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A Surprise Visit and Father’s Day

June 19, 2013

Daughter #2 and family live about three hours from here so consequently we don’t see them too often. When we do, however, Hubby and I are the ones to do the traveling to visit. But this last weekend we got a surprise visit from them!


Since Hubby’s birthday fell on Father’s Day this year, and they were bringing their son to stay with his dad for a week, they decided to come for the weekend. However, the torrential rains we were having that day, (Sat.), put a damper on their plans, so they went back home after dropping off the son.

They brought Dad a birthday/Father’s Day gift.


It has solar panels in the roof and a light at the top comes on when it gets dark enough. It’s so cute! Dad sits in the sunroom watching the lighthouse when it starts getting dark so he can watch the light come on. He’s so funny!

So in spite of the rain and the short visit, we had a nice time and it was soooo good to see them all again.

I made a cookie cake to celebrate both days and we spent Sun. afternoon with Hubby’s Dad and some of the rest of the family.



The weather cooperated with us this time. It was a beautiful day for a bar-be-que.

Ring Keeper

June 12, 2013

Here’s a little something I whipped up yesterday in my little shop out back.



It’s a ring keeper. It’s made with a 2″ clay pot and a 3″ clay saucer. It just took a couple of hours to paint. Maybe not even that long. It’s nice once in a while to work with a surface that doesn’t require a lot of time to “season” like glass. (However, glass is still my favorite surface.)

Hmmm, I’ve got some more pots out there. Wonder what else I can come up with today. . . . .

More New Projects

June 3, 2013

Here’s a pic of some more crafts that I’ve been working on.


On the left side is four baby food jars that I kept from the time Grandson #4 was a baby. He’s 17 now! (Yes, I keep things forever!) Owls seem to be popular right now so I made candle holders with an owl painted on the front of them.

The frame is holding a cross-stitch picture that was a UFO. I found this frame at a yard sale for 50 cents. After I painted it the right color, it was perfect for my little pic.

The “All hearts come home for Christmas” pic is painted on wood and has a wooden frame which I painted as well and glued little painted hearts at the top. Instead of a hanger nailed to the back, I decided to add a wire hanger and curled the ends at the front of the frame.

The next two containers are more trash totes. The yellow one is crocheted on the plastic box that lettuce/salad comes in. It’s a nice size and I may keep that one.

The next three jars are simply painted gold with the slotted lids to be used for penny catchers. I used rub-on decal letters to spell the words.

My FIL gave me a huge stack of saw blades a while back. Once in a while I get inspired to paint on another one.

An update on the “problem child” baby afghan: I’m about half-way through the second skein so the work is actually going faster. In fact I knit six rows at one setting the other day! When I see that my mind is wandering, however, I have to quit because that’s when the mistakes start showing their ugly head again.

A wannabe project has been sitting in its bag for quite some time now. It’s a crocheted afghan in red, white and blue with stars crocheted in strips separated by ripples. It called to me the other day. So a wannabe project became a WIP (work in progress). It’s nice to be crocheting another afghan again. I haven’t made one in a long time.

New Lawnmower

June 1, 2013

We like to use something until it wears out! Our first car had to be “coaxed” to the dealership so we could trade it in for a vehicle that we didn’t have to stop every few blocks and re-fill the radiator. Shoes get glued over and over until the foot wants to stick out no matter how much glue is used. If we can’t glue, staple, sew, or use an alternate means to keep something working, then we’ll replace it.

Such as it was with our lawnmower. We’ve had this one at least twelve years and the one before that, 30 years. This mower got to the place where Hubby had to spend more time getting it to work than it took him to mow the yard. Finally, a few days ago, the starter rope broke. He spend a good amount of time fixing it just to have the mower start smoking like crazy after he continued to mow.

That’s it! We went shopping and came home with this.


I wonder how long this one will last!