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Here’s the Little Teacup

February 18, 2011

This is what I did over my “weekend”.

See the little teacup? With all the little flowers on it? The teapot was done and the teacup was partially done when I dragged this project out of its hidding place last week. I finished the teacup last night.

This project was started so many years ago, I can’t even remember when it was. It’s a cross-stitch design done with waste canvas on a t-shirt. I like doing cross-stitch. This project has a LOT of color changes so is taking a lot of time. I just thought it was so cute when I first found the kit. Since I love tea and it says Tea Shirt and I love wearing t-shirts, (and it was on sale), I just had to have it.

It’ll be a while before I finish this one. Even though the pot and cup are done, I still have all those flowers to stitch. But I will stick with it until it’s done!!

Lunch Fun

February 17, 2011

Yesterday was lunch with my friend Carolyn again. We “do” lunch once a month to keep up with each other. We’ve been friends since high school. I’ve talked, before, about how our lives have been so alike. Got married about the same time, had our three kids about the same time, watched all those kids grow up and move out on their own, and now we’re looking around the edge of our lives toward retirement at the same time.

We have a lot in common. Not with just the way our lives have been in parallel, but our personalities, interest in life and religion, and of course our interest in crafts. She’s done a lot of crafts through the years, but her quilting is her main interest now. If it hadn’t been for my dear friend, I would never have been able to finish this quilt that I gave to Daughter C. for her wedding gift last year.

My crafting took a different turn from hers, however. I wanted to try all crafts. Some stuck with me while others fell along the sidelines. But my favorite above all the others is knitting and crocheting. (However, whimsical painting is a close third since I started learning how a few years ago.)

We enjoy bringing “show and tell” once in a while when we meet for lunch. These are my favorite times. Every crafter likes to show off what she makes, and I’m no exception. But as much as we like to show off our own crafts, getting to see what someone else made is so much more enjoyable IMHO.

Yesterday was a “show and tell” day. We both brought crafts to show. Carolyn brought a couple of wall hangings that she had pieced and quilted. (She has her own quilting machine!) She’s been working on a “project” to make four wall-hangings–one for each season–to hang on her porch. Two of them have been finished for a while. She finished the other two and brought them yesterday.

I had seen the winter one before she had it quilted. It turned out so beautiful with the quilting. The other one had birds on it. I LOVE birds! It was simply pieced. It was a panel that she bordered. But the quilting was out of this world! It absolutely amazed me how the quilting made the details in the picture “pop” out. I can’t even try to describe it. Here’s a pic. . . . .

I know you can’t see the detailed quilting. I could just kick myself for not taking a close-up. I didn’t even think about it until I got home and was telling Hubby about it. Wow, she sure has perfected her quilting talent. I hope she’ll enter that one in the local Fair this year.

My contribution to the “show and tell” was the baby afghan out of the 81 granny squares (yes, I got it done!)

and the hat that I’d started last fall that I also got finished up a week ago. It’s got a knitted body and a crocheted granny square trim. It turned out so pretty, don’t you think?

We talked about UFO’s. She has some also. I guess everyone who does crafts have some UFO’s, (except my sister, of course.) I told her that I’ve been very good this year. I haven’t started any new crafts since the first of the year. My UFO’s have taken over my life and I’m determined to get most of them done this year. If it means that I do nothing this year but work on my UFO’s, then so be it. This is what I told her. I hope I don’t have to eat my words!

It’s (Still) Snowing!

February 9, 2011

Yes, we’re getting snow again on top of our previous snow. Yuck! We all will sure be happy to see Spring get here and see some green for a change.

I’m off work today, but I’ll be getting out in this snow to have lunch with my friend, Carolyn. I don’t really mind. We’re having lunch downtown and I’ll pass a grocery store on the way home. I’ll stop and get a hunk of ham to cook with our beans for supper. I’ll also make some cornbread to go with it. yummmmm. We haven’t had that in a long time!

But in the meantime, I’ve fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and topped it with the new snowman marshmallows from Kraft. They have a French vanilla flavor. Really good.

See the little snowman?

I’m off to enjoy my hot chocolate before I get out into this SNOW!

