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Two New Projects

May 31, 2011

After the Fair last year, I began looking through my many, many stacks of needlework and crafts magazines looking for projects that I’d been wanting to make that would be fair-worthy for this year. (I LOVE any excuse to look through my magazines.)

Of course, I’d planned on working on them all along so that I’d have plenty of time to get some of them done. However, since the first of the year, I got a little side-tracked with finishing UFO’s. (Actually, there were a few of those UFO’s that I’ve finished that will be at the fair this year, so that’s a plus on my side.)

After checking out the premium lists from the fair website, I always start getting excited about making projects again. For this reason, I tend to start more than I can possibly get finished in time to enter them.

But so far I’ve only started two new projects. They’re both crocheted and one of them is a shell top that I bookmarked in my Crochet Today magazine when I first got the magazine in 2007! (Yeah, it takes me a while to get back to some of the projects I see.)

Of course, I’m using yarn from my stash, so the colors aren’t the same as the photo, but that’s ok. I think this combination is very pretty also.

The second project is from a kit that I sent off for a few weeks ago. It’s a lightweight, very lacy wrap.

Of course the yarn came with the pattern, so the color is the same. I love this color! It’s a bamboo yarn in the same weight of bedspread cotton which is size 10. VERY soft! It’s looking good.

Working on both projects at the same time, (and also some UFO’s thrown in there once in a while), is keeping my mind from getting too bored like it would if I was working on just one. Anyway this is my plan. There will be a progress report coming soon . . . . . . . . .

Busy Weekend

May 26, 2011

The pics of the jars didn’t get posted when I thought they would. It’s not because they didn’t get done. We got busy getting ready for company. My sewing room HAD to be cleaned up. It’s also our guest room and the king-sized day bed is kept in there. There’s not much room left when the day bed has been let out. So all the mess had to go!

When I craft, I tend to make a huge mess. My intentions are to clean up after each craft mess. But the problem is that I never really “finish” a craft because I’m constantly starting something new before the others are done. Consequently, a HUGE mess.

But I got the room cleaned up and made the bed out so Son and DIL had a place to sleep. It looks so nice now, I’m hesitating about working in there again. It won’t be long before it looks like it did before I cleaned it up. I’m such a mess!

We have some convertible foam chairs that fold out to become a small bed cushion just the right size for the boys. They were thrilled to have their own “beds”.

We had a wonderful day Sat. for Grandson #2’s graduation party. It’s hard to believe that we’ve had two grandsons graduate now.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was graduating. Life sure happens when you aren’t looking!

Anyway, we had a great time at the party. The boys, of course, played games.

We got to see the new patio and pergola that SIL built himself. BEAUTIFUL job!

After we left their house, we stopped by Bass Pro Shop for the boys to see the fish, turtles, and displays all around the store.

and of course the boats!

We bought the boys a hat that had Bass Pro Shops written on the front. The little one put it on and kept it on the whole time we were there. He didn’t care if the tag showed!

We had a full and busy day. The next day was going home day. The boys and Grandma had some time to play with bubbles in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of that. It was funny watching them chase after the bubbles and pop them. They have soooo much energy! I didn’t think they would ever wear out. But finally they did (well, after the bubble mixture was all gone). The boys like our swing, so that’s where they rested.

The time went quickly, too quickly, and we had to tell them good-by. They stopped to see G. Grandpa before they left town. G. Grandpa called us the next day to tell us about their visit and how much he enjoyed seeing them. I’m glad they stopped for a visit with him.

Well, back to the jars. Finally, here’s the pic.

The premium lists are out for the Fair now. I’ve been going through it to make my list of projects to enter. More about that later.

It’s In The Can

May 20, 2011

This is what I’ve been doing the last couple of days.

Again, this is another project that was sitting out in my little shop out back waiting for me to get back to them. They’re cookie tins that I bought on clearance after Christmas two years ago. We ate the cookies, (which weren’t that good, BTW. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for them), got the cans base coated and the pattern drawn on, and that’s as far as I went.

