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Happy March 29th

March 29, 2012

My downfall to crafting this month was working on the bathroom. I let myself get out of the crafting mode. Another reason was these early morning hours I’m putting in at work. AND they still have me scheduled for the office again next week. BUT the week after that, I’ll be on vacation! Yeah! I’m ready for that to happen.

Anyway, back to my crafting this month. Sorry I’ve fizzled out on the crafting. Working on the bathroom and life got in the way. On my three days off last week, I spent one whole day just getting paper work, checkbook, and filing up to date in preparation to getting our taxes done. (I HATE paperwork and put it off a lot longer than I should — no really! A LOT LONGER THAN I SHOULD!) The next day of my three-day “weekend”, I had a dentist appointment to keep, (just a cleaning and a minor repair), then the taxes, (we got a refund! Yeah!), and then Hubby and I did some running around, (groceries, etc.).

The third day of my “weekend”, I drove over to my sister’s and we rode out to the nursing home to see our older sis for her birthday. Sat. was her actual birthday, but I had to work so it was more convenient for us to go Fri. She was looking good and surprised to see us. We had a nice visit and gave her some birthday “goodies”.

After we got back to my sister’s house, we sit in the car and talked and talked. NOBODY can talk like we can talk! When we were younger, we could talk over the phone so long that my ear would get all red and would ache! Yes, we’re both that windy!

In between all of this, and working on the bathroom, (I ran into some problems with the chalking around the bathtub so it took longer than expected — but the bathroom is all done now), I did knit on my pink and grey sweater. The back, front, and half of one sleeve has been worked. It certainly has been relaxing to go sit in my knitting chair and knit after all this activity.

I found a box of unfinished purses (FOUR of them) that I was hoping to get to finish, but it just hasn’t happened — YET! They’re still sitting there waiting for me. They will be really cute, I think, so I need to work on them and get them finished.

Yesterday was chore day, today is just starting so it has craft potential and tomorrow is the day that I’ll be going to my dear friend Carolyn’s house to quilt my quilt on her quilting machine. I’m SOOOOOOO looking forward to that! (I just hope I don’t break her machine!) The more I’m learning about quilting, the more excited I’m getting to add that craft to my ever-growing list of interests. Of course I’ll blog about it. Until then . . . . .

Happy March 20th

March 21, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring! It’s raining here today and is cooler than it’s been in a while. But it’s SPRING! And it’s raining which we really need.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. The bathroom is getting a facelift with a new coat of paint and it’s looking pretty nice.

The trimming board around the floor needed to be re-chalked after the guys had to take it out to fix the floor. It looks so much better now that it’s been re-done and painted over.

After getting home from work yesterday and sitting out in the sunroom with Hubby enjoying the breezes through the open window, I just wasn’t in the mood to work in the bathroom. So I knit on my sweater instead. The sweater is coming along nicely. The front is done and I’m about half-way up the back now. It’s in stockinette stitch which is a very relaxing knitting.

Tomorrow is my first day off this week and I plan on getting back to the bathroom. The trim around the door will get painted next and be the last bit of painting that I’ll need to do. It’ll probably need at least two, and probably three, coats because it’s never been painted.

It’ll be nice to get back to my crafting after this little break of painting. Going through some UFO’s stashed under the bed yesterday, I found a few purses that just need a little work to be done. So, hopefully, I’ll get in the mood to work on them in addition to getting back to the other projects that I’ve been working on this month and need to finish. Three days off! The potential to get a lot more crafting done!

Happy March 17th

March 18, 2012

It’s GREEN day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all who are Irish and all who would like to be today.

All this week I’ll be working the 5am to 2pm shift in the office at work. It was so peaceful and pretty at 4:30 this morning when I took off for work. The birds were singing their Good Morning song and it was so peaceful. The weather has been unbelievably warm and wonderful for this time of year. Even though I’m not really a morning person, I think I could get used to this.

After picking up a couple of things at work, I got home about 2:30. Hubby and I sit out in the sunroom while we told each other about our day. Hubby has been working out in the yard more this last week or so. He sowed some grass seed over the dirt around our patio and sidewalk and also around the new extension to my sewing room where the workers had to dig up the ground. He’s supposed to water the seed three times a day, so that keeps him busy.

Yesterday while my friend Carolyn and I were busy with the borders for my quilt, he sprayed for insects. We don’t like insects. Especially when they come in our house. He usually sprays a couple of times a year and that controls them enough to keep them away.

So today while we were telling about our day, he said that he got the lawn mower out, cleaned it up, run after some gas and oil for it, came home and mowed the lawn! Yes, in the middle of March! Some of our neighbors have been mowing as well.

Spring is just a few days away. If we’re lucky, the weather will hold out and we won’t get a hard frost that will certainly kill all the beautiful buds and blossoms that have been popping out everywhere. Isn’t Spring a wonderful season? A time for renewal.

