Two More Done

Yesterday was a productive day. Well, it seems like it was productive when I say I finished TWO more projects that was in the UFO box. Because these two purses were all finished except the sewing up part, which didn’t take long at all. In fact, I didn’t even start sewing them together until last night after a day of chores, knitting, watching bunny play in the yard while visiting with Hubby, and watching DS9 on Netflix.

Both of these little bags are knitted. The first one is knitted with Homespun yarn and fun fur. It’s just a simple bag with bamboo handles.

I didn’t bother to line it because it’s knitted in garter stitch and is pretty tight.

The other one is knitted as well with a novelty yarn called Ping Pong from Bernat.

The color work makes it look like little ping-pong balls knitted into the fabric. It has a glitter to it as well, which would make the bag nice to be use as an evening accessory.

This is day 7 of my 10 days off. If I can finish two more UFO’s today, then I’ll be caught up with three days to go. Well, back to the sewing room!

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