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. . . Since The Fair

August 25, 2011

Ok, time to get back to this blog. Sorry about the hiatus. I’ve been in the “craft zone.”

Going back to the Fair, briefly, my sis went with me to pick up my projects at the fairgrounds the Mon. after the Fair was over. Then we ran out to see our other sis

and show her all my goodies since she didn’t get to go with me during the Fair.

After getting all the projects done for the Fair every year, I get really revved up with my crafting. I go through magazines and books looking for projects for next year. Not that I’m not constantly doing that anyway, but at this time of the year this is especially true. My magazines and books are full of markers showing me where projects are that I want to make, (eventually). Just look at all the markers:

and this is just part of one shelf of the two bookshelves I have full of magazines and books!

Needless to say, I’ve started a few new projects that will or will not become Fair-worthy projects. Another sweater

and a plastic canvas kit that I’ve had for years.

I’ve also started another cross-stitch kit but it’s a small one and probably not for the Fair. It was just sitting there staring at me one day when I opened the closet door where I have a lot of my kits. OK, I said as I grabbed it, why not!

Of course there’s still all the UFO’s sitting around wanting to be finished up. Going through them again the other day, I came across this sweater that I had entered in the Fair in ’07. I’d worked on it for years. It was very time-consuming because of using four colors, three different patterns and five strands of yarn at the same time. I kept getting mixed up with which row I was on so I’d put it away for a while and do other things. Finally I decided that it was finish it or frog it. I finished it. But I’d sewn the neck too far in on both shoulders and it wouldn’t go down over my head! Ahhhhh!

It turned out so pretty, I decided to put it in the Fair anyway and I got a second place ribbon on it! I was so sick of working on it, I just threw it into the UFO pile and thought that “it’ll get fixed one of these days.” So I kept it out and it took me all of 30 min. to undo the shoulder seams and re-seam them. Now look at it!

I LOVE it! It feels so good on me.

That’s it for this time. I’ll keep you posted on my “new” projects. (I think the Halloween house is turning out cute!)

Coffee, Springs and Things

August 6, 2011

The contest I was in for yesterday was “Make it with Coffee”. My sis finally called but said that she didn’t want to go with me. So I gathered up my muffins, Hubby opened the garage door for me, and off I went.

After I turned in my muffins, I had some time before the judging, so I walked around looking at the crafts again. (No matter how many times I look at them, I’ll see something new every time. I guess because there’s so much to see.) This would be the last chance for me to see them because I wasn’t in any more contests and it was back to work for me the next day.

The time went faster than I thought and when I realized that the contest was being judged, I’d almost missed it altogether. In fact, when I got back to the judging area, they were putting the ribbons on and calling out the names of the winners. My name was called just as I sit down. First place!

Well, that was a good way to end my trips to the Fair for another year.

When I got home, the garage door guy was here and had parked right in the middle of our driveway. So I had to park in the yard. Hubby said that he’d only been there a few minutes, but he was already working on it. It was HOT in the garage, so Hubby had set up a couple of fans for him and took him out a cold glass of ice water.

He was here for about another 45 min., and when he left, we had new springs on our garage door!

It went fast, but my vacation and the Fair is over for me this year. It was fun. I’ve already started thinking about what to make for next year. But for now, it’s back to work. Hi Ho!

Cookies and Totes Days

August 5, 2011

Tues. was the Grandparents Cookie Contest. I didn’t make the cookies that I had posted about last time. I made a cinnamon sugar cookie and a chocolate cookie with a peanut butter surprise. MMMMM, they were good. But they just weren’t what the kids wanted this time. I didn’t get a winner in either class.

That’s funny too. Last year I entered my spice cookies that everyone always raves about how good they are. And another lady that I was sitting next to also entered some gingerbread-type cookies, and neither one of us even placed. We talked about it and decided that kids just didn’t like spice cookies. So this year, guess what the kids chose as the winners? Yep, spice cookies. It was different kids this year, and all kids have different tastes, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise, but I just thought it was funny.

No Fair for me on Wed. That’s ok, though, because I needed to get some cleaning and washing done. (Yuk! It’s never-ending!)

Thurs. was the “It’s in the Bag” contest. I crocheted a beach bag from cotton yarn and decorated a store-bought tote with an applique that says “Be Gentle to the Earth” and painted some highlights and added some decorative buttons that looked like flowers.

I kissed Hubby good-by, went out to the garage, pushed the garage door opener, the door started up, and then just stopped. About a foot from the floor. I pushed it again. Nothing. So back into the house to get my fix-it man. After looking at it, he said something about one of the springs broke. Well, so much for going to the Fair.

But my husband doesn’t give up that easily. He went out to the shop, brought in some 2 x 4’s and had me push them under the door while he lifted it up. Then he used all the strength in his arms to push it up. I tried to help by pulling on the manual handle, but I’m sure I wasn’t helping that much with my weak arms. He said that the reason it was so hard to push up was because the one spring that was still ok was working against him because it takes both springs working together to counter act each other. Or something like that. I’m not sure I understand, but he got it up ok.

I drove the car out and was on my way. It was just a couple of minutes until the deadline to turn my projects in when I got there. Reminded me of last year when I got there by the skin of my teeth. (Which means very close, btw!)

As soon as I got my entries turned in and settled down to watch the judging, I called Hubby to find out if he got the door back down ok. He did and he had also called a place to see when we could get it repaired. They are supposed to come out this afternoon to put in some new springs. The last contest I’m in is today and it’s at 1:00, so I’ll have to have him open it again for me. But hopefully, it’ll be fixed by the time I get home from the Fair.

Anyway, back to the bags. I got a first place on the crocheted beach bag and a second on the market bag. I forgot to mention that I decorated a smaller bag with some fruit and painted “market list” on it. Then I stuck a piece of paper in it with a list of items to get at the “market”. Turned out cute if I do say so myself.

Today it’s RAINING, yea!! It’s also the day that I have to park in the regular parking lot and carry my entry all the way around the building to get inside to the competition. (All the other days they let us park at the side of the building and just go through the doors right to the competition.)

The muffins I’m taking today are in the oven. I may be taking my sis today. I haven’t heard from her yet (she had to see what she had going for today) and it’s getting close to leaving time. So I guess I’ll give her a call in a little while if I haven’t heard from her by then to see if I need to run by and pick her up. So, until next time. . . . . .

(Gee, I smell muffins!)

Bread Day

August 2, 2011

My breads turned out pretty good. There are no before pics because I forgot to take some. But the after pics are here — along with the ribbons I got for them.

The coffee cake was judged first. Out of five entries, I got a

second place! And……the pumpkin bread was judged with nine entries and mine got a

FIRST place!

It was a long judging process, but interesting.

The zucchini bread is in a special contest this year and it wasn’t going to be judged until 5:00! There’s a section of items just made with zucchini from salad and side dishes to main dishes and then baked dishes. Not only that, but the youth also had the same categories and they would be judged first. I’m betting that the judging would be at least an hour and a half to two hours. That’s too late for this ol’ gal. So I left my bread and I’ll find out how I did on my zucchini bread tomorrow when Hubby and I go for Grandparents Day.

Yes, that’s right. Another late night baking. This time — cookies! My entries this year will be chocolate sugar cookie sandwiches with chocolate icing, and peanut butter-flavored shortbread cookies. Stay tuned. More later.

Pie Day

August 1, 2011

The Fair started Fri. I didn’t get to go because I wasn’t in a Special Contest that day. BUT, Sat. was the contest for pies. Since I made a couple of pies, I finally got to go to the Fair. It was 3 am when I got in bed Fri. night, (or I should say Sat. morning) because it was too hot to heat the house up for a couple of hours to get two pies made. That’s ok. I’m a night person so it doesn’t bother me that much to stay up late.

One of my pies was cherry and the other one was peach. They turned out really pretty.

The foil covering the crust on one side of the cherry pie got pushed over so it was a little wonky and consequently a small portion of the crust burned on one side of the pie. Not to worry. We have an option of turning in half the pie or the whole pie. So I just cut it in half. It’s a good thing. When I was turning the pies in for the competition, the ladies told me that if I wanted to take half my pie home, I needed to cut it in half BEFORE the judging. All the years before, they allowed us to take half the pie home after the judging if it wins a ribbon because they keep the pies for display. (If the pie doesn’t win a ribbon, you have to take the whole pie home.) The peach pie looked so pretty, I decided to leave it whole. There was so much pie filling left over that I made another small pie from it so we had some of the peach pie to taste later anyway.

After I turned the pies in and had to wait for the judging to begin, I walked around to look at all the exhibits and to see if I had ribbons on anything. This is what I saw. . . .

Not only did I get my afghan finally done, but I got a ribbon on it too!

Yea! Another ribbon! First place!

Woo Hoo! I’m batting a thousand!

Well, you get the picture. Ribbons were on all of my projects except two. Wow! And the pies?

Third place on the peach and

First place! I was so excited!
Oh yes, and the ripple top that gave me so much trouble?


Didn’t go to the Fair today. But tomorrow is the quick breads contest. I’ll be baking late into the night again tonight making a pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and a coffee cake to take tomorrow. More later!