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Sewing September

September 3, 2011

September is here! Although you wouldn’t know it by the temps outside. We’re still having near 100 degree weather! Fall, where are you? Please hurry up and get here!

This picture was on my calendar when I turned it to Sept. Doesn’t it give you a nice, warm, homey, Autumn feeling? I LOVE it!

September is National Sewing Month. Several years ago, I tried to sew something every day during the month of Sept. I did pretty good too. It was amazing to me to look back and see all the projects that I got done. Some were UFO’s, but mostly new projects.

I’d like to try that again this month. It seems to motivate me when I have goals to meet. However, I’m getting off to a slow start. The sewing room had to be cleaned up and straightened before I could begin. Thurs., I went through my projects — UFO’s, wanna be’s, and kits so I could “plan” what I wanted to tackle. Once again, I was “reminded” of how much stuff I have.

I wanted to finish up the cross-stitch projects that just needed a little work to be done. So I got that done yesterday.

Then last night, I sit down at the sewing machine and started sewing together the
little cross-stitch ornaments that I finished stitching, when was it? In March? Oh wow, I can’t believe it! There are 15 of these ornaments, but they shouldn’t take very long — IF I work on them! There’s a huge stack of other sewing I’d like to work on as well, so I’d BETTER work on them because nothing else is going to get sewed on until they’re finished. GO ME!

Scrap Crafts

September 2, 2011

Since the Fair and I’ve been so “into” crafting, I’ve been obsessing about using up my stash of yarn. From time to time, I go through these periods of wanting to use up what I have (A) to make more room around here and (B) to be thrifty as well as creative by using and combining yarns to make something pretty and useful from yarns already in my stash.

Since seeing a picture of a one-granny-square afghan made with many colors, I’ve been wanting to make one. There’s certainly enough “scrap” yarn in my stash! I’ve gathered all of the left-over yarns from other projects and combined them by color to get an idea of what I have to work with. There’s lots of different colors and if I throw in some splashes of white every now and then, I might end up with an attractive and colorful afghan. Anyway, that’s my hope. So, soon, I hope, I’ll be starting that afghan.

But in the meantime, I found a skein of Red Heart Baby Clouds super bulky yarn. It’s white with specks of color throughout. (I can’t remember the name of the color.) It made a beautiful scarf using big size 11 needles. I knit it sideways in a garter stitch and knit until I ran out of yarn. Isn’t it pretty?

Next was some cotton yarn that I’ve had forever! It came from the years (1985 – 1987) when we lived near St. Louis. Yeah, I know! There were only three skeins with not much yardage in each one. Many times I would wonder what to make with it. Maybe combine it with another color of cotton yarn in the same weight to make something bigger, or just use it as is. Then one day, I was listening to the Yarncraft podcast and one of the girls mentioned a simple stitch that would be good for a scarf, shawl, etc. Finally, I thought. A scarf made with this stitch would be pretty, I bet. So, here’s what resulted from that thought.

A close-up of the stitch, (sorry about the blurriness).

It’s just a knit one, slip one, pattern with a purl on the other side. I alternated the knit one, slip one, so it has a waffle-like look. It has a border of three knit stitches on either side and a garter stitch of four rows on either end. Pretty, yet simple, don’t you think?

And more stash has hit the road!

Back in July, right in the middle of the time I was trying to finish projects for the Fair, I got a package in the mail. Yes, I went a little wild on a yarn sale from Mary Maxim . When the bag came in the mail, I wanted to open it and feel and look at the yarn. But I made myself wait until I finished getting projects done for the Fair.

Believe it or not, it got pushed aside and I forgot about it! But the other day while cleaning up the sewing room, I found it, opened it, and it was just like Christmas!!

This was such a good buy, I just couldn’t pass it up. The best thing about this yarn is, I actually have a purpose for all of it! The red Angora yarn will be a lacy shawl. The different colors of dk yarn will be a baby blanket, and the tweedy self-striping yarn, I think, was going to be a sweater. I had the patterns set aside waiting for the yarn. I’ll put the patterns with the yarn and add it to my wanna-be projects. (Yes, I have many of those which are not counted as “stash yarn”, but should be.)

I’m still working on the sweater I started just after the Fair. The back and most of the front is done now. Other projects are screaming at me, but I’m determined to grow up and finish projects before I start a new one. It’s sooooo hard for me! I’ve never been a very self-controlled type person. I’m getting better, though, especially when I drag out all of my UFO’s and get depressed because I have so many!

The Halloween House is progressing — slowly. There’s SO many little pieces to needlepoint the yarn on before it can be sewed together. It’s going to be really cute though. I’ve always liked the colors of Halloween together.

Also, the little cross-stitch item has been stitched, but I still need to finish the project. There’s another cross-stitch project that I found that needs the finishing done as well. I think I’ll go finish them up now. Pictures tomorrow? Hopefully!