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Birthday, cont. and CAL

September 23, 2010

Mon. was my birthday. It was uneventful. Just another day. I got well-wishes from friends and relatives and Hubby took me out for lunch. But I had to go to work that evening, so yeah, just another day — and another year older.

My sis came over yesterday and brought me a gift so my birthday was extended another day. We had a nice visit. We don’t get together very often anymore so it was good to see her again and get caught up on what’s been going on in our lives.

Also, yesterday was the day that the Bernat Crochet Along started. After a long and busy day, I was finally able to print out the first “clue”. Then, after I watched “Survivor” of course, I got the first two blocks of the mystery afghan done. (Notice that I’ve already woven in the ends!)

This is FUN! I’ve never done a CAL before. It’ll be exciting to watch it come together not knowing until I make it how it’s going to look. Can’t wait till next Wed.!

Survivor Buff!

September 21, 2010

One of, well, my favorite tv show is Survivor. If you’ve read my blog for any time now, you probably already know that. For several years I’ve wanted to buy one of the buffs that CBS offers for sale every season, but I’ve never bought one yet. Hubby said, “just order it!” one day while I was at the Survivor site and wishing (again) that I had one of the official buffs. So I did!

And, guess what?? Yesterday was my birthday and it just happened that it came in the mail yesterday! (Didn’t plan that.) I was so excited! Even though I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was still wet, Hubby had to take a pic of me wearing it.

Hubby suggested that the caption for this one should be, “Only 20 days on Survivor and I’m still feeling good!” Yeah, I look pretty bad. No make-up, hair not fixed. (Sorry I did this to you guys!)

I got a little better pic today.

The caption for this one is “At the season reunion — I can’t believe I won!” That’s when all the Survivor members have had a chance to get cleaned up and look their best.

I can’t help it. I’m a big Survivor fan!!

Attic Floored

September 20, 2010

The boys came last week and got the floor put down in the attic over the garage.

They even put an extra shelf beside the stairway. That’ll be handy!

Hubby and I finished it with a little floor in the space between the garage and the house, so we’d have easy access to cross over there.

Hubby got a light and installed it in the attic also. You can see it in the first pic. Now we can turn the light on, pull the door down, go up the new stairs to the attic, and have light to see when we get up there!

It’s all ready for me to start moving things from the garage to the attic now. I’m so excited! The fun part for me is just beginning. However, it’s been in the 90’s again this week so it’s really, really hot up there right now. But when it starts cooling off again, I’m on it!

Vacation’s Over

September 18, 2010

It’s back to work for me today. Yesterday was my last vacation day. I had a list of projects to do while I was on vacation. Even though I didn’t get them all done, (I always bite off more than I can chew), I did manage to get some of the list whittled down a little.

Even though I got the baby quilt done, (I posted a pic of it a couple of blogs back), I didn’t get any other sewing done this month, so far. And this is National Sewing Month! I guess I haven’t been “in the mood” to sew. I like to sew, but only when I’m “in the mood”.

Hubby and I made a trip to see Daughter C. and family in Jeff City. That was a fun trip. Short, but fun. (We need to get an earlier start next time!)

I finally got the “hole” (left from taking out the stovepipe) in our ceiling plastered up. It’s not perfect, but I’m not a professional. And I’m certainly not perfect. But it looks ok. I think we would have to re-do the whole ceiling to cover it completely, and we’re not up to doing that!

We had saved some extra carpeting from the livingroom so I cut another piece from that to put in the “hole” left from taking out the faux bricks. You can see where it’s “patched”, but I put a rug down on top of it so it’s mostly hidden now. We’ll probably replace the carpeting in a few years anyway.

I also had to repair some of the wallpaper that was at the bottom of the wall next to the trim board. The previous owners had left a roll of this wallpaper and I saved it because “you just never know.”

Next, I re-arranged the furniture and cleaned. With Hubby’s help, we got the tv moved to the wall where the stove was. I really like it there and I think Hubby likes it too. Here’s a couple of pics to show you what it looks like…….

If you look closely, you can see a space between the couch and the wall. We’re going to get a small table and two chair set to put back behind the couch. We’re thinking we want a tall cafe-type bistro set.

So that was the biggest project on my list and now it’s done! And I’m glad!!

Wonderful Weekend

September 13, 2010

Hubby and I made the trek to Jeff City to see Daughter C. and her family. It was a beautiful weekend, weather-wise. We got a late start on Sat. so didn’t get there until SIL had already gone to work. (He works evenings). The rest of us sit on the deck and had a good “catch-up” visit.

They have a very nice house and yard, with a swimming pool out back!

We had to put our feet in the pool because it looked so inviting. But it was cold!

We grabbed a bite to eat at Sonic, then walked off the calories at a nature walk.

How do you like C.’s smile?

We even saw a deer! You have to look really close to see him. He’s just to the left of the pole in the center of the pic.

The next day after a nice long visit on the deck again, this time with SIL,

we went to the Capitol and took a tour. I’ve lived in Missouri all my life and have never been to the Capitol. It was very interesting, but we didn’t get to see nearly all of it. That’s ok — it’ll give us another reason to go again soon.

Hubby took some movies,

got a great pic of the Missouri river with the bridge going over it,

and met up with SIL at work. (He’s a policeman and works at the Capitol.)

We stopped for lunch and more visiting,

then took Daughter C. and grandson back home, said our good-by’s and headed back home before it got too late and dark. We had a really nice time, and it was good to see all of them again.