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Getting Caught Up

October 31, 2010

I’m still trying to catch up telling everything that’s happened this month. Hubby and I live a pretty quiet life for the most part; but since we started this construction ball to rolling, it’s really been one thing after another. This is a busy time of year for us normally, what with craft festivals, birthdays, holidays etc. I wasn’t thinking when I decided I’d waited long enough to start a house construction job at this time of year. But that’s neither here nor there now. We’re in the middle of it and that’s that.

So, to continue on. . . . .

After we signed the contract for the construction back before craft festivals started, I had to start cleaning out the sewing room. I knew I had to start that early because, well, let me just say that even I didn’t realize how much junk stuff I had stuffed into that little room! Just my bookshelves full of magazines and books took me two days to move!

After living in mobile homes half of our married life, I had learned to find extra room where there didn’t appear to be any. Believe it or not I got everything out of that room except the day bed and put various places throughout the house. Yes, we’re certainly crowded, but it’s livable. (Hubby just removed the mini blinds, curtains, and the shelving from the closet last night.)

The day after I got back from my Ark. trip, we had a visit from the son of my old friend. He’s starting his own house inspection business and needed to “inspect” four houses as part of his class assignment. Of course we wanted to help him out so our house was one of the four. (I had to warn him about the mess the house was in, but he didn’t seem to think that would interfere with his work.) It was nice to see him again. I hadn’t seen him since he was a small boy. Now he’s taller than I am. We had a nice visit, he inspected the house and made his report.

It’s nice to know that there isn’t that much wrong with our house and the inspection was free to us!

On our visit to John’s folks the next day, we stopped by Lowe’s and bought our tile for the bathroom. We found the perfect color that just matched the color of the walls.

The boys came on Tues. to put the tile down.

Since we only have one bathroom and we couldn’t put the stool back in until the floor was done, we had to go four days without being able to use the bathroom. I slipped in a couple of days to take a shower, but for the most part, I had to forego that too!

While we were waiting for the floor to dry to a hard bond, I had lunch with my friend Carolyn on Wed., drove to Mt. Grove to meet another friend for our yearly visit on Thurs. (I’ll post about it next time), and rode with #1 daughter to St. Louis to see my grandson perform in his school’s matching band competition. When I got home Sat. evening, the bathroom was all put back together!

Yeah!!!! Now to get the rest of this construction under way!

Bella Vista Craft Fair

October 30, 2010

I got up bright and early the next morning. Took care of the checking out process and reserving my room for next year. (If you don’t do it early enough, you don’t get a room for next year!) There was a small craft fair going on at the motel right next door, so I quickly ran over there to see what they had.

It was mostly expensive (cheaply made) jewelry which I wasn’t interested in so I left almost as soon as I got there. Besides, I was anxious to get to Bella Vista!

Again, a beautiful day! I followed a string of cars obviously heading to the same place I was going since it was up the hill into mostly residential areas.

I think I like Bella Vista’s Festival the best. It’s smaller than War Eagle, but they don’t allow any commercial vendors — it’s all local and handmade items. Except the tasting tent, of course! Mmmmmm, I like the tasting tent!

Even though this festival isn’t as big as War Eagle, it’s growing bigger and bigger every year.

I had the most wonderful time looking at all the crafts and, yes, buying my share of them.

I stopped to have some lunch of a corn dog and lemonade. Some very nice people from the area along with their uncle from Michigan sat at my table and we all talked just like we’d known each other all our lives. They asked me questions and I asked them questions. They were very interesting to talk with. When we got through eating, saying it was nice meeting you, we all went off into our different directions. A nice part of my day.

The day was wearing on, I was getting all festival-ed out, and anxious to get home. I left about 4:00, gassed up the car, and headed north back to Springfield was all my loot from the festivals.

I love the toadstool! It’s going to look so cute in my rock garden along with the frog!

Well, the festivals are over for another year. The church bazaars are starting up now. I’m going to have a booth in one in just a week! This bazaar has really sneaked up on me with all the other things that have been going on around here. I don’t have too many new items to sell, but I’m still going to be in it. I love the camaraderie that all us crafters have with each other. I even know some of them by name now!

Until next time. . . . . .

War Eagle

October 29, 2010

I got up pretty early — 5:30 — so I could shower, fix my hair, eat breakfast and drive the 30-minute drive down to the valley where the War Eagle festival was set up. They open the gates at 8 am but I didn’t get there until almost 8:30. There was already a line of cars backed up a couple of miles. War Eagle lasts four days and this was the first day. I love all the people and the excitement of it all.

