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Hubby Works Outside

April 30, 2011

It’s a little ridiculous to even mention all the rain that we’ve been getting the last week. We’re all sick of rain! Our little corner of the world has been rainy, rainy, rainy.

Hubby and I made an agreement a long time ago. I do the housework and he does the yard work. It’s worked out pretty good all these years. So this being said, in between the thunderstorms and almost contant rain, Hubby would rush out to mow the dandelions and tufts of grass before yet another system was over us.

Thurs. we had abundant sunshine. A beautiful day! Everything has been growing by leaps and bounds because of all this rain.

Hubby decided to take advantage of the nice day, and do some trimming. After he got the hedge, bushes, and the apple tree trimmed, he had quite a huge pile of brush. He got out the chipper and made the pile disappear.

The yard looks very nice now.

Another “Free” Day

April 23, 2011

Yesterday was my second “free” day from work. I’m liking this extra day off every week. So yesterday, I cleaned the sunroom. Or I should say I finished cleaning and re-arranging the sunroom.

We used to keep the treadmill in the sunroom. During the wintertime it gets pretty cold because it’s a three-season sunroom. Hubby would burn the kerosene heater to warm it up before he would take his walks twice a day. Consequently, a light black soot collected on the walls and ceiling.

Now that Spring is here, I’ve been taking advantage of some of the nice warm days and getting the sunroom cleaned, literally, from ceiling to floor. It’s been taking several days because that soot problem takes a little elbow grease. I also exchanged a small metal shelf unit to a larger plastic unit because of my ever-increasing collection of knick knacks. (I’m a sucker for cute little critters!)

Yesterday, on my “free” day from work, I finally finished up the sunroom. The furniture always gets re-arranged (to my Hubby’s groans) when I do a deep clean. The windows still need to be washed, but I’ll wait until a nice sunny day for that chore. It looks pretty nice. What do you think?

Just knowing that the sunroom is all nice and clean again is a good feeling.

My extra supper with Hubby was nice too. We had meatless spaghetti with veggie sauce. I always put extra veggie’s in it. There was salad and garlic bread too! Yummmmmm

Next Fri. will be a field trip. More about that later.

Third Day’s Charm

April 16, 2011

Hubby has been after me for a while now to go to four days a week at work. In order to do that, I would have to go in an hour earlier those four days to keep my full-time status. After thinking about it and weighting my options, I put in for it. The schedules are put up about three weeks ahead so I had to wait a while before my request was implemented.

Yesterday was my “third day off”. I was curious to see what I would get done around here during the time I “would have been” at work. So when 2 pm came, I kept track of everything I did for the rest of the day.

Here’s what I got accomplished in that amount of time.

I cut my hair.

I baked a coffee cake from a new recipe that I’ve been wanting to try.

We haven’t tried it yet. We’re saving it for morning coffee.

Hubby didn’t have to fend for supper because I was able to fix it for him and actually get to eat with him for the third night in a row.

It was an all veggie night. I even made some homemade (made from scratch) cornbread!

After supper, I cleaned up the kitchen, scrubbed the sinks, cleaned the microwave, and cleaned out the fridge.

I went through a stack of pictures and papers that I want to keep, but needed to be sorted and put away where they belong.

I watched a couple of Sherlock Holmes shows from Netflix with Hubby.

I did a little knitting.

And just before 11 pm, I ironed some slacks to wear to work this week.

So I think that’s a pretty good list of projects done that wouldn’t have gotten done if I’d been at work. I think I’m going to like this extra day off every week. My question is: what took me so long??