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Quilting Day

April 5, 2012

It’s time to get back to my blog. My best laid plans for blogging every day for the month of March went askew when I had to start working those early mornings at work again. It messed up my routine! Then I got side-tracked on the bathroom . . . (But the bathroom looks soooo much nicer now!)

But I digress. We’ll go back to the 30th of March when I took my quilt top and batting and went to my friend Carolyn’s house. I LOVE her house! She lives in an old house with LOTS of character and cubby holes. (I love cubby holes!) She has it fixed up soooo cute and quilts are everywhere — on the walls in every room, draped over the bannister, stacked in corners, and of course on the bed.

Upstairs is the quilting machine along with her sewing machine, cutting table, shelves of fabric and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with quilting. Plus a bed for the grandchildren when they come to visit! I thought that I had a lot of stuff. It was amazing to me to see all the stuff she has! But it’s all very organized and she can lay her hands on anything in a second.

We got right to work and she showed me how to put the quilt in the machine.

She had some backing fabric that was just the right color to match my top. I couldn’t have picked out a better color! There’s a lot of pinning to be done and it took us about an hour to get it all pinned in the frame.

This machine is quite a contraption! After we got it pinned in, Carolyn showed me how to work it. I was so impressed seeing it at work.

She chose a very simple pattern for me. It was a continuous, easy flowing design.

There’s a little laser light coming from the side of the machine pointing at the pattern which is layed out under the quilt. I followed the light on the pattern and used a continuous movement to sew the pattern onto the quilt. You can see that I’m really concentrating on where the laser light is on the pattern.

It was fun! I couldn’t believe that I was doing it! I was wishing that my mother could have been there watching me quilt. In fact, I don’t think my mother ever saw a quilting machine at work.

It took several hours to do the whole quilt. We stopped and had some lunch and I helped Carolyn with a knitting problem. (I’m teaching her to knit and she’s doing a GREAT job!) Her first project is a sweater, (nothing like jumping in head first!) I’m very impressed with what she’s done so far. It’s like she’s been doing it all her life.

Then it was back to the quilt. And I finished it!

The quilting machine did all the work, but I was so proud of myself as well. It’s not a perfect job but I’m happy with it. And at the same time, I learned more about how a quilt is put together. Maybe I’ll have a little more confidence to put a quilt into my frames that I haven’t used yet that Hubby helped me make a few years ago. Then I will have to learn to quilt by hand. That will be fun once I get into it!