They repaired the bridge, finally. Just the floor of it. Every year I wondered how the thing didn’t fall through with all those cars and people on it at the same time.

Notice the sky. Lots of sunshine and nice weather. Also lots and lots of booths and tents to go through.

I also made a trip through the mill. It never changes, but I enjoy it just as much as I do the year before. The mill is still a working mill.

When I went across the bridge to the second half of the festival, I saw some ducks taking baths and sunning themselves on the little dam across the river. Did I mention the perfect weather?

I left about 4:00 pretty tired and the trunk full of crafts. By the time I got back to Rogers, however, I’d gained my second wind so I stopped at the Frisco Station Mall to see another craft show going on there.

There’s a Hobby Lobby in the same mall and since I didn’t have anyone with me to say, “Oh, I don’t really want to go in there,” I went in there! I took my time and looked around all I wanted to. I found a good sale on yarn (Oh, No!) and, yes, I bought some! I was getting pretty tired by then so it was back to the motel for me.

I got on Skype again and told Hubby all about my day. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Skype?

Here’s what I bought that day. . . . .

Next stop — Bella Vista!

Welcome to Arkansas!

October 29, 2010

Well, I’m finally going to talk about my trip to the Ark. craft festivals. One of my most favorite times of the year. The gal that was going to go with me had a schedule change at work and had to work. She couldn’t get out of it. The other four people I asked couldn’t go at such a late notice for some reason or another. Hubby had to stay here because they were working on our bathroom and we had another construction issue going on at the same time. (More about that later.)

So, guess what? I could have cancelled my motel room and not gone, or I could have gone by myself. I chose the latter. It doesn’t scare me in the least to be by myself. I guess it should, a little anyway, but it doesn’t. The more I thought about it, the more appealing it was to me. Of course it’s always more exciting and fun to share the trip with someone, but I kind of liked the idea of being able to go where I wanted, when I wanted.

I had a great trip. Wonderful weather the whole time! I got to Ark. and sneaked a pic in while I was driving. Yes, while I was driving. I just aimed the camera and hoped for the best.

Yea! I’m in Ark. The first place I stopped was at the Wishing Spring Gallery.

I love this place. They have crafts from all the area craftspeople. A little sampling from all the festivals. I bought a couple of things here.

Next stop. Spanker Creek.

This is the smallest of the outside festivals I was planning on going to. It’s getting bigger every year, however. There were several more tents of crafts this time. It took quite a while to walk through it all. I took my time and just looked at what I wanted to. I stopped to eat a bite,

which was one of my favorite festival foods — a HOT DOG! I don’t allow myself to indulge in hot dogs very often. But what’s a festival without a HOT DOG!

I got my room, set up the computer and talked with Hubby on Skype. LOVE Skype! I picked up the computer, turned it all around me so he could see my room. Just a typical room. I laid out my “goodies” I bought that day and took a pic of them.

I didn’t buy as much as I usually do. I’d love to buy more, but I’m getting soooo much stuff! I still like to look at it all though.

Next time — War Eagle!

Inside Out Bathroom

October 28, 2010

The day after my brother and wife was here for a visit, Hubby’s nephew and friend came to work on our bathroom. We’d discovered some parts of the vinyl flooring was turning dark due to some mildew coming from a leak around the stool. Andy, Hubby’s nephew is starting his own plumbing and heating business, Diamond Property Care, so naturally we called him to check it out.

They took the stool and vanity out and started digging up the floor where the mildew was. Wow, it was worse than we thought! They wound up cutting out most of the floor!

Then they had to brace the floor joists with concrete blocks, because over time, they had begun to sag. That’s why the stool didn’t set even on the floor, which in turn, caused it to leak.

They also replaced a couple of feet of the cast iron sewer pipe with new PVC pipe. What a job those boys had! It was a dirty job, but it had to be done.

While they had access to the underneath of the house, Hubby had Andy put a new outside faucet in because the other one was as old as the house and leaking. It was located directly under where they were working. At least Andy didn’t have to crawl under the house to do it!

After they got all the mess cleaned up and the rest of the floor and walls sprayed with bleach to kill any remaining mold, they put a concrete backer board on top of the new subfloor. Hubby said “no more wood and vinyl. We’ll go with concrete and slate.”

We had to leave it alone for a few days because I was leaving for Ark. the next day, and the boys couldn’t go any farther with the bathroom floor until we picked out our new tile.

Tomorrow, the Ark. trip to the craft festivals!