a side view of the rock and you can see the small one on top. Also, I left some of the rock showing around the sides to better indicate moss growing on the rock.

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. Did you see the bee holding the small daisy and the little ladybug on one of the petals of the large daisy?

I’m really anxious to go to the contest tomorrow and see what everyone else brings. People’s imagination amazes me! I’m sure there will be some really neat rocks. I’ll take pics and post them tomorrow night.

It’ll be fun to bring my rock back home after the Fair and add it to the rock garden again. What a cute sight it will be when we walk outside and glance at the rock garden!

Almost Fair time!

July 25, 2010

After I got off work at 2 pm today, I ran my “goodies” to the Fair. The Fairgrounds were bustling with people and activities already. The campers were parked and people were walking around visiting with each other. No doubt catching up on all the news since they haven’t seen each other since the last Fair, I’m sure.

I turned in all of my crafts and was able to catch a glimpse of some of the talented works of the other participates. It just never ceases to amaze me at people’s talent!

I saw some of the people who I’ve come to know through the Ozark Empire Fair. Even though we only see each other at this time of the year, we greet and visit like we’re old friends. It surprises me how much some of these ladies remember about me!

Three of my crafts didn’t get taken to the Fair. As of this moment, they are UFO’s. The white knitted baby afghan probably would have made it if I hadn’t had to work this morning shift. But I did. So the baby afghan didn’t.

Here’s the pretty wreath I made from cast off flower petals.

When I first started working at Wally World, I worked in the craft dept. We used to sweep loose petals that fell off of their places on the flower bunches up into piles and throw them away. I started “saving” them and had a huge plastic bag in just a few weeks. Management allowed me to buy them by donating some money to our charity. This was at least 20 years ago! Yes, I’ve had them and toted them around with us with each move for that long! I’ve always had it in my mind to make something like this wreath. It was fun to work on, (took longer than I thought it would!) and I probably have enough flower petals to make another wreath.

The box I was painting on turned out really cute too.

There’s a pin keeper on the top of the box.

The next project will be to paint a rock to take to the Fair on the opening day, which is Fri., for the first of many special contests that I will be in. Thank goodness that I won’t be working any more of these early shifts at work this week. Now, what shall I paint on that rock. . . . . . .

Getting There

July 21, 2010

There’s been a lot of interruptions the last couple of weeks. We took the stove out. Daughter C. and her Hubby came down over the weekend and picked it up.

I had to finish the quilt because I was planning on giving it to Daughter C. and her new husband for a wedding gift. (That didn’t get mentioned on the blog because she reads the blog and I wanted the gift to be a surprise.)

And I’ve had to go back to working that terrible 5am to 2pm shift at work this week because of a vacation. (I just can’t get much done when I work these hours!)

This Sat. is the day that I have to take my entries to the Fair. I still have five projects to go. I know now that a couple of them just aren’t going to make it. After reading about how to finish the knitted afghan, I realized there is just too much knitting still to do. And the x-stitch t-shirt has way too much time-consuming work also. These projects will be finished for next year. (I hope!)

This is what I managed to do in the last week or so.

The Christmas sweatshirt has material iron-ons and embellished with dimensional paints. The pink t-shirt is an iron-on design and embellished with dimensional paints. And the white t-shirt has sequins glued on in a design. The shoes have iron-on designs, an appliqued bee glued on and black lines painted on with dimensional paint. They were all sooooo fun to make! I love decorating shirts, tote bags, etc. with iron-ons and paint.

And last night, I got a sweater sewed together.

It’s made with a fuzzy yarn and I had that fuzz all over everything!! But it’s a pretty sweater and I really like it.

Today and tomorrow I’m off work and I’ll be working out in my shop today. I have a painted project and a “Spring” project to hopefully get done today. Then I can concentrate on finishing up the white baby afghan tomorrow. Whew! It’s getting there, but I’m cutting it close again. (Gee, what else is new!?!)

Quilted Car

July 13, 2010

Well, this isn’t something you see everyday!