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Who You Gonna Call?

August 9, 2012

Hubby sprays for bugs a couple of times a year and has a gallon jug that he fills with the poison after he dilutes it with water. He sprays everywhere — around the foundations of all the buildings, the fence line, (neighbors have dogs), the bushes, the trees, etc. Once a year or so, he even sprays around the floor of the garage and the inside of the lean-to where I store a lot of junk supplies for my crafting.

He has to stop and refill his container about four times in order to spray the whole area. That’s good because we hardly ever see any kind of bug. I don’t like bugs — especially when they’re in our house!!

Wish we could get rid of the spiders as well. Another benefit of ridding our area of the bugs, however, is cutting down on the spider population. When there are no bugs, the spiders go somewhere else because they don’t have food!

Anyway, I digress. A few weeks ago, Hubby got a new “toy” from Harbor Freight.

It’s a four gallon container! He just straps it on his back and away he goes. No more stopping to re-fill the gallon container four times. Of course he had to try it out as soon as possible. (It was about time for him to spray again anyway.)

Go away little bugs and spiders. We don’t want you.

It’s In the Bag!

August 8, 2012

The last day of the Fair was Sat. It was also the day of the last contest I was going to be in — the “It’s in the Bag” contest. There’s two classes in this category — handmade bag and decorate a purchased bag. Of course being a bag lover, I entered both classes.

My vacation was over and I had to go back to work Sat. But as luck had it, I worked days that day and the contest was at 5:00 which is the time I was supposed to get off. So I asked management if I could get off an hour early, which was no problem.

This contest was a little disappointing as far as contributors were concerned. The volunteers told us that there were more sign-ups that hadn’t shown up by judging time, so asked if we all would wait a little while longer. We waited about fifteen more min. but no one else showed up, so they had the contest.

The first contest was for the adult hand-made bag. There were only two entries, my knitted sack bag and a bag made from a pair of jeans. The jeans bag had the legs cut off and was sewed together at the bottom. She made another smaller bag to carry on the inside for an accessory bag. The straps were real belts. This lady got first place.

That left my bag to get the second place. I had lined the bag with muslin and even sewed a little pocket on the liner. The judge said that she really liked it. Everyone had lots of comments on it as well.

The youth hand-made bag was next. There were only two entries in it as well. I wish I had taken pics because I can’t remember what the first place bag looked like. But the second place was a huge bag sewed together almost in a circle with a long handle out of the same material. The judge made a comment that it would hold a lot from the Farmer’s Market!

The adult class was next for the decorated purchased bag. Unfortunately my entry was the only entry. The judge commented, however, that my bag deserved the 1st place because she really liked the way it was decorated.

See the little crocheted clouds? Remember when I tried to draw clouds? I figured that I shouldn’t draw clouds and I came up with this idea.

I guess I can crochet better than I can draw. I think they turned out kind of cute!

Then I decided to add a little more three-dimension with the little yo-yo flowers and button centers.

The youth class for decorated bag was next. There were only two entries in this class as well. (Two must have been the magic number!) Actually they weren’t bags at all, they were baskets! The judge seemed to think that was ok because she judged them. (I think it was because it was the youth contest and being that they were the only entries anyway.)

The baskets were really cute. They were done by a sister and brother. The sister won the blue ribbon with a basket lined with strawberry fabric and then she crocheted little strawberries that hung from the handles. VERY cute! I think they said that she was eleven. The brother won second with his lined basket which was very well done considering that he was only seven years old.

Everyone thought that all the entries were very imaginative and we had quite the comments on all of them. Even though there wasn’t a big turn-out for the event, the people who were there had a good time, I believe. I know I did!

The Color Green

August 7, 2012

Last Thurs. at the Fair was The Color Green contest. It was well represented because there were many entries in both the youth class and the adult class. The judge decided to split the youths into two different categories — under ten years old and eleven to 18 years old. I’m really glad he did that because the differences in their ages certainly made it more difficult to judge fairly, I’m sure. Because of this, all the kids got a ribbon even if they just got an honorable mention.

The adult class was judged after the youth classes. People’s imaginations and talents never cease to amaze me! Just look at these entries! The three-piece pottery bowl set got 1st place.

My quilt got 2nd place!

Everybody had a fit over it and complimented me on it.