In the crafting world, there isn’t much to talk about today. I’m preparing the bathroom for a facelift. That’s kind of crafting, right? Since the guys had to repair our bathroom floor and take everything out including the floor trim, we were left with gaping holes around the trim when it was re-installed and the walls were scratched and dinged a bit.

So I got out the old trusty chalking gun, repaired the holes and dings, and washed the wainscoting in preparation to a new coat of paint. Tomorrow after work, it’ll get the fresh paint job. I’ll also take off the old chalking around the tub and replace that as well.

So that’s the extent of my crafting today. Oh yes, I’ve also been knitting on my newest sweater when I sit down to rest. Sorry I didn’t take any pics. I’m always forgetting to get before and after pics. I’ll have to work on that.

Happy March 16th

March 17, 2012

This has been a fun day! On Wed., my friend Carolyn and I had lunch together. She mentioned that she would be off work on Fri. and maybe she could come over and help me cut the borders for my quilt that I posted about on March 6th.

So that’s exactly what happened! She came over about 2:00. It was a beautiful day near 80 degrees again. I had the windows in my sewing room extension open and a nice little breeze was flowing through.

She got right down to business. The first thing she had me do was to sew and cut the little squares for each corner of the inner border so they would be ready. Then we gathered the material, ruler, rotary cutter and cutting board together and took them to the kitchen table. She showed me how she folds the material, measures, and cuts it into the strips for the side borders.

Oh my gosh, I was soooo impressed! She made it look so easy! When I sewed it to the quilt top, it went together like pieces of a puzzle. On the next two ends, I sewed the little squares on and then sewed them onto the ends of the quilt. We had a little “oops” and had to use the seam ripper, but the problem was solved very quickly.

We were ready for the last row of borders. Again, Carolyn layed out the material, measured it, and had it all cut in no time. (Have I mentioned that I was impressed?) It sure was fun to watch her work. I picked up some very useful pointers. Do you know how long it would have taken me to cut all those borders? Trust me when I say “A lot longer than it took her!”

She showed me how to pin the borders onto the quilt so that I wouldn’t have it all bunched up at one end.

It reminded me of how I pin a sleeve into a blouse — easing it in. So EASY! And the borders were on just like that. {snap!}

Doesn’t it look great?! The next step will be to get it quilted. Carolyn has a quilting machine and has graciously invited me over to her house so that I can quilt it on her machine! I’m a little apprehensive about that because that’s something I’ve never done before. But I’m confidant that Carolyn won’t let me mess it up. 🙂 I’m kind of excited about it however, and I’m looking forward to it. Another fun day!

Happy March 15th

March 15, 2012

Oops! I didn’t get a post done yesterday. Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it until last night about 10:00 while I was relaxing in my knitting chair working on my new sweater. It was too late to work on the blog by then, so this morning I’ll tell about yesterday.

It was a fun day. Of course this was the first day of my “weekend”. It was also the day of the month that I meet my dear friend Carolyn for lunch. After throwing the sheets into the washer, fixing breakfast, and reading e-mail, I sit down at my little craft table and sewed the rest of this sweater together to take to our “show and tell”.

Lunch was fun. My friend is learning to knit, and doing a pretty darn good job of it, but hit a snag when she purled instead of knit. So I fixed her little oops and showed her how to do a bind off. We talked and talked (well, I think I did more of the talking — my mouth doesn’t know when to stop flapping), and our time was over before we knew it. Carolyn is off of work Fri., so she mentioned helping me with my quilt that day. Boy, I need help! I can’t bring myself to cut out those big borders to finish my quilt. Hopefully she’ll get me on my way!

I saved half of my lunch to bring home for Hubby’s lunch. So after he ate, we took off to run around a little. We both love to go to Harbor Freight to check out all their specials. We had fun just walking around taking our time and looking at all the goodies. We walked away about $40 lighter than when we walked in; but we got all kinds of new “toys”, as Hubby puts it.

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few more things. As we were walking out to the car, in the beautiful, bright, sunny evening (because of daylight savings time), we realized it was ten minutes to seven! Where did the time go? This is Survivor night and it starts at seven! Since we were “way across town” it was going to take us at least 20 minutes to get back home if all the lights were in our favor. OH NO! I WAS GOING TO MISS 10 MINUTES OF SURVIVOR!

All the lights (well, for the most part) were in our favor, the traffic was light because it was after rush hour, and we got home in record time. And I was safe about it — no going around turns on two wheels or anything like that. I did miss about 10 minutes of the show, but I can catch up with it on the internet. So it wasn’t the disaster I thought it would be.

We were both a little tired after our afternoon of spending money, so we watched a couple of episodes of “Enterprise” on Netflix. Then I found myself in my knitting chair with my yarn slipping through my fingers working on my new sweater. AND I finished the front of it before I went to bed (where Hubby was already in slumberland.)

He left the windows open because it was over 80 DEGREES today! There was a slight wind coming in and blowing over us. It felt soooo nice! I was afraid it would get too cool for me, but we left them open all night and it felt good to me as well.