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Birthday News

September 21, 2012

Yesterday was my 66th birthday. Yes, retirement age! This was one birthday I was actually looking forward to just because of the retirement thing.

My sis came over the day before and brought me a gift for my birthday and stayed a while for a nice visit.

We talked about the craft show that we’ll be in next month.

It was a beautiful day yesterday. We ate our breakfast on the patio with a little fire going in the outdoor stove. It was very relaxing and the smell of the fire burning reminded me of the coming of Fall and the cooler weather. Love these days!

I decided that this was going to be a day of fun. No housework. Just fun things. So after a few hours of lounging around the house, knitting, looking at some of my magazines, playing on the internet (where I got a lot of well-wishes for my birthday on Facebook), and messing around in the sewing room, Hubby and I took off to go to lunch. It was really more of a lunch/supper because we didn’t eat until about 3:30 or so. But we had the restaurant to ourselves and it was so quiet and peaceful.

Afterward, we took off to do a little craft-shop hopping. I had coupons to three of the major craft stores in town. It was fun to shop and look and use the coupons. I picked up a few things I’ve been needing to get and saved money on them as well. I love saving money! And since it was my birthday, I picked up something that I’ve been wanting for a while — a shawl pick.

It’s kind of plain, but pretty I think. It’s made of wood — not sure what kind and the package didn’t say. Anyway, I like it and it’ll be handy when I wear my shawls.

Hubby was a trooper to stick it out. However he chose to stay in the car after the first store and enjoy the day with the windows down instead of following me around the craft store looking at all the pretties. (Hmmmm, I can’t understand that!) I don’t usually take off too often just to go shopping but I cut it a little short just because I didn’t want to push my luck too far!

When we got home and brought in the mail, I had two birthday cards! One was from number 2 daughter and the other from my dear friend Barb. The evening was just as relaxing as the rest of the day. Hubby watched his shows and I knitted. It was a nice day.

Fun Lunch!

September 13, 2012

Yesterday was the day that I meet my friend Carolyn for lunch once a month. We like to bring our show and tells — makes lunch even more fun.

The only thing I had to take was the new scarf I’m working on out of Red Heart’s new line of yarn called “Team Spirit”. Nothing really exciting. All of my other projects are shown on this blog which she reads, so she’s already “seen” them.

But Carolyn had a couple of new quilts to show. She made a quilt for her daughter’s friend’s new baby girl.

Isn’t that adorable?! And the backing fabric has little bugs and insects all over it. The lady will love it!

The other quilt is for a daughter who lives in a log cabin. It has the log cabin blocks around the main scene.

The main scene with the angels is appliqued which Carolyn says she doesn’t enjoy doing that much, and that’s too bad. ‘Cause she sure does excellent work with it. She doesn’t have this one quilted yet. She’s still thinking about how to quilt it. Isn’t that beautiful!

She also brought birthday/retirement gifts for me! I’ve been so consumed thinking about my retirement that I actually forgot about my upcoming birthday next week.

She gave me a quilted bag that she made herself and it was full of goodies! The bag is perfect for me. I LOVE bags, big bags, and especially if it’s hand-made. I love the color — she has a great eye for color, doesn’t she? And it has hearts on it!! Love hearts! (Eat your heart out, C.)

A couple of books,

She’s been helping me to get into quilting for quite a while now. So the quilting book is perfect for me. I’ve already looked through it and it seems sooooo informative and even has some projects I’d like to try as well. I think I’m really going to use this book.

The other little book, titled “Joy and Peace” by Oswald Chambers, is full of inspirational quotes to help me through each day. She wrote the cutest thing in the front of the book: “Wishing you a “joyous” and “peaceful” retirement!” How sweet is that!

The little card that she also made, on the computer, says on the inside, “Life is like a hot bath. It feels good while you’re in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled you get”. How funny! (But true!)

And one more little gift — a pair of scissors with a cat on them. (My sewing room is decorated with cats and mice.) I’ve never seen anything like this. I LOVE my new little scissors! (Hope you can see the little cat.)

Well, what can I say — I was over-whelmed! What a wonderful and generous friend! We had such a fun lunch!

Hubby’s New Toy

September 12, 2012

Hubby has been trying to think of a hobby that he would enjoy at this time in of his life and he remembered that he’s always been interested in metal detectors from a very early age. But for some reason or another — no money, no time, etc. — he never got one. Well, now’s the time. So he called one of our favorite places to shop, Harbor Freight, and they had several different sizes of metal detectors.

A couple of weeks ago on my day off, we made a trek south to see what they had. He chose one that he thought he would like. Of course as soon as we were home, he got into it and started reading all about it. It has different settings for different kinds of metals, or a setting to pick up any kind of metal.

It gives out a little beep when you get it close to metal. He couldn’t hear it very well, so I bought him a little headset at W-M after work one evening. He hooked it up to the metal detector and it works like a charm. He can hear the beep a lot clearer now.

He’s pretty much inspected our whole back yard by now. The next step will be the parks, and who knows where else he’ll be drawn to.

Mon., (on my last vacation day!), when we were doing our running around, we stopped by Surplus City and he bought a little shovel just big enough to carry around to turn up a little ground to find his treasure.

