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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2012

Halloween is a fun time of the year for me. I’ve enjoyed this time of year ever since I can remember way back to my young school years. Of course we didn’t have “authentic” costumes or game and cartoon-character costumes to buy or make. We had to make do with over-sized adult clothes, sheets, or whatever we could find around the house as well as a little cloth mask that we used from year to year. The little mouth hole would get more raggety every year it was used that soon we didn’t have much of a “mask” left.

We would be thrilled to get to wear our costumes to school for the day. We also were allowed, guided by teachers of course, to have a parade around the block the school was on and wave to the people in the houses as we marched past. We had great parties at school with all kinds of treats — popcorn balls, apples, juice, homemade cupcakes, and of course candy.

Then the evening of Halloween, my brother, sis, and I would be allowed to go “trick or treating” around the neighborhood. Brother was older and was supposed to “keep an eye out for your sisters especially when they cross the street”, but as soon as we were out of Mom’s sight, he and our neighbor’s boy would take off and we didn’t see them the rest of the evening. But Sis and I managed to get around to all the houses on our own and return home safe and sound. I don’t ever remembering being afraid of being by ourselves. Of course there were a lot of other kids out as well. And a lot of the neighbors would just sit outside of their houses with their buckets of candy waiting for the next bunch of goblins to come by. Times were a lot simpler back “in the olden days”.

After we got back to the house with our “loot”, we would sit in the floor and separate all the goodies — some to eat now, the little candy bars to savor later, and the popcorn balls and apples that we gave to Mom. One year someone gave us a full-sized candy bar. We thought we had hit the jackpot!

When our kids were growing up, I made a lot of their costumes. It was a challenge sometimes after they told me what they wanted to be. But it was a fun challenge. From a Raggety Ann to hobo’s, witches, mummies, and super heroes, I always managed to please my little pretties.

We don’t have any little children in the family that live close enough to be involved with all the fun of Halloween with us anymore. But I still like to decorate some and be ready with the treats for the ones in the neighborhood.

Here’s a wreath I made a few years ago,

and a couple of yard stakes I painted as well.

We have a couple of ghosts on our front door, a pumpkin that lights up in the window, and this year some ghosts and pumpkins hanging from the trees.

I have a lot more decorations, but not the energy or motivation to put them out. It’s not like it used to be when we would have grandchildren coming by to “trick or treat” for Grandma and Grandpa or have the parties I used to do for them.

My friend Barb gave me a little crocheted pumpkin when we exchanged birthday gifts this year, so I included it in a centerpiece for the table. It just fits right in, don’t you think?

Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!

A Trip to SDC

October 29, 2012

Hubby and I bought season passes to Silver Dollar City this year. We’ve already made a few trips with different members of the family. But last week we decided to go again by ourselves.

The Craft Festival is still going on and will be over soon. This, for me of course, is one of the special times during the year that I enjoy going to Silver Dollar City. Fall, crafts, and a trip to Silver Dollar City all rolled into one is one of my favorite things.

Hubby doesn’t care about the crafts so much but he enjoys being with me. That’s one of his favorite things. 🙂

We got to the City early enough to have breakfast in Miss Molly’s Mill Restaurant. All we could eat of four different kinds of meat, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, fried potatoes, and several different kinds of fruit. Hmmmmm, good!

Then we walked around looking at all the crafts. Booths were everywhere! I ran into my nephew’s wife and daughter. They had been invited by the City to add their booth to the festivities. They make all kinds and sizes of journals with decorative leather covers. Very pretty items! We walked up and down and all over the place.

The weather was pretty nice when we arrived. It was supposed to turn colder and maybe rain later in the day and we knew that. But guess where we left the umbrellas? Yep, in the car! We were walking up one of the biggest hills in the City, after being there for several hours and running out of new booths to see, when the wind picked up and blew the leaves up so high the area in front of us looked like a wall of leaves. Weird!

