UFO Inventory

My mission the last couple of years have been to finish all my UFO (unfinished objects). Since my goal to finish 10 UFO’s on my 10-days-off vacation fizzled out the last couple of days, I decided to pull out all my UFO’s, go through them, and actually find out what I have left.

Well, I’m surprised! Pleasantly surprised! There aren’t as many left as I thought there would be! In fact, not counting my WIP (work in progress) on the poncho I’ve been knitting and the UFO sweater that has become a WIP again, I only have three knitting projects to finish! One is the camo sweater I started this year, (it just needs to be blocked and sewed up), and one is a sweater that I started last(?) year that just needs to be sewed together as well.

The third project is one that I’d started many years ago. It’s a jacket with a patchwork front and the back and sleeves are knitted.

Well, the reason it isn’t done yet is because of the patchwork front. Never done that before — and you know me when I’ve not done something before — yep, procrastination city! This project may be a UFO for a looooong time still!

There’s only two crocheted projects to finish and one is a multi-project. That is, I’m making a bunch of crocheted angel ornaments to sell in a craft show. This has been an ongoing project for several years. My goal was to do at least ten or twelve of them.

The other crochet project is some granny square bags that have all the crocheting done and are sewed together, but just need a lining in them. This would be a good project to finish for my sale as well.

There’s two plastic canvas projects — the Halloween house that I started last year and another ongoing project that I started ten(?) years ago! They’re little coin purse necklaces shaped like animal heads. It’s another multi-project with ten or twelve in the bunch when finished.

Two cross-stitch projects — both of which are multi-projects as well. (I wouldn’t have to start any new projects for my sale if I’d just get busy and finish some of these multi-projects!)

The sewing projects have the most UFO’s on the list. But, still, not as many as I was expecting. There’s a blouse that was cut out a few years ago, (I know!) and I’ve taken it to the machine to sew on a little every day. I just have the sleeves to put in and the finishing and it will be done. One thing about sewing — it goes a lot faster than some of these other kinds of handwork.

I haven’t counted the projects that are out in my little shop out back. But just from memory, I don’t think there’s that many. Some of them are multiples for the craft show as well.

So compared to what I had before I began writing my blog in ’07, the list is looking better. I’m beginning to see the bottom of my UFO box. Of course this isn’t counting the new projects I’ve started since then; but I’ve been a good girl for the most part and most of them have been finished.

Now the wanna-be projects that are in bags scattered all over the house is a horse of a different color! Oh, I don’t even want to go there!

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