One of the volunteers is a quilter and she looked it over pretty good. She said that for only being my second quilt, I did a really good job. She asked quite a few questions about it — what batting I used, did I wash my fabric beforehand, did I quilt it myself, etc. It was fun to talk to her about it. Of course I told her that this was my first attempt at quilting it. I mentioned how I used my friend Carolyn’s quilting machine and how she picked out a simple pattern and showed me how to do it. I told her the quilting part was a lot harder than my friend made it look! The lady just laughed. She probably could relate to that!

The last entry about the Fair will be tomorrow when I tell about the “It’s in the Bag” contest.

Bread News

August 2, 2012

Mon. was the Quick Bread class at the Fair. I’ve been entering quick breads in the Fair for so many years that I can’t remember when I started. (I’m sure I have it archived in my scrap books, however.) So of course, I had to take quick breads to the Fair.

In years past, the classes for quick breads numbered up to ten or more. This year, there were only three. Well, to be fair, the muffins and zucchini breads are in other Divisions. Biscuits was my only entry this year in the quick bread class. Muffins are really fun to make because there’s soooo many different kinds, so I entered the Muffin Division as well.

The only problem with entering in two different Divisions was the time factor. They were spaced two hours apart. So after the judging for my biscuits, I had to wait two hours before the judging of the muffins. In addition to the two-hour wait, I had to wait through the judging of the youth’s portion of the muffins. (It was so fun to see the kids win their ribbons, however! I thought one little girl was going to wind up on the floor, she was jumping up and down in her chair so hard!)

The whole afternoon was a big waiting game. I had to turn my entries in by 3 pm, and it was going on 7 pm by the time I got back home! (In fact, it was a long day all together because I burned my first batch of muffins, so had to make another batch. It’s a good thing they had the contest later in the day than they used to. There have been years that I’ve burned my entries but had to take them anyway because I didn’t have time to make a second batch.)

BUT, it was worth the wait! I got a third place on both entries!

This will be all the baking I do this year. They did away with the Grandparent’s Cookie, the Cooking with Coffee, and the Chocolate Sunday contests. I really enjoyed these contests.

While I was walking around looking at all the exhibits to kill time between the judging, I got to talking with one of the volunteers who watches the exhibits. We were discussing how different things were this year. She told me that while the entries in years past have numbered around a thousand, this year there were only 300! At first I told her that I couldn’t believe it, but then I told her that really I could because I could tell that there wasn’t as many this year. In fact, it looked almost pathetic. She was afraid that we may not even have a Fair next year!

She encouraged me to fill out one of the comment sheets that are located at every volunteer’s tables. (In fact, even the judges were encouraging everyone to fill out the comment sheets!) I re-assured her that I was definitely going to do just that!

Ribbons, ribbons, and ribbons

August 1, 2012

If you’ve read my previous blog, then you’ll know that I went to the Fair on Sat. for the pie contest. Well, this blog is a continuation of that entry. (I got a little carried away with my venting about the pies, so decided to just write another entry.)

My dear friend Carolyn went with me to the Fair on Sat. She had entered one of her quilts and heard that she got a ribbon on it and was wanting to go see it. Since I was going for the pie competition anyway, I invited her to go with me.

We immediately took off to look at everything as soon as I turned my pie in. When we came to her quilt, we discovered that she not only got a ribbon on it, it was a first place ribbon! AND she got a second ribbon on it — a Champion! AND a third ribbon — A Sponsor’s Award! Wow!

Well she certainly deserves it! That’s awesome! Congratulations, Carolyn!

We walked around and found all of my entries. My little gingerbread man Christmas ornament got a third place,

my sweater got a second place,

my granny square tote, a third,

the lavender baby afghan for CMN got a second place,

Grandma’s cookie jar, a second,

and the little Christmas ornament, a first! (It’s hanging on the little tree second from the top)

It was fun to walk around and look at all the entries, but we noticed that there didn’t seem to be as many items this year. (Gee, I wonder why?)

It was a little confusing as well. The building that houses all the entries for competition is divided up into two wings, the west wing and the east wing. The east wind used to be for the competitions and the west wing held commercial exhibits. This year, however, they’ve mixed everything up. Some of everything is scattered throughout both wings. I’m not sure why they did this unless it’s to give the commercial exhibits move exposure to more of the fair-goers.

For whatever reason they had, we didn’t like it because we had to walk all over the place just to see everything. It’s a big building! And I found out later that they stuck the Fine Arts exhibits into another room that we missed all together! I feel sorry for the exhibitors who have their items in that room. A lot of people are missing seeing them, I bet.

Sometimes change is not a good thing!