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My New Sewing Nook

December 29, 2011

I started painting the new extension to my sewing room today. I’ve been a little depressed with it and therefore not felt like working on it or writing about it.

Let me go back a few weeks. Back to the day that I last wrote about the construction. It was Dec. 7, the day that I met my friend Carolyn for lunch. The guys were here working as I was writing on this blog and they were getting ready to break through the wall.

It sounded like they were tearing the house down with all the noise, hammering, sawing, etc. that was going on. At one point they had to turn our electricity off because the wall they were getting rid of had an electrical outlet in it. Finally they left, and Hubby and I sneaked in to see what it looked like.

I stood there with my mouth open and tears welled up in my eyes. It wasn’t a happy moment. See the left side of the room where the small wall is sticking out? Oh wait, there is no wall! There’s supposed to be, but there isn’t. They cut my wall out!! Let me explain.

This extension was supposed to be centered in the middle of the wall they just took out. It’s too far over and extends out from the side of the room! What did they do?!? They didn’t do it the way it was supposed to have been done or the way that I wanted it that’s for sure.

I was devastated. I’ve pictured this little extension in my head almost as long as we’ve lived in this house — at least ten years. I kept my lunch date with my friend, but I’m afraid I wasn’t much company. I complained the whole time about this mess-up.

The rest of the evening, I thought and thought about it. Evidently, the guy who poured the footing and foundation “forgot” what I wanted. When the construction guys come to work a day, then don’t show up again for several days or even a week later, it’s no wonder they forget what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re the construction guys, so you just assume that they know what they’re doing. Looking back, I wish we had kept on top of what Jim, the foundation guy, was doing. But who knew that we would have to play construction police?!

After much thought and running different scenarios in my head, I’ve decided that I won’t be putting the daybed in the extension. It would be up against the wall which would be unhandy when we have to use it for guests. Besides that, the room already looks “off-center” and having the daybed to one side of the room would just make it look more “off-center”. Putting the sewing machine into the curved-out section might be pretty neat. I do LOVE the windows! I could sew and look out into the backyard and watch the birds and squirrels play. Hey, this is so crazy, it just might work! This will be my new sewing nook!


Merry Christmas One and All!

December 25, 2011

Today is Christmas Day. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Everyone is having a wonderful morning with their families — opening gifts, going to church, preparing a big meal, enjoying the warm feelings of having family close. It’s just another day for Hubby and me. We had our family get-together last Sat. It’s kind of sad in a way. While I was at work at Wal-Mart yesterday, watching everyone rushing around trying to finish getting last-minute gifts and food for their big meal for today, I felt left out because our family celebration is already over. It’s just not the same as having it on the special day, I guess.

I’ve always loved the last-minute crunching of Christmas. Especially when EVERYONE is doing it at the same time. Call me crazy, but I really enjoy it. So to have it over with a week early and than watch everyone else getting ready — well, it was a bit depressing.

Except for the last few years, Christmas has always been a big family deal to me. When I was growing up, Christmas Day was a BIG day at my Mom’s house. With a family of five children, the grandchildren’s numbers growing every year, her mother and sister, my mom’s house was hopping with activity. I loved it!

Eventually we all moved out, got married, and had children of our own. But every Christmas (I don’t remember ever missing one) our families would gather at my mom’s house for a huge family dinner. Hubby and I would have Christmas Eve with the In-Laws and all of his family, then Christmas morning at our house for our three children, then gather up food, gifts, and the kids and we’d all wind up at my Mom’s house. Everybody brought food and gifts. The children would play while the women got the meal ready, and the men sit around talking about whatever men talk about. Mom’s table was FULL of food. We fixed the kids their plates and got them settled down, then the men would get their plates, then the women would gather around the table and we’d all eat and talk and eat and talk! What fun!!

Through the years as everyone’s children grew up, got married, and started lives of their own, our big family get-togethers would slowly dwindle in size. Mom got to the point where she couldn’t do the big dinners any more even though we girls would do most of the work. Everyone started their own traditions as families grew.

While our three children’s families grew, we had Christmas here at our house most of the time. We were moving all over the state back then, so it was hard to have a year-to-year tradition going on. But we tried to get the family together as much as we could. Oh how I loved it when we were all together! I guess it brings back the old memories of those huge family celebrations at my mom’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy and blessed that our little family was able to get together a week ago. But here it is Christmas Day and I’m sitting at the computer. Hubby and I will spend the day by ourselves. It’s quiet and peaceful. But I’d trade it, in a minute, for a hectic day with lots of people roaming around, snacking on goodies that I’ve slaved over for days to make, and getting all worn out just from all the visiting and family fun again. Celebrating a week ahead is just not the same as celebrating ON Christmas Day, I guess.

