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All Cleaned Up

November 30, 2011

Jim was here until about three yesterday. He got the forms off, cleaned up his mess and made it look almost “normal” again.

He does good work. We like what he does.

Now we’re waiting for the construction crew to get here. It’s almost noon today and there’s no show as I’m writing this. We’re sure there’s a good excuse but it isn’t the weather. It’s a beautiful, sunny day and 50 degrees right now. Well, the waiting game continues . . . . .

Time For An Update

November 29, 2011

In fact it’s more than time for an update. I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time. Not sure why. The main reason is all the worry over this construction, I think. There’s been a few birthdays to remember and then Thanksgiving thrown in also.

Anyway, on with the catching up . . . .

When we left last time, we’d had a down-pour of rain. Four inches or so to be exact. It was muddy in our little hole. It took a while to dry out but finally on the 17th, Jim, the concrete guy, came again. He built the form for the footing and the patio and sidewalk.

The next day Jim came again, along with the concrete truck. He got the footing poured,

and did a little finessing to the patio and sidewalk.

Next was the form for the foundation, but in the meantime it had rained again. If you look closely, you can see the mud that he had to work in to get the form built.

He came out a few days later and put the frame in the form for the crawl space.

Except for the occasional down-pour of rain, the weather has been pretty nice. The temps have stayed Fall-like for the most part. It’s dropped down to freezing a time or two. But now that they’re ready to pour concrete, the weather has decided that it’s time for winter.

Yesterday, Jim and his crew, along with the concrete truck, came to pour the concrete for the foundation, patio, and sidewalk. They got here at 8am and worked pretty much all day.

Work was calling my name, so I had to leave before they were finished for the day. I didn’t get a picture of how it looked after they got it all smoothed out and finished. It was looking pretty good, however!

The temps dropped to the lowest yet for this season so far. Jim had to put the concrete to bed under blankets . . .

It’s supposed to get down to 20 degrees tonight, so I don’t know if he’ll leave the blankets on or not.

Jim is here as I write this, taking the forms off the foundation. His work is almost done. He told us that the construction crew would be out tomorrow to start on the frame of our little extension. The owner of the construction crew said that it would be three days, tops, to finish our project once the foundation was done. Well, I’m not sure I’m believing that, but time will tell.

Construction Is All Wet

November 9, 2011

It’s been a long, hot, dry summer and fall. Until now. The last few days, it’s rained almost three inches. Not all at once, but the nice, long, slow, soaking-kind of rain that one likes to see after being so dry for months on end. I’m so thankful for the rain.

But why now? The construction on the extension of our house finally began after waiting for a month. We had wonderful, dry, sunny weather all through the month of Oct. Perfect weather for digging and pouring concrete. But now?

IF it doesn’t rain for a week, maybe our hole will be dry enough for the guys to continue on the construction.

A Knitting Problem/Change

November 5, 2011

My friend Barb was in town yesterday. She lives in a town about two hours from here. She came to town to stay with her son who also lives here so he could run her out to the airport today for her flight to Canada for a vacation! Lucky gal!

Since she was here in town, she came over for a nice visit with me. I’ve mentioned before how we can talk till the cows come home. She also does a lot of crocheting, knitting, and other handwork, so that’s one of the main things we have in common to talk about. She brought a knitting project to show me and hopefully help her out with the pattern.

I’ve been knitting since I was 18 years old. For some reason, I didn’t make socks until several years ago. Making those socks taught me how to do “short rows” that I’ve never had an opportunity to learn before. It was a little challenging, but the pattern I was using was well written and told me exactly what to do.

The other day I found a pattern for a Christmas stocking made quite similar to the socks that I’ve knitted. Wheels turned and I found yarn in my stash to make one for a gift for Christmas. When I got to the point of turning the heel, I came across a knitting term that I’ve never seen before. Wow, 47 years of knitting and I came across this term. Where have I been — in a cave? But it went hand-in-hand with short rows, so I just assumed that it was a term used in making socks. Since I had just learned to make socks a few years earlier, I could understand not seeing it before.

I had a hard time understanding how to do this stitch, and finally had to go to the net to watch a how-to video on YouTube. Evidently, it will take some practice on my part to “get the hang of it.” The stocking has big holes where there shouldn’t be any holes at all.

Barb’s knitting project included a term I haven’t seen before either. (What’s the odds?) This term had nothing to do with socks either. It was just a term used in knitting. We tried to figure it out, but had to give up if we were going to have a visit. She left me a copy of the pattern and I told her that I would figure it out.

The term, btw, is yrn, which means: yarn forward and around needle. We’re making a purl stitch at this point, so the yarn is already forward.

After she left, I went to my stash and found a pretty yarn to try this pattern with. It took me a few minutes, but I figured out what they wanted me to do. It’s a yarn over! I’ve done yarn overs all the years that I’ve been knitting, but I’ve never seen this term for it. What are they doing with our knitting terms? Is this a “new and improved” version? Hubby always says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

But it’s a pretty pattern and is making a really pretty “neck warmer” which is what it’s called in the pattern. (What happened to the word “cowl” which is what I’ve always known it as before?)

I guess I need to change and keep up with the times.

Here We Go Again!

November 3, 2011

When we had our construction done last Fall, we also thought about extending a wall in my new sewing room/guest room with a bay window-type extension. The plan was to push the day bed out into the extension which would give the room more floor space. Almost as long as we’ve lived here, we’ve wanted a pergola over the deck and a patio off the deck with a side-walk that would go out to my little shop out back.

So after procrastinating like the person I am, and complaining, like the person I am, to Hubby that I wish we’d started this project so it’d be done and over with, Hubby called the contractor and got the ball rolling. We had to be scheduled in-between two other big projects they already had scheduled, but the contractor promised us that they would be done with all of it by Christmas.

One month after we signed the contract, they came out and poured the concrete settings for the poles for the pergola.

After it set up over the weekend, the two guys came out and built the pergola in less than three hours.

I LOVE it! It’s just what I wanted. They made it with treated wood, so we won’t be able to stain it until it “seasons” for several months. About the end of Spring next year, we’ll get the existing deck power-spray cleaned and then stain it all again so it’ll look like it was all made at the same time. We’re going to plant Wisteria around the base of the deck so it’ll grow up and over the pergola and give us some shade on the deck and look pretty doing it. Anyway that’s our plan. I have a black thumb, so we’ll see.

The same day the guys were here building the pergola, the foundation guy came to take measurements and start digging the hole for the room extension. He brought his little backhoe and had the hole dug in no time.

Hubby likes his little backhoe.

Of course it rained last night, after a very dry summer and fall and now the hole is a muddy mess. We probably won’t see our guy until next week after it has a chance to dry out a little. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate.