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Fun Day With Sis

November 29, 2012

My Sis and I was on one of our many shopping trips many years ago when we came across some Christmas clearance items at one of the hobby stores we like to frequent. Being that we both get a kick out of saving money as well as anything related to crafts, we both bought a little Christmas kit. The kit makes a stacking nutcracker out of three different-sized boxes.

You have to understand that we bought these kits many years ago — like at least 20 years ago. And it may have been even longer ago than that. Yes, I’m serious!

So when we were together one day recently, my sis asked me if I remembered buying these little kits and did I still have mine. She had been re-organizing her sewing room and came across her kit while going through all of her “stuff”. Since Christmas is coming, she thought this would be a good time to put them together.

Believe it or not, (I’m sure you will), I still had mine and I even knew where it was! (What surprised ME was the fact that Sis still had hers! (Unlike me, Sis is not one to hang on to things.) So she asked me to come to her house and we would put them together.

Here’s Sis working on hers, and mine partially finished.

You wouldn’t believe how long it took us to get these little nutcrackers done! Of course, I have to admit, we did a lot of talking, drinking tea, and eating a muffin in between working. But after my four hour visit, they were finished.

The one on the right is mine. I got his nose a little crooked. And when I put his “hat” on, it covered up his eyebrows. So I removed the eyes and eyebrows to move them down and one of the eyebrows tore beyond re-use. The nose was stuck and was not going to come off. The kit didn’t come with any extras but I was sure I could find something at home to make a new eyebrow.

After I took a pic of them while still at Sis’s, I commented to her how mine looked drunk. We had a nice laugh out of it. When I got home and showed him to Hubby, the first thing he said was that the little guy looked drunk. I got another laugh out of it! Hmmmm, maybe I’ll just leave him that way!


November 20, 2012

November is one of the three months that most of our family have birthdays. December and March are the other two months. So in the last two months of the year, while getting ready for the holidays, we have a lot of birthdays to acknowledge as well.

It’s not as hard on this old momma/grandma as it used to be when our children, and then our grandchildren, were young. I’ve always been a big party animal when it came to special occasions. Birthdays were an excuse to have families get together for a good time. Usually the parties were at our house which meant cleaning extra good, decorating with balloons, etc., and baking a “special” cake. (I even took cake-decorating classes when my kids were young to specialize the cake just for the birthday child.) Oh, I miss those times.

But time marches on and most of the grandsons are too old for parties now. This year our Grandson #5 just got a gift card in the mail from us. He and his brother live in KC so Grandma and Grandpa don’t get to see them very much. They are the two youngest grandsons — nine, and soon, six. Their mom usually has a party for them and does a pretty good job of decorating a cake as well!

Daughter #1, her husband, and their oldest son have birthdays this month. Hubby and I took the whole family out to lunch to celebrate all of their birthdays together.

What handsome guys!!

The following week, Hubby and I made a trip to Jeff City to see Daughter #2 for her birthday. We took her family out to lunch as well.

I made her a cookie/cake, put candles on it and “made” her blow them out! 🙂

It might have been a mistake for me to give her the knife to cut her cookie/cake.

It was a beautiful day for a drive and a beautiful family to spend the day with,

We have three more birthdays plus my sis’ plus Christmas next month. To be continued. . . .


November 9, 2012

My sister-in-law brought me a beautiful crocheted tablecloth that her Aunt bought at a church fundraiser. It had some boo-boos. Four of them. At some point in time, something snagged/tore the crochet work and left some nasty holes in the thread-work.

Then someone tried to fix the holes but didn’t do a very good job. They just tried to sew all the loose ends together but some of the crochet work was gone and needed to be re-crocheted, (is that a word?), to look right. I guess the one repairing it didn’t know how to crochet.

My SIL knew that I crocheted and was hoping that I could fix it for her Aunt. I like challenges like that, so I told her I would do the best I could.

The holes that had been repaired were beginning to come apart again, so all of them had to be pulled out and then redone. Three of them weren’t too big, but the fourth one was pretty bad. I think the worst part of it for me was trying to rip out the “fixes” without tearing up any more of the crocheting.

It was certainly one of the biggest challenges I’ve come across for a long time. But it looks pretty good now IMHO.

You can see the repairs if you look closely enough. The thread I used was a slightly different dye lot, and the work isn’t perfect, but it’s not that noticeable. When I showed it to Hubby, he ask me “Now, what am I supposed to see?” Hopefully “Aunt B” will not notice them either and will enjoy her beautiful tablecloth now.

New Sewing Chair

November 8, 2012

A few days ago, Hubby and I decided to get out of the house for a while and go see what we could discover at a flea market. It’s so fun to rummage through someone else’s cast-offs. Sometimes a person can find a treasure after sorting through a lot of other people’s junk!