It looks like he’s going to have fun with it.

Last Vacation Day!

September 11, 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be retiring from work in a couple of short weeks. Woo Hoo! When I checked my vacation/personal time status last week, I discovered that I still had eight hours of vacation time available! If I don’t take it before my hire date, which is Sept. 26th, then I lose it.

So talking with my manager about this, she worked another vacation day in for me. Since our inventory is coming up at the end of this month, she wanted to take care of it as soon as possible because it’s not allowed for anyone to have time off during the last 30 days before inventory. (Wasn’t that nice of her!)

Consequently, I had a vacation day yesterday! It was a beautiful day! We started it out by having our breakfast outside on the patio. Hubby built a fire in the stove so we could watch it burn as we enjoyed our “picnic” breakfast. Fun!

I’ve mentioned before, (but haven’t gotten back to it), that I had several items just needing a little finessing to be finished. So while Hubby busied himself with other things, I went to the sewing room and finished all of these items — five of them!

The baby afghan that I finished crocheting right after the Fair last month and just needed to be blocked,

The little shoulder shrug that will be a Christmas gift just needed to be blocked and the button sewed on,

Isn’t that a pretty button? I got it at A New Yarn when they were going out of business.

A shawl in the feather and fan design finished a couple of weeks ago that just needed the ends woven in and blocked,

Another sweater just needed the last seam sewed and then blocked,

And another neck scarf for the sale,

I’ve been working on these bookmarks off and on for at least a year or so. When I would sit down in the sunroom, and not pick up knitting, I would make another one or two. There’s 14 of them now — enough to put in the craft sale. They still need a little starch and blocking.

Hubby has to check up on me while I’m in the sewing room. Sometimes I just get too quiet and he gets curious, 🙂

It was such a beautiful day, Hubby suggested going to the park again and taking some more popcorn to feed the ducks and geese. So I popped two pans of corn and off we went,

We love all the boulders that the park has all over the place,

After we left the park, we drove around just checking out places that brought back memories to us. We drove South and went to Surplus City, one of Hubby’s favorite places to shop. He found a little shovel that he’ll use when he “plays” with his newest “toy”. (Oh, I don’t think I blogged about that! His new toy will be the subject of my blog tomorrow.)

We stopped at Wendy’s, got some Frosty’s to go, came home, had supper while we watched a couple of episodes of one of our favorite series on Netflix, “Doc Martin”. Afterwards I went back to the sewing room to knit on another new scarf.

A good vacation day!

Sewing, Socks, and Such

September 7, 2012

My sewing for the month is fizzling out. The blue blouse is done — after a hassle. There are tons of buttons in my stash, including the big pickle jar of buttons that I inherited from my mom. But none of them would do for this blouse! They were too big, not the right color, or not enough of them, (the blouse takes five buttons.)

No problem. I’ll just pick up some at W-M when I go to work. Out of all the buttons W-M has, nope, not gonna work. So I run to Hancock’s Fabrics the next day. They have two side counters of buttons. The very last section I searched through had the exact kind of buttons I was looking for. BUT, there were only four buttons on the card, and the blouse needed five. Of course.

Now you’re expecting me to say that they only had one card — just my luck, right? Wellll, they had just two cards! Wow, now that really was lucky. Now I’ll have to add three more buttons to my stash, but my blouse is finished!

A few blogs ago, I think I mentioned making some socks for a friend at work. She gave me the yarn for them before the Fair in Aug. I told her then that it would be a while before I could get to them. I’ve been working on them a little here and there. So after the blouse was finished, I decided to get the socks done so I could concentrate on this craft booth, etc.

The socks turned out really nice. She gave me bulky yarn to work with so I had to adjust the needles to make the gauge come out right. The yarn was 70% wool, and the socks turned out really soft and thick, and I’m sure they’ll be warm. Perfect for house socks. And the color was gorgeous!

Maybe this winter when my feet are constantly cold, I’ll run and get some of this yarn to make myself some socks!

This sweater has been laying on my work table for several weeks just needing to be sewed together. There are several other projects just needing a little work to be finished as well. So that’s what the next agenda was — to get these projects finished and out of the sewing room.

Finished the sweater and I think it turned out very nice! It fits perfectly.

This sweater, btw, was started in Jan. of ’07. I couldn’t believe it had been that long ago. Just goes to show me how time really flies! Anyway, this is the first sweater that I had started after many years of not making any sweaters. Here’s the blog entry from ’07 explaining that:

I haven’t made a sweater (for anyone) in a looooong time. I used to make a couple of sweaters every year for many years. I finally had to give some away because I didn’t have room for all of them. I love making sweaters and I don’t know why I got away from it. I guess I was getting into a lot of other things and put the sweater-making on the back burner.

It’s so odd that this is the last sweater that I’ve finally finished that was in my UFO pile after many sweaters that I’ve started and finished since. Oh wait, there’s one more sweater that I started a few months ago that is still waiting to be sewed together. (But I still think that’s odd.)

Today’s my last “weekend” day from work, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to finish these other several projects that just need a little more finessing. More pics tomorrow.