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Granny Square Tote

June 16, 2012

This is the crocheted tote that’s been sitting on our kitchen table for several weeks while I was obsessed with the knitting. Occasionally when walking by the table, I would sit down and sew a couple of the motifs together. But it still needed several seams to have it all together. So yesterday was the day that I needed to finish it up and get it off the table.

It turned out really cute, IMHO. I love all the bright colors. I lined it with an orange color fabric so it’s nice and bright inside. It’s a fun tote and I love the way it turned out.

My original idea with all the purses and bags that I’ve been making, is to have them ready to sell in the craft booth that I’ll have at the Ozark’s Craft Fair this fall. The problem with that is, I really like bags and the ones I’m making are just turning out too cute to part with.

So what to do? I really can’t keep them all — or can I??

Look What I Finished!

June 15, 2012

That’s right! My second quilt is done! Here’s the corner that I mitered. I think I did a pretty good job of it. Anyway I’m proud of it.

This Sat. officially starts another vacation for me. However, with my three days off this week, I’ll have another ten days off. Sooooo, since my last vacation started out messed up, I’m going to try again with the “finish a UFO each day of my ten days off” scenario.

Wed. was chore day and I didn’t get much crafting done. OK, that’s just an excuse! Since I knitted off and on all day between chores, I really could have finished something if I was really trying.

But yesterday I thought since I’d already messed up the first day, why not just work on stuff and forget the 10-day project. While talking with Hubby on a break, I mentioned that I really need to finish that quilt and get it off the back of my sewing chair where it’s been sitting since I brought it home from my friend Carolyn’s house after quilting it. He didn’t say anything, (bless his heart) but my conscience was making me think that he was thinking, “Then why don’t you do it!”

I think I have a phobia about cutting material. You know, once it’s cut, that’s it! And I seem to have a bad habit of cutting the material wrong — yes, even though I “check it twice”!

But I grabbed the cutting board, the material, the rotary cutter, and the ruler and went at it. Yes, I cut the first part wrong, but just a little. It was salvageable. And I also forgot what size to cut the binding strips, but luckily I had written down what Carolyn told me and actually remembered where I wrote it down.

I pressed the strips and started sewing them on the quilt edge. The strips were starting to pull out of shape. That’s when I realized that I forgot to use my even feed foot. So I had to stop and change the feet and the sewing went soooo much easier after that. No time at all I had the binding on.

Then it was the fun part for me. Turning the binding to the back and hand-whipping it in place. It took the rest of the evening, but I got it done! Now Hubby and I can enjoy using our quilt — this winter.

A project that I thought would take several days to finish was done in one day! Hey, if I can finish that quilt in one day, why couldn’t I finish some of these other projects. So the 10-day scenario is back on! I still have to complete two in one day to make up for Wed., but yes, I know I can do that!

Hopefully, there will be a blog-a-day to record my progress.

Grandsons and Silver Dollar City!

June 14, 2012

Hubby and I got season passes to Silver Dollar City this year. We decided to do this because it’s been a long time since we’ve gone to SDC together. Daughter C. and I got passes several years ago so I’ve been a few times recently.

When we got our passes, we were given some “guest” passes to use to bring a guest apiece two different times during the season. However, the passes were to be used during a certain week only. The first week was during the first part of May and the second, the first week of June.

We didn’t think the four older grandsons had been to SDC for a while and that they might enjoy a visit, so we asked them if they would like to go with us. They seemed to be excited about it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take all of them at the same time. Since the two younger of the four were still in school, we took the two older ones first during the week in May.

We got them in and then they were on their own. There are LOTS of rides and amusements for two young men to entertain themselves. Hubby and I would find our own amusements. First we got some breakfast.

Then we walked around so Hubby could see the changes that have taken place over the years. We saw some pretty flowers,

Some of the amusement rides,

Some old standbys that have been there since Year 1, I think,

and we HAD to make a trip through Grandfather’s Mansion!

I bought a couple of souvenirs — a doll kit and little basket,

Since the boys went off to do their own thing, I didn’t get any pics of them. However, they said that they rode almost all of the rides and had a lot of fun.

In June when the other boys were out of school, we made another trip to SDC to take them. It was a beautiful day both times by the way — not too hot and not too cold. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.

I don’t know who the lady in the background is, but it looks like she leaned over so she could get into the picture of perfect strangers.

As soon as we got there, Grandson #3 had to call my cell phone to make sure he had the right number — just in case.

We did the same with them. Just turned them loose to do what they wanted because there were lots for them to do.

Hubby and I decided to go through the cave this time. This is a HUGE cave! It took an hour to go through. There are LOTS of steps first to go down, then to come back up to exit the cave. The tour guide said that we would be going down and up 700 steps! They warn people that if they have any medical or mobility problems not to go on the tour. It’s a strenuous tour.

We’ve gone on this tour several times in our lifetimes, but that’s been a long time ago. BAD IDEA! It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re getting older as you get older. But when you do something when you’re older that you haven’t done since you were younger, it’s time to admit that you’re getting older. We were wondering if we were going to make it through. But turning back wasn’t an option, so we struggled onward.

We were sooooo glad to finally get out of that cave! Needless to say, we didn’t enjoy the tour that much. But I think they need to sell T-shirts that say something like “I survived the tour through Marvel Cave”. I would have bought ourselves one!

After we got back to civilization, we rested while we had some lemonade slushes and watched a music show in the gazebo. We walked around some, but neither one of us had much energy after that cave. We decided to watch the Saloon show. It’s been a while for that as well.

We were some of the last ones to enter the saloon and all the seats were pretty much taken. But there was a table and two chairs right in front of the stage. I can see why they were the last to be taken — we had to literally look straight up to see the show.