Working On UFO’s

February 3, 2011

It’s taking a lot of will power but I’ve been working on my UFO’s. I finally got all the little ends woven in on the 20 blocks of the knitted log cabin afghan that I started who knows when. Now I just need to make myself sew it all together and then knit the border. Since there’s only 20 blocks, it shouldn’t take that long to sew together.

However, I was going through some other UFO’s last night and found that I have quite a few of them that just need to be sewn together. Most of them are sweaters. A couple of hats, some purses, and a stuffed animal are some others that “just need to be sewn together.” That final step didn’t use to be a problem. I used to get excited after the knitting was done to get my project finished. I guess it’s not that exciting to me anymore. But I will get these projects finished.

I’ve also been doing A LOT of crocheting. I pulled out the baby afghan that I started about a year ago. It’s a granny square afghan using the same pattern that I made a scrap afghan out of last year. I’m using baby yarn and a lot smaller hook, so I’m having to make more blocks.

I needed 81 and now only need seven more to have enough! It takes about a half an hour to make one. This is what I did on my “snow day.” My will to finish this afghan is still pretty strong even though I’m getting really tired of making these granny squares.

Another “project” I started last year was crocheting some dish cloths out of cotton yarn.

My plan was to get at least 20 made up to show in my craft sale. I had 10 already made, so got 10 more made. So that’s a project “officially” finished, I guess. Yeah!! That’s encouraging.

BTW, Hubby and I finally got our driveway shoveled. He did half of it, then I went out and we took turns until it was done. (We only have one shovel.)

Where are those young boys who come around wanting to shovel your driveway for a few bucks when you need them? Now I can get out and go to work tomorrow night. Woo Hoo!

Snow Day

February 2, 2011

It’s a rare day when I call in to work but yesterday was one of them. The weather rarely stops me from going to work. Not that I’m devoted to my job, but rather I’m committed to an obligation. So if I’m supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, then I’ll be there regardless of the circumstances. I’ve worked when my back hurt so bad I had to walk around in a stooped position all day. I’ve worked when I was so sick I could barely hold my head up. I’ve worked when I had to run to the restroom every half hour. (Oops, too much information, sorry). I’ve worked when I was grieving the loss of loved ones. And I’ve gone to work in all kinds of weather.

We knew this snow was coming. We had a blizzard warning. I wouldn’t call what we got a “blizzard” after the time I had to drive in a true blizzard in KC to get home from work one evening. Here’s that story:

The weather was fine when I went to work that morning. Then the snow started. The wind was blowing so hard that the snow was coming down almost horizontally (not exaggerating!) Management offered to let us stay at the store, all night if necessary. (Back then we closed the store at night.) But I wanted to go home. It was still daylight when I got off at 5:00 and I only had about a mile to go. It took me almost an hour to get home!

The wind was coming from the north which is the way I had to go to get home. It was snowing so hard and fast that the wipers were useless. I couldn’t see anything but white. I had to get out of the car several times just to see if I was still on the road. If it hadn’t been for a bridge over the freeway, I wouldn’t have known where to exit the freeway. I had to “guess” about where the exit road began. When I crossed the bridge going east and west over the freeway, I thought the wind was going to push my little car over.

It was a nightmare! I had to creep at a snail’s pace hoping I was staying on the road and guessing where the turns were. I couldn’t see anything because it was snowing so hard! I finally pulled into the driveway at home. My knuckles were white from my hands being wrapped around the steering wheel so hard and I almost had to pry them loose. I was never so glad to be safely home.

That, my friends, was a blizzard.

What we got this time was not a blizzard. (IMHO) However, the wind blew a little and we got about a foot of snow.

The ice came first. I could hear it hitting the window of our bedroom during the night. Then the snow started. It snowed all day. My hours at work were 3 pm to 11 pm. I knew I could get to work. Getting home would have been a little trickier. Hubby would have had to shovel the drive so I could get the car into the garage.

You know what? We’re getting too old for this nonsense. It’s just a job. My priorities have changed. I think it’s more important that Hubby and I take care of ourselves now. So, I called in. I took a snow day. I probably wasn’t even missed at work.

I’m off work the next couple of days. That’ll give Hubby and me a chance to get the driveway cleaned off. We’ll take our time so we won’t get too worn out. Hopefully I won’t have to miss any more work because of the weather this winter. However it is just Feb. . . . . .