Hubby says, “Well, have you seen enough?” I said, “Let’s go.” By the time we caught the tram and reached our car, it was starting to rain and get pretty cold! Hubby was in a short-sleeve shirt. I could tell he was getting cold. In spite of having a long sleeve sweatshirt on, I was getting pretty cold as well. That’s how fast the weather changed on us!

It was a little stressful driving in the rain all the way home. We were glad to finally pull into the drive-way. We enjoyed our trip but it was nice to be back home.

A Yearly Visit

October 26, 2012

I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs about my dear friend, Barb, who lives quite a distance from me. We met when we were living as neighbors in our first homes shortly after we both got married. There’s only two weeks difference in our ages and our children are all about the same age as well. We’ve been friends all these years because we are so very much alike. Even with the many moves that we’ve both been through, we’ve kept in touch with each other.

For the last several years, we’ve been driving the half-way distance to meet each other for our yearly “birthday” lunch. It’s a fun day full of “catching up”, reminiscing, exchanging birthday gifts,

and lunch of course.

After lunch we usually find a thrift shop or antique store to browse through. We both love a good bargain! The thrift shop that we’ve gone to in past years was closed this year,

so we found another one just a few doors away from that one.

We also found the “newer” thrift shop that, last year, was in the process of getting established but wasn’t open yet. It’s a nice big place just full of bargains! Yes, we both came home with a lot of stuff we just couldn’t live without!

Have I mentioned before that we LOVE bargains? It was a fun day!

October equals Crafts — Part 2

October 24, 2012

Even though I usually enjoy being in craft shows to sell my crafts, I enjoy going to craft shows to be a customer much more. People’s talents blow my mind!

The week-end before Sis and I had our booth in Ozark, Son and Family were here for a visit. That same weekend was the first of many craft shows in this area that pop up in the Fall. My DIL run up north with me to catch a little of it before they left to return home.

The week-end after our sale in Ozark was another one in Mt. Vernon. Sis went with me for that one. It was a nice day, but a little on the chilly side — which is the way I love the weather to be for a craft sale. It just says “Fall”.

And the week-end after that was the biggy — ARKANSAS! Three days in AR with crafts going on everywhere! It’s one of the most anticipated times of the year for me. Unfortunately, situations didn’t work out for anyone to go with me this year. But being the die-hard crafter I am, I made the trip by myself.

Of course it would have been more fun to have someone with me to share our “oohs and aahs”, but I still had a pretty fun time. I was on the go most of the day and evenings trying to visit as many places as this old body would allow. Then get back to the motel early enough to visit with Hubby on Skype before hitting the sack and doing it all over again the next day.

My first stop on the first day was Wishing Well Gallery. It’s a consignment shop with three floors of crafts made by the area crafters. The only thing I bought there was a yarn bowl. Isn’t it pretty?

Next stop was Spanker Creek. This is probably the smallest of the shows, but it’s growing every year. There were more tents and vendors this year than in years past. Soon it will be as big as Applegate used to be.

When Applegate moved their show to Mulberry Mountain from Bentonville several years ago, some of the craft vendors chose to open their booths in Spanker Creek. Mainly because Mulberry Mountain was so far away from everything else and yes, up in the mountains — literally! Daughter C. and I went when they opened the first year. We traveled forever until we were up in the clouds (yes, REALLY!) By the time we got there, had to pay to get in, (none of the other craft shows charge admittance), and looked at the few vendors that were there, we decided it wasn’t worth the trip — haven’t been back since.

After going through Spanker Creek, I checked into the motel which was in Rogers this year.

Looks impressive, right? Well, what you see is what you get. It’s a very small motel even though the picture makes it look like it covers an entire block. Yes, it has three floors, but there’s no more motel behind this front. It was kind of funny, IMO. The room I had was nice, but small.

The mirror across the entire wall made it look like the room was twice as big as it actually was.

