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Cleaning and Crafts

January 27, 2011

When I was younger, (in my 30’s and 40’s), I could clean a three-story house in a day. I’m talking deep cleaning. The process took me long into the night most times. I cleaned from top to bottom, dusted or washed everything!

Now it takes me all afternoon to clean half the kitchen! Why is that? Old age? Could care less? Lazy? Maybe all three! Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I guess. I just take forever to clean house now. At this rate, I’ll get the house “Spring-cleaned” by Spring!

Enough about cleaning! Let’s move on to more “important” (or at least “fun”) subjects — like CRAFTS!

It’s taken me a while to get back to this blog because I promised last time that I would talk about crafts. But there’s a huge topic! Because crafts rule me now instead of the other way around. Yes, my crafts have grown out of control. (I really think they have a mind of their own!)

Ok, let’s get serious. Since I’ve been moving things around so much lately, I’ve been forced to realize how many UFO’s I have. I had them stashed in places that hasn’t seen the light of day for a long time. The more projects I kept finding in long-ago forgotten places, the more I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. Yes, seriously, something needs to be done with these unfinished projects.

For someone who likes organization, these UFO’s are starting to get under my skin. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, but at the same time, I can’t bring myself to spend the time to finish them! What to do? I guess I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

OK, with this in mind, I’ve been going through the projects one at a time, looking at them very seriously, deciding whether to spend the time to finish them, frog them, or just pass them on to plaque treat someone else’s life.

Progress report — I haven’t started any new projects since the New Year! Yea! I’ve actually been working on UFO’s. Yea again! Currently, I’m working on a granny square baby afghan that I started who knows when. I’m sure I blogged about it when I started it. (I’ll have to go back through the blogs to find out when it was.) I need 81 squares and I now have 48 after making about five of them last night.

It’s no telling how long this “will of the will’s” will last, but I’m pretty determined at this point. I’ll keep you posted!


Weekend Work

January 17, 2011

This is what Hubby did while I was at work over the weekend.

He was supposed to wait for me to help him move the treadmill. (It was out in the sunroom.) We were going to have to move a lot of furniture to get it from the sunroom to the new bedroom. When I got home from work that night, he showed me what he’d done. The treadmill has a couple of wheels in the front and he promised me that it wasn’t that hard to get it moved — even though he had to turn the treadmill on its side to get it around the corner and through the doorway to the bedroom. I can just picture him now, struggling with that treadmill on its side. Silly man. But he did a good job getting it set up.

The next night he moved the tv and the cabinets into the bedroom. We had to build the tv up to eye level to be seen above the treadmill with a couple of cabinets. One of the cabinets is already painted green. I will eventually paint the other one green too. Then it’ll look like it’s supposed to match and be that way. 🙂

The closet in the third bedroom, where Hubby used to hang his clothes, is now empty. So we measured it for shelves because it’s going to be used for a linen closet. Hubby just happened to have the right boards for shelves. He got the shelves made while I was at work last night. So today I’ll fill this closet full of our linens that have been laying around the house taking up room.

This whole process — the construction and getting our house back in order — has come down to just getting all these little trivial matters taken care of. I’m tired of the whole ordeal and I’m betting everyone who reads this is getting tired of reading about it. It’s time to get back to the crafting part of my life. So I promise that the next blog will be about crafts in some form — even though I haven’t done any crafting since I knit a couple of pairs of booties and a couple of hats for Christmas.

All Sewed Up (Almost)

January 14, 2011

The sewing room is done except hanging a few more of my pretties on the walls. (My collection of thimbles and some cat pictures.) I’ve worked non-stop on it for days. It’s incredible how much junk stuff I’ve accumulated all these years.

Most of my problem (finding a place for everything and getting everything in that place) has been like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. The former sewing room was more room per square feet than this one. Plus, there were two closets to hide my supplies, material, and UFO’s in. This room has only one smaller closet and is also more square, which gives me more “area” in the middle, but the room feels “tight” to me.

Hubby suggested that we could make this room larger like we did the other room. That’s really not a good idea. When I have more room, I tend to fill it up. Know what I mean? Yep, more junk to come live with us! No, that’s not going to happen. (I don’t have much will-power.)

Of course a lot of the room is taken up by the king-sized day bed so our room can be used for a guest room on occasion. We’re thinking about moving that portion of the wall out to be just big enough to house the day bed. We would make it like a bay window/lean-to type of expansion. It would have windows all around it to let in plenty of light. Kind of like what our sunroom looks like. Anyway, that’s just a thought right now.

The house is beginning to look like our house again. It still needs a good cleaning but I’m getting so tired of all this cleaning and working on getting everything back in it’s place. I’m just about ready to start doing some crafting! I haven’t done any knitting, sewing, painting, or any kind of craft for so long I’m beginning to wonder if I can remember how!

We’re still planning on moving the treadmill into the new bedroom. We’ll probably be working on that in the next few days. So, more coming, keep tuned. . . . . .

Working on Sewing Room

January 9, 2011

The little existing closet in our new bedroom held a lot of my sewing and craft supplies. I left everything in the closet while we were working on the room. So this was the first thing I did to start getting my sewing room in order. We’re reverting our old bedroom into my sewing room, so I’m moving everything from the one closet to the other. The problem — this closet didn’t have the shelving that the other one had. So Hubby helped me and we recycled the shelves from the closet we tore out and used them in my sewing room closet.

(I was holding the camera a little tilted and it makes the shelves look wonkie, but they’re straight!)

I got everything moved back into the shelves and then it was time to get ready to go to work. I’m back to working at my job till 11:00 pm this week. (I had short hours last week because they like to cut hours after Christmas. Which was good because I caught a terrible cold and felt lousy all week.) I hate to start a project and then have to stop before it’s finished. I thought about working in my sewing room all evening while I was at work.

I’m getting very excited about getting my sewing room put back together in my “new” room. Then I can clean house and get the rest of the house back in order again. It’ll take a while to get it all done when I have to give someone else almost 40 hours of my time every week. Oh, to be retired! Soon, soon, my little pretty!

Moved In

January 6, 2011

The last couple of days, we’ve been moving into our new room. Unfortunately I’ve come down with the creeping crud (aka, a bad cold). Even though I’ve been excitedly anticipating the moving in, I haven’t felt like doing anything especially moving furniture. But I’ve been pushing myself, with lots of breaks in between, and we finally got all moved in yesterday. I still have a lot of my little “pretties” to scatter about the room, but the big things are done now.

These pics really don’t do justice to the color, but here they are anyway . . . . . .

We spent our first night in our new bedroom last night! Hubby said it seemed so weird to have this much room — like we were in a motel room. It’s still like a dream to me. I’ve wanted to do this ever since we moved into this house over 11 years ago. But now it’s a reality.

The guy came to hang the closet doors yesterday but discovered the doors were too long. He said he would have to come back and bring his saw. He came this morning and he’s in there now getting them hung. It won’t be long before we’ll be done with these workers, for this project anyway.

Well, what do you think about the room? I LOVE it and I think Hubby is pretty pleased with it too. We still have room on one wall to put his treadmill. We’ll move that in one of these days, but for now I want to get my sewing room back together.