Flea markets are usually pretty huge because of the many booths they rent out. Well, the one we went to was two floors of lots of booths. We were there for a couple of hours and, needless to say, didn’t even make it through the one floor!

But just as we were about to leave, I wanted to “quickly” run down this other isle. Well, I’m glad we did because we finally found our “treasure”.

It was gleaming at me with this “shine” all around it saying to me, “Take Me Home — this is just what you’ve been looking for”! And it was.

I’ve been wanting to get a little chair on rollers to use at my sewing machine. It’s not like I’ve been looking everywhere for one because what I’ve been using, a chair from a card table set, has been good enough. But it would be nice to have a chair with rollers.

I wanted a little chair, however. Not a big comfy, padded, with-arms chair like Hubby has at his computer. Just a little chair to sit on while sewing and be able to roll away from the sewing machine, to press something, etc., in the hundred times every few minutes that I’m sitting there sewing. You all know what I’m talking about!

When I saw it and it spoke to me, I knew I’d found my chair. AND it’s just like new! It looks like someone just took it out of the box, put it together, and set it in their booth at the flea market. We thought maybe something was wrong with it; but after looking it over and test-sitting on it, we decided it was ok.

Love, love, love my new little chair! Hopefully it will encourage me to sit at my sewing machine and get some sewing UFO’s finished!

Bazaar Time

November 7, 2012

After the big craft fairs are pretty much over in this area, the little bazaars that churches and non-profit organizations begin having on the weekends, which will last into Dec. leading to Christmas, start popping up. These little bazaars are where you can find some real bargains.

Most of the crafters in these bazaars are not professionals who have their own businesses. They’re individuals who craft as a hobby and want to make a little money just to buy more supplies to feed their habit. They’ll price their crafts way too low considering all the time and materials that are in them; but, I understand this because they just need to eliminate some of their inventory. When you love making things, your inventory gets out of hand sometimes. And your friends and family can only use so many of your “pretties”. 🙂

Sis called me last week to see if I wanted to go to one of these bazaars. Well, YES! I’m not going to pass up a craft show! Especially a bazaar because they usually sell homemade goodies to eat as well!

This one was at one of our large high schools in the city.

There were a lot of crafters, professional as well as individuals, and we enjoyed looking and looking at all of the goodies and of course buying some!

I love the look of hand-woven rugs and I’ve had my eye out for a set of placemats. Since the colors in my kitchen are red and white, that’s the colors I’ve been looking for in placemats. Not been easy. Maybe the red and white colors aren’t that popular for kitchens any more, but that doesn’t stop this rebel wanting what I want. At this sale, I again ran into a lady selling rugs, placemats, and coasters. AND she had some red and white placemats and well as coasters. AND her prices were very reasonable as well. Jackpot!

Also included in my treasures of the day was a spiral, beaded bracelet and a book written by a local writer, Laurence Stoll. The title is “The Happy Accident”. It’s a christian, romance story of a young man running away from his pain, looking for peace, and finding it through uncovering a new faith which is tested and tested until he finally surrenders to God.

I was a little skeptical at first — a love story written by a man? But I was curious, so I bought his book. It started out like a book written by a man — straight to the point, not many details. But I can’t put it down! I’ve already read half the book and I only allow myself to read for a while after going to bed. Usually reading helps me to slip into a peaceful sleep, but this book keeps me up for two hours or more! Some nights it’s close to 2 am when I finally make myself turn out the light and go to sleep. Needless to say, I’m enjoying it very much!

After we left the bazaar, we came across a yard sale sign. Since Sis is “the queen of yard sales”, she asked if we should stop. Knowing that she would anyway, I said, “sure!” Not that I don’t love yard sales myself — I love bargains!

This was the lady’s second day of her sale, so most of her “merchandise” had been picked over. However, I saw this unpainted wooden picture frame/towel hanger among a table full of junk “merchandise” and it had a price tag of $1 on it. She had already told us that she was taking 25% off everything, so I bought it for 75 cents! (I would have paid her the dollar!)

It has this quaint little painted picture in the frame. At first I thought I could just paint over it; but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Now I need to get busy and paint the frame. It has the top of a heart shape at the top of the frame, so I’ll paint the rest of the heart on it and add some buttons, yo yo’s, or something to add some three-dimensional effect to it.

We stopped at Martin’s Floral since we were already on the south side of town.

Sis likes to shop, so I went along with her even though I didn’t really need anything. I sure like to look, however, and sometimes I find something I just can’t live without! 🙂

The next few weekends are more bazaars that I’d like to take in. Maybe I’ll call Sis and invite her to go with me next time!