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May 22, 2013

The rose bushes have outdone themselves this year!


Very pretty!

Trash Totes

May 20, 2013

That’s not a pretty name for the cute totes I’ve been making lately. They’re made out of “trash” that would normally be thrown away, (or recycled in my case), hence the name of this post. That name will have to be changed, however, if I stick them in my craft sale this Fall.

The idea for these totes came to me via my friend, Carolyn. She came across this post and sent me the link. Immediately, I found a plastic container from the recycle bin and made one. It was so fast and easy — and cute!


Of course I made as many as I could find the plastic for and even a couple that Sis gave me. The little ones in the front are from the dollar store. They’re travel-sized containers for lotion, shampoo, etc. I made the strap long enough to be worn around the neck like a necklace.

I’m planning on buying inexpensive toys, crayons, etc. to stick inside them. I’ve already given one with magnetic letters to my two-year old nephew. He started to carry it around by the handle and then to play with the letters so I guess he likes it.

The big one in the back looks more like a purse. When I noticed that the yarn I was using — some left-over camo yarn — was getting closer and closer to being all gone, I just kept going and it turned into a purse. Now all the camo yarn is gone! That’s a good thing!

UPDATE: I just know that you all are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear more about my “problem child” baby afghan that I started, what, several months ago now? (For some reason it seems longer than that!)

Anyway, with knitting only a couple of rows a day, (I’m up to four rows most days!), I finally started my second skein of yarn.


Only two more skeins after this one to go! Whew! I might get it done by this time next year!

But seriously though, the pattern is getting easier to understand but I still have to count every right side row after it’s knitted just to be sure that I yarn-over every time. I can’t let my mind wander too far away either. In fact, I still repeat the pattern out loud as I’m knitting it just so I don’t do that exact thing. That’s why I can only knit a few rows at a sitting — it takes a lot of my energy to keep my mind from wandering. 🙂

More Shop Projects

May 15, 2013

Here’s a pic of some more projects that were finished and brought into the house from my little shop out back.


The jar and the canvas have the same pattern painted on them. When I like a pattern and it’s easy to paint, I tend to do more than one of them. Besides it really is just as easy to paint several items at once because of the waiting factor.

Actually, the jar isn’t finished yet. I’m making a bank out of it and I still need to cut the hole in the lid and paint it.

The cookie jar was a UFO from at least a year ago. It took me a while before I could figure out how to paint on glass without doing a base coat.

The little Christmas tree light ornaments are actually plastic decorations I got on clearance after Christmas one year. They were all silver or gold. After painting them primary colors, I used little rub-on decals to decorate them. There are 24 of them! Not much work, but very time-consuming.

The plates are plastic as well, but a nice heavy plastic. After coming across an idea of painting a string of Christmas lights around the rim of see-through plates, I found these plates on sale one day. Can’t you just see one of these plates full of Christmas sugar cookies and wrapped with clear cellophane and a big red bow attached? Who wouldn’t want one of these for Christmas?

Because there are twelve plates, this project was very time-consuming as well.

The jar at the back was just calling for a flower arrangement after I finished the painting on it. I still have a lot to learn about flower arranging, but it turned out kind of pretty, I think.

Every time I take a break while working on projects in my little shop out back, my mind starts thinking about even more items to paint or create. Of course, everywhere I look is inspiration — all kinds of surfaces, wood, metal, glass, plastic, and other craft supplies as well as books and magazines. I certainly don’t want for materials!

This being said, my table is once again full of more WIPs (works-in-progress). Oh, so many projects, so little time!

Three Down — Three To Go

May 13, 2013

Friday night was graduation for Grandson #3.


The ceremony was right here in town so Hubby and I didn’t have to travel very far for it. Next year, however, we’ll be traveling out-of-town. After that one, the graduation for the remaining two grandsons will be several years off because they’re still in elementary school.

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re attending the graduation of our grandchildren! Where does the time go?!

Retirement is a Good Thing

May 10, 2013

Since Sept. of last year, I’ve been retired from a job that I had for 25 years. It’s been so nice not to have to watch the clock and go to work every day! It’s been so nice to be able to plan events, trips, parties, etc. and not have to work around a schedule and ask for time off. It’s been so nice to be able to spend more time with Hubby and do whatever I want that comes along each day.

Yes, retirement is a good thing and I’m liking it!

My BFF is finally retiring. In fact, today is her last day to work. We had lunch together this week as our usual once-a-month lunch date came around. I gave her a gift to help her celebrate her retirement.


Not only is she retiring, but she’s in the process of selling her house and moving to another state to live close to all of her children and grandchildren. It’s quite an undertaking and it’ll be so nice when she can finally get settled in and start enjoying her family and free time to work on her quilts.

However her retirement is a little bittersweet for me. Even though I’m so very happy for her because she’ll be able to be close to her family in these golden years, at the same time I’m sad because we won’t be able to see each other as much as we have been.

But thanks to today’s technology, with Facebook and Skype, we’ll be able to communicate almost as well as ever. And Hubby and I are already planning a trip to see her after she gets all settled in her new place.

So, yes, retirement is a good thing!