The motel was set back from the main street and I wouldn’t have known it was there if it hadn’t been for the small sign on the street. Unfortunately the sign was posted at a drive-way for a restaurant and it didn’t go all the way to the back where the motel was sitting. So I had to get back on the street and take the next drive-way which took me into another motel next to the one I wanted. This time the drive-way went back to my motel. It was a hassle to say the least, but once I knew how to get to it, I didn’t have any problems after that.

The next day was War Eagle! People, people everywhere! Where do they all come from? It was a nice day, very windy, but sunny. I honestly didn’t think I would be there the whole day, but I didn’t leave until just before 5:00 when they closed up for the day. So many crafts, so little time. Sorry, not too many pictures this year. I tried to take some of myself, but it was my first time to hold the camera and snap a pic.

The Frisco Mall was my next stop after getting back into town.

It’s a small craft show, but they have some very interesting crafters. I talked to a young man who was selling his very unique paintings and sculptures. He loves the paranormal and Halloween. He had a 3-D painting/sculpture of a “creature” that blew my mind! And I don’t even like that sort of thing. But I certainly was in awe of his talent! We talked quite a while and he practically told me his life history, (he was maybe mid to late 20’s.) He was very interesting and I’m glad I talked with him. I wish I could have taken some pictures of his work, however.

The last day was spent at Bella Vista.

This is my favorite craft festival of all. They only allow real crafters — no commercial vendors — into their show. All the crafts you see here will be American made! Again, this show is growing bigger every year. It used to be that we could get through all the tents with time to spare. Not any more. In fact, I had to hurry to run through all of them before it was time to start home.

The weather was nice. Cold and windy, very windy, but sunny most of the time. I didn’t spend as much money as I have in the past, but I bought more gifts this time. Usually I’ll put a pic on here of all the crafts I bought, but not this time. (People that may get some of these crafts read my blog as well!) Here are a couple of things I bought for myself however,

A little lamb knitting. She lost one of his needles, but I can fix that.

And a tatted ornament with beads. My aunt taught me to tat, but as far as I know, she never put beads in any of her work and neither have I. This is soooo pretty.

People’s talents just overwhelm me! I actually came home feeling a little inadequate. But I’ll go to my sewing room now and craft until that feeling goes away. 🙂

October Equals Crafts, Part 1

October 23, 2012

The first weekend in Oct. was the Ozark Craft Festival. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my sis and I would have a booth to sell crafts this year. It was quite an experience!

The day we were to set up was a beautiful day. Sunny and in the 70’s. We had all day to set up our booth, so we just relaxed and took our time. The booth was going to be outside under the eave of the “barn”. It’s really more like a pavilion because it doesn’t have sides — just a roof, but it’s called the “barn”. The roof came out far enough that our booth would be completely covered. But of course we wouldn’t have sides or a front.

It took us several hours, but we got our little booth looking pretty good.

We used some screens that Hubby had made for me several years ago to use in past shows as “sides” for our booth. Then we hung a tarp from the top of the eave to bring down at night. We had been watching the weather and we knew that we were in for some rain and it was going to turn colder. So we wanted to be as prepared as we could. By the time we left, it was getting very hot and humid. But we had put our little booth to bed.

That night we heard it raining and blowing. The next day was rainy all day. It wasn’t a hard rain, but just enough to keep things wet. The wind blew as well, so we were cold, cold, cold! It was a long first day and not so much fun.

The next day was cloudy, no rain, but it was still cold! We had a little more traffic that day and sold a few more crafts, but it was still not so much a fun day!

The last day of the craft festival was sunny and beautiful! It was still cold but with the sun shining, it was more bearable. Our booth was located on the side of the barn away from the rest of the crafts and craft booths. So a lot of people didn’t know we were even there. We didn’t get nearly as much traffic as most of the other booths.

As I’ve mentioned before, it was quite an experience — not as much fun as I thought it would be. If I ever lose my senses again and sign up for another craft booth at Ozark, it will NOT be on the outside away from the other traffic. The weather can’t be controlled but where I have a booth, in a better location, can be.