It’s like the old saying, “you can’t go home again.” But we still have our memories! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Taking Shape

December 7, 2011

The workers were here until about 2:30. They did a lot of sawing, grinding, and hammering. It’s beginning to look a lot like a room now. After they left, Hubby took a couple of pics.

The worker, Joe, was concerned that the ceiling of the room would be shorter at the front window than at the other side. But I assured them that that’s the way I wanted it. We won’t be using that part of the room anyway — it’s just going to house the daybed with a tall table behind it to hold a lamp, etc.

So we were a little confused when we saw that the roof wasn’t slanting hardly at all. It looks like it’s coming straight out. Hubby got inside it last night, and he can stand up in the front where the window will be with room to spare.

These guys aren’t the ones that talked to us about the room being shorter. They acted like they didn’t know anything about the conversation we had with Joe about the room. But Hubby talked to the guys this morning, and they said that it was slanted three degrees, and that’s enough for the rain to drain off. So I guess they know what they’re doing. It just isn’t going to look like the “lean-to” that I was hoping for.

The guys got here this morning about 8:30 and started right in. They’ve put in a couple of the windows and are breaking through to the room as I’m writing this. We’ve had to shut the door because it’s getting COLD in there!

I’m meeting my friend Carolyn for lunch today, then off shopping for Christmas gifts this afternoon. I’m anxious to see how much they get done today while I’m gone.

…And the Work Continues

December 6, 2011

Three workers showed up Mon. morning and talked with us to confirm what we were wanting with the extension. Then they started working. They were here until about 3pm and got a lot done.

One of the workers, Joe, told us that they would probably cut through to the room today sometime. That means that they’ll have to put the windows in and get the roof on this morning. They just got here as I’m writing this and it’s almost 10:00! I don’t know, maybe they’re faster than I think they’ll be. The windows aren’t even here yet.

Since I haven’t cleaned out the room yet, I began to panic when Joe said that they would probably cut through this afternoon. So I asked to take off work early last night to come home and work on it.

I have a lot of little stuff to find a new (temporary) home for and hubby helped me take the daybed apart and move it to our bedroom. Then I had to move the two bookcases of fabric out because they were against the wall that will be cut into. The whole process only took a couple of hours. I’m glad I didn’t have to do all that after getting home from work at 11:30 last night.

This morning I covered all the rest of the furniture, etc., with drop cloths because they will create a LOT of dust when they do their sawing through.

I’m feeling a little sorry for them because the weather has really turned nasty. The temps have dropped into the 20’s — the coldest this season and it even snowed a little last night! I just can’t help thinking of the whole month of Oct. when we had such beautiful weather and they didn’t come for even one day during all that time!

We have a little wood-burning stove in the back yard. They were wondering if they could burn some of the scrap wood in it. So the three of them are taking a few minutes to stand around the fire. I was thinking about taking a pic of them, but that might embarrass them to see me taking their picture. 🙂

Hubby fixed a big pot of coffee and will take it out to them. That just might hit the spot!

When I get home from work tonight, I’m hoping that I’ll see some big progress in the construction.

Christmas Tree Is Up

December 2, 2011

The owner of the construction co. came by yesterday along with the guy that will be doing the framework. They looked over the job to give the guy an idea of what we want. When they left for the day, they said that they would be back on Mon. to start the construction. We are supposed to order the flooring so it’ll be ready to be installed by the 19th or 20th.

Well, I knew that this little “project” would take clear up to Christmas to get done! We’re having Christmas at our house this year, so now I have to hustle around to get stuff moved in and out of this room in addition to clean and decorate and bake and shop and wrap presents to be ready for Christmas.

There’s no one to blame but myself though. (But then again, when you sign a contract at the last of Sept. for a project this small, you’d think that a construction company could get on the ball and have it done in a few weeks.) We shouldn’t have started another project like this until Spring. Will I ever learn? But hopefully, this WILL be the last thing we do to the house, (knock on wood) so I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

It was a beautiful day in the Ozarks yesterday, however, and we got the tree up and some lights around the house put up, and it’s beginning to look like Christmas!