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Week in a Nutshell

June 26, 2011

Last Sun. was Father’s Day. I’ve been without a father since the age of three. My father passed away before I ever got to know him. Hubby’s father, however, is still alive and turned 88 this year. I’ve known him since I’ve been about 14 years old, and then married into the family, so my FIL has been the father that I’ve never had. He’s a one-of-a-kind, and I’ve been blessed to have known him just about all my life.

He doesn’t like gifts, so for Father’s Day I baked a cookie cake for him. What man can resist a chocolate chip cookie, right?

Mon. Hubby and I went back to his Dad’s to pick up an old wooden cabinet. FIL has had this cabinet for several years. Someone in the family gave it to him and it was pretty old when he got it. I wish I knew more about it. Where did it come from, what was it originally used for, how old it is, etc. When FIL got it, all of the little drawers were full of watch parts. When he dumped all the parts out, it filled a five-gallon bucket! (He tried to get me to take the watch parts too, but I resisted!)

I don’t know what I’ll use it for but he knew I would like to have it because I LOVE old stuff like that. Especially if it has lots of little drawers or cubby holes!

Two of my three days off this week I spent cleaning up the garage, again! It’s amazing how messy it gets from time to time. The garage has been needing a good cleaning for quite some time, so I decided that this would be a good time to do it since we were expecting a few days of cooler weather.

It took most of two days to get it done, but I stuck to it and it looks great now!

Yes, most, (well, all) of this junk stuff is mine. See my yarn stash? Doesn’t it look neat and tidy? It’s all organized again and I’ll be able to run out there to get a certain skein of yarn or whatever and know where everything is now. Some of the holiday decorations went up to the attic so that gave us a little more room (to put more stuff — ha ha No, just kidding!)

It was a lot of work and I was getting pretty tired of it all by the end of the second day. But it looks so nice and I’m proud of the results of all that work. Now, I wonder how long it’ll last and be this nice and organized before I’ll be out there again one of these days.

Hubby’s Day

June 17, 2011

Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday so I spent the entire day with him. We went to the sunroom with our tea and coffee to visit and enjoy the coolness of the morning while we watched the birds in the backyard. After showers and cleaning up, we went to Aunt Martha’s Pancake House for breakfast. BEST place in town for breakfast any time of the day! They’ve been open since 1959 and the place still looks like a little mom and pop restaurant. Here’s the link to her site Interesting read!

After breakfast, we went south to Harbor Freight Tools. Hubby was looking for a blade sharpener for the blade on his lawnmower. He found a little pair of binoculars and a muffler for his ears. (His chipper is very LOUD.)

But no sharpener. I picked up a few things for myself as well. I love going to Harbor Freight. They have all kinds of neat little gadgets!

After looking and looking and picking up a sack full of “stuff”, we left Harbor Freight and stopped by Home Depot where Hubby found the blade sharpener. We walked around and looked and looked in there also. It’s so interesting to me to roam around in a place that sells home improvement items and tools. Sometimes I see something that will inspire me to re-do or redecorate at home. It’s like walking through a home decorating magazine.

Hubby wanted to go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Hubby never wants to go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. It’s just too expensive. He doesn’t let go of a dollar bill that easily. But it was his birthday, and a special day for him so he deserved to be treated special.

So our next stop was the Mall where they have a Starbucks. We paid over six bucks (!) for two cups of coffee (which was good, but not that good) and sit at one of their little tables to drink it and watch the people go by. We especially enjoyed seeing the young mothers pushing their babies in the strollers. SOOO cute! (the babies!)

After we finished our coffee, we walked the mall and came across the AT&T kiosk. We stopped to talk with Ryan who worked at the kiosk. He checked our account and told us how we could save some money every month. If we did away with our “land line” we could get internet for just $19.95 a month! But for now, we decided that we would keep our “land line.” He still saved us almost half our bill, plus we’ll get a new modem and have fiber optic instead of DSL for no extra charge. We like to save money! We stood there and he got it all fixed up for us in no time. Ryan was very friendly and helpful. He gave us his card so we could call him if we had any problems or questions.

We headed home after getting some treats at Mr. Bulky. Hubby knows how I love to feed my sweet tooth! We rested for a while, got on the net and read e-mails, etc. We had a quick supper of hot dogs.

About 7:30, we left the house and headed south again. This time we went to the movie house to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 3-D! It was only showing one time and that was at 8:20. We got our tickets and 3-D glasses, picked up some popcorn, and settled ourselves in our seats for a thrill. I had seen the movie when I took the Grandsons to see it last week. But we didn’t see it in 3-D so I was excited about seeing it again. It was worth it! We love 3-D!

After the movie, we stopped at Andy’s Frozen Yogurt and got a cone to eat on the way home. It was 11:00 pm when we walked in the door! Boy, we’re acting like teenagers again! But it was a fun date and a fun day with Hubby. He said that he had a good day! So it was worth it!

Shop Cleanup

June 14, 2011

This week is vacation time for me. Counting the three days off that I have every week, I’ll have ten days off before I go back to work this Sat.! The best vacations for me is not to travel all over the place, but to stay home and catch up on things that need to be done around here. Besides, it’s cheaper too!

I have a long list of things I’d like to get done around here. It’s an endless process though. After I get a chore done, it just needs to be done again sooner or later. But I enjoy the process of reorganizing, cleaning out, getting everything back in its place again. And that’s a good thing because I’m a packrat and a collector. Things accumulate. I like my STUFF.

As I’ve mentioned on several blogs recently, I’ve been painting in my little shop out back. Unfortunately, I’ve had to work around all the stuff that I’ve “accumulated” through the winter. So, yes, cleaning up the shop (again) was one of the first priorities on my to-do list for my vacation time.

There’s a little enclosed lean-to on the back side of my shop. The previous owners built it to be used for a greenhouse. I use it for storage. I had a plastic shelf unit set up to hold a lot of my “treasures” until I get around to painting them or using them in my crafting. It got broke over the winter. It needed to be replaced with something a lot sturdier.

Hubby and I made a run to Lowe’s and picked up concrete blocks and some 8 x 1 foot planks of wood the other day. After I got the area cleaned out, he helped me to “build” my new shelves. They barely fit without having to cut them and it was done in no time. Now I have lots more room for my “STUFF“.

After we got the new shelves in, I spent the next couple of days getting the inside of the shop cleaned up. It’s looking pretty good out in my little shop out back. It’ll be nice to run out there to paint and craft now without having to step over or around things.

Day with the Boys

June 9, 2011

All four of the oldest grandsons were together yesterday because Grandma (me) wanted to do something with them while Grandson #4 was here to visit during summer vacation. He’s the only one of the four oldest that lives away from here. When the boys were growing up, their mommies and me would take them places like the park, the zoo, swimming, movies, etc. during school vacation. They spent a lot of time together during the summer months. They all have gotten along so good all those years and are now very good friends.

The boys are now 20 to 15 years old and we don’t do that any more. I miss those summer vacation times. I guess that’s why when they accept an invitation from Grandma to do something for an afternoon, it makes me feel like I’m still an important part of their lives. (And since Grandma pays for everything, that might have something to do with it too!) 🙂

We had a nice time being together. As soon as we were all in the car, the boys started playing with the cameras and taking each other’s picture.

We went to see the newest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. We got there a little early, so the boys played air hockey while I took pictures.

After the movie, which was great btw, we stopped at Steak and Shake for supper and filled up our stomachs. There’s a foot bridge that crosses the highway right next to the Steak and Shake. One of the boys playfully mentioned that we should walk over the bridge. That’s all I needed so I said, “OK” and started walking towards the bridge. I could tell that the boys were thrilled about it. 🙂

When we reached the peak of the bridge, I snapped a pic of the highway.

We walked on over to a K-Mart and shopped for a little while. None of the boys bought anything, but I bought a lawn ornament of a bird sitting on an outside faucet. It’s soooooo cute!

We crossed the bridge again, went back to the car, and I heard the boys mentioning “Andy’s”. (I guess the walk worked up an appetite for ice cream.) 🙂 So that was our next stop. It was a beautiful evening by then. We sat down and enjoyed the cool breeze while we ate our ice cream. The boys talked and joked with each other the whole time. I even laughed out loud a time or two. We had a nice day.

The Case of the Violin

June 4, 2011

A couple of years ago, Hubby’s dad gave us a little child’s violin. His mother bought it for him from Sears and Roebuck when he was about 12 years old and he learned to play a few songs on it. I don’t know if he had lessons or just fiddled around on it picking out songs he already knew. She had to scrape up the money to buy it, so I doubt if she had the money to pay for lessons. I need to find out more history about it. I’ve been told, however, that his brother, his son (my hubby), and some of Hubby’s cousin’s children also took a few lessons on it.

Dad finally got it back from being passed around the family and that’s when he presented it to us. It was dirty and in bad shape. Hubby took it to a local music store to see if they could clean it up and make it look nice again. They did a great job. They didn’t have the string to re-string the bow, so we bought a new bow. Then we took it over to Dad’s and he played a tune on it for us!

He played “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain”. I don’t know if this is the actual title to this song or not, but that’s the way I remember it. We snapped a couple of pics of him playing the violin.

Then Hubby and I went to work and “made” a shadow box frame to put it in. We had to “make” it out of two frames that we glued together, sanded down, and painted because one frame wasn’t deep enough for the violin. Then we put the violin, the original bow, a lesson book that we think was Hubby’s, and the pics of Dad playing it. We filled it in with the old resin box, a couple of extra keys and bridges, and a tuner. It turned out pretty neat, IMHO.

Hubby cleared off a shelf in his computer room to put it on. Now he can look at it and enjoy the memories.