But now they’re done! I turned them all facing the camera at a different angle so you could see what the whole picture looks like that’s painted on each can. The lids are just set on the top. They need to season a few weeks before I can put the lids on or the paint might scratch off.

While I was working on them, (I have to let them dry in between coats of paint), I also painted a wooden drying rack that was dirty, base-coated four more jars and detailed a little sign that spells “country” and has a couple of geese on it.

All of my projects get at least two, and most of the time three, coats of varnish after the painting is done. So while I was waiting in between coats of varnish to dry, I picked out another project to work on. This project is painted on jars. They’ll be votive candle holders when they’re finished. Well, guess what? They’re finished! These jars had a very simple design so it didn’t take long at all to finish all four of them. I put the first coat of varnish on them and then quit for the day. Tomorrow their pic will be on here!

I’m hanging up my brushes for a few days after today. We have a busy weekend coming up. Son and family are coming for a visit from KC. They’ll be staying with us. They have the two youngest grandsons. One is four and the other one is seven. A fun age! We’re looking forward to seeing them again.

Sat. is the graduation party for Grandson #2 who graduated this week. We’ll have most of our family together again. It’s been a long time since we’ve had our family all together and it would be nice if the rest of them were here as well, but distance and life makes it pretty difficult sometimes.

Until tomorrow . . . .

Painted UFO’s

May 16, 2011

While I was busy painting on the flower pot table, I picked up a few other projects that have been sitting on the back burner waiting for me to get inspired to finish them.

Back in the summer of last year, I started some projects that I thought would make good saleable items to put in my craft booth in the fall. However, for some reason or other, I didn’t get back to them. These are the UFO’s that I worked on in between waiting for the paint on my table to dry.

I bought these tiles at a yard sale. The lady had a box of them left over from a project. It was over a half box. I thought it might be fun to paint something on them. These little gingerbread men were the perfect project for some of these tiles. After they were finished, I added a real fabric bow tie to each of them and a hanger on the back so they could be hung on the wall.

These boxes are tins that cookies came in at Christmastime a couple of years ago. I bought them after Christmas when they were half price. We ate the cookies and I saved the boxes to paint on. I’ve been known to buy products just for the container to paint on when the product inside it has been used. (Remember that, C?)

Instead of painting the buttons on the boy’s overalls, I used real buttons and glued them on after the painting was finished. The little heart in the corner is a wooden heart painted to look like a gingerbread cookie. It was glued on afterward as well. I think they turned out pretty cute.

My vacation came to an end on Fri. and I had to work days over the weekend. There is another UFO getting worked on, however, so maybe in a few days I’ll have another one to show off.

Look What I Did!

May 13, 2011

Have I mentioned that I’ve been on vacation the last ten days? Well, actually today is my tenth day. It’s been a wonderful vacation. We didn’t go anywhere — just stayed at home. But isn’t that one of the best vacations of all?

Of course, when each vacation comes around, I have a long list, in my head, of things I want to get done around here. My problem was that I didn’t write them down. (It seems like I get more done when I write my list down, then I can check each item off when it’s been completed.) So, needless to say, nothing on my list got done this time around.

The first few days, I just took it easy, doing everyday chores, working on some of my crafts, etc. And looking through home decorating magazines. One of my very favorite things to do this time of year is look through home decorating magazines to inspire me to change and re-do things around our home. And one of the things that irritates Hubby about me, is that I’m always saying, “I should do this or that”, but never getting around to actually doing it!

One morning, as we were sitting out in the sunroom having our coffee and tea, I mentioned to him about an idea that I had seen in one of the magazines. It was for a table made with large flower pots put together and a piece of glass for the top of the table. Inside the top flower pot was artificial grass. What a cute idea! Then I said the words, “I should make something like that.” He said, “Well, let’s go get the pots!”

We went that afternoon and got the pots, the artificial grass, and the glass top. Now I had no excuse but to get it made. It took a few days because I wanted to paint something whimsical on the pots, but here it is . . . . .

Isn’t this cute? I LOVE it! I’m so glad Hubby pushed me to get this done.