The little band was great!

and the entertainment was cute and funny!

We got something to eat after the show and it was pretty much time to go by then. The day really went fast. Of course we spent a lot of time waiting to go into the cave, and again for the saloon show.

The boys said that they had a great time, rode a lot of the rides, and even went through the cave as well. Gee, it must be nice to be young and have lots of energy!

Our “Petless” Pet

June 11, 2012

From year to year, we’ve had a family of bunnies live in our yard, under the deck or my little shop out back. We’ve enjoyed watching the little ones grow up and move on while we sit in our swing out back enjoying the day. They’re antics are fun to watch.

Some years we’ve had as many as four little bunnies rollicking in the grass and eating the dandelions at the same time. If we sit very still in the swing, they’ve come up so close to us that we could reach down and pet them. Gosh, they sure are cute enough to pet.

But, alas, they wouldn’t allow us to do that. They don’t know that we wouldn’t hurt them. And that’s the way it should be.

For the last several years, we’ve been bunny-free. Haven’t seen hide nor “hare” of them. But one day a while back, we were sitting in the sunroom having our coffee and tea, and lo and behold, there was a little bunny that would fit in the palm of our hand under the window eating his heart out in the grass. Sooooo cute! And he had a little white dot right in the middle of his forehead.

Needless to say, we’ve been excitedly watching him every day. He did something we haven’t seen any of the other bunnies do before. Every day for several weeks, he would sit in the same place in the yard for hours!

He did this every day for quite a while. How unusual. He even wore the grass down in that spot!

Hubby would go out to water the flowers, re-fill the bird bath, or take care of something else outside. He would walk around that area where the little bunny sit in the grass so as not to frighten him. The little bunny would just sit there and watch him walk around. Hubby even got to where he would leave “Bun” fresh spinach and lettuce, (which he must have eaten because it would be gone the next day.)

We haven’t seen little “Bun” for about a week now. BUT, yesterday when I got home from work, Hubby had to tell me about another little bunny he saw out by the fence that afternoon. Then this morning while we were sitting in the sunroom again, we saw the “Momma” running up and down the fence row.

So we’re getting our share of pets again this year. Sure wish we could pet them!

Change Is Good?

June 2, 2012

May is an exciting month for me. Anxiously I await the premium information from the Ozark Empire Fair. This information tells me all about entering my crafts into the Fair –the rules, categories, etc. A couple of weeks ago, the information was finally available on the web. I was soooo excited! Whoa, the rules have changed a lot!

Yes, the officials with the Fair have changed some major rules. First of all, they’re charging more for entry fees. So instead of paying a maximum of $15 to enter as many items as you want, this year the fee is $2 for each item, which would be $50 to $60 if I enter my usual items of 25 or 30. That’s quite a jump for me.

The second major change is the elimination/combination of a lot of the classes. For example in the crochet category, there used to be three classes — adult garment, child’s/babies garment and fashion accessory. I won in two crochet classes last year. But this year there’s only one category titled, “Any garment or fashion accessory”. This would include any clothing from babies to adults — sweaters, hats, socks, jewelry, booties, slippers, etc. So I will only be allowed to enter one item in crochet.

I’m having a hard time wrapping this idea around my head. So they will judge a crocheted necklace or baby booties in the same category as a woman’s sweater? If both items are crocheted perfectly, then what determines which one wins? I believe that “difficulty of project” is one of the factors. So . . . . you see what I mean? What’s the point of putting a smaller item in the competition when you know that it will be judged along with a much more difficult-to-make item?

Again, the pies for example, have been reduced from nine categories to three. (This means that a person will only be able to win three ribbons, at the most, in the pie category.) The apple pies (which was one of the most popular classes) will be judged along with the peach, raisin, cherry, or any other fruit pie. All the berry pies will be judged together — blackberry, raspberry, blueberry (another popular one), gooseberry, etc.

I have to give them credit for adding two new pie categories, however. They are “healthy fruit pie” and “Any other healthy pie”. I guess I’m living in a cave, but I didn’t think a pie could be made that would be “healthy”! Unless the few calories you save by using a sugar substitute instead of real sugar is considered “healthy”. But I’ll keep an open mind. This class will be interesting to keep an eye on — who knows, I might learn something.

I’ve also noticed that they’ve completely eliminated the “Grandparent’s Cookie Contest” and the “Chocolate Sundae Contest”, two of my favorite classes! (Sad face!) And all senior citizens now have to compete with everyone else because the “Senior Citizens” category has been eliminated as well, (except in the Hobby Crafts).

So, with a lot of the classes being combined or eliminated, it will be more difficult to win a prize. It’s true that the prize you win would mean more because it will have been judged against many more and different items. But it won’t be as exciting, to me anyway, to have my items judged with many other items. Because I enjoy seeing my items with like items and comparing notes on how this other person made theirs, the colors they used, any extras they added, etc. Especially if their item won over mine. (To me, this is a form of constructive criticism.)

Yes, I realize that everything is costing more and more and the Fair officials need to make/save more money. Other Fairs are already charging more than our Fair, so we should be thankful it isn’t more, I suppose. So what’s the answer?

The answer for me is that I’ll be more selective in the items I enter into the Fair this year. If I have an “if-y”, then it will stay home. Only the better items (IMHO) will be taken for competition. And no more 25 or 30 items either. This old lady (who couldn’t enter items in the Senior Citizens Classes even if I wanted to) can’t afford this new change in fees. I’m about the enter the life of “fixed income.”

Maybe this is one of the goals that the Fair is striving for — less quantity and more quality. Well, they’ll certainly get less from me. I wonder how many others this new change will impact?