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New To The Family

July 27, 2013

Yes, we have a new member of the family. Meet JT (John’s Toy),



If you look closely, I think you can see an actual smile. 🙂

Hubby’s energy level has been down quite a lot for the last two years because of the diabetes thing. He wants to do what he’s always done, but just doesn’t feel like it.

We both thought a lot about it and decided that a riding mower would be a good thing. So we bit the bullet and shelled out the money for one.

He played with it the rest of the day after they delivered it on Thurs. Then it rained all day Fri. and it tickled him to death. Because now the grass will grow and he can mow again!!

I think he likes his new toy.


. . . And Then There Were Ribbons!

July 26, 2013

The time finally came yesterday to take my shirt to the Special Event called “Fair Flair” at the Fair. Hubby decided he wanted to go with me which made me very happy.

They had the guy/judge from last year who really makes it fun (especially for the kids) to watch the judging. You can really tell that he loves what he does.

Here’s my shirt,


Yes, that’s a second place ribbon. I was so tickled!

While we were waiting for the judging to begin, Hubby and I walked around to find my other entries. Here’s what we found:

the two Toys for Tots items–the zebra and the hot dog,



My sweater and shawl,



The little afghan for CMN,


the crocheted-together purse made with the faux leather,


and the red, white and blue afghan with stars,


Then we walked over to the Hobby Crafts section and found even more. The little ornament with the owl,


The plaque of birdhouses,


the painted glass jar,


the painted Christmas wall plaque and the painted sweatshirt,


and last, but certainly not the least, the painted book with the ladybugs!


Look closely because not only is there a blue first-place ribbon, but a purple Champion ribbon as well!! Oh, I was soooo excited I was jumping around like a little kid. (I could hear Hubby laughing a little.)

Only three of the items I took didn’t get a ribbon but when I saw the competition, I could see why. The talents of these ozark-area people are awesome!!

There are two food competitions, one on Sun. and the other one on Mon. Then the tote bag contest next Sat. and I’ll be done with the Fair for another year.

Hmmmm, what can I start on for next year. . . . . .

The Fair’s Here, The Fair’s Here!

July 25, 2013

Today is the beginning of the Ozark Empire Fair. It’s a beautiful day — sunny and only 69 at 9am so far. If you have a chance to go to the Fair, today would be a good day.

Today also is the first day of the Special Events competition during the Fair where you bring your item and can watch the judging. I love Special Events contests. Today is the “Fair Flair” competition. There are six classes — three for youths and three for adults — for the three categories — Fair Bear, Fair Chair, and Fair Wear.

The only class I entered was the Fair Wear category. The items “should be created to represent the name of the fair or the fair experience.” Since the theme of the Fair this year is “Sweet Summertime”, here’s my entry for this competition. . . . (Notice the “Yummm” on the sleeve.)


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Yes, from the time I was a little tyke going to the Fair with my Aunt Leona and talking her into getting my sis and me a pineapple whip ice cream cone, I’ve always loved the food (especially the sweet food) that comes with going to the Fair.

The competition begins at 5pm, so I’ll have to wait all day before I can go. Oh, what a long day this will be!!!!

Yes, It’s Time For The Fair Again

July 21, 2013

And yes, again I’ve been right in the middle of the hassle of getting last-minute crafts finished up to enter. Even though the entry fee is still $2 for each item, I can’t seem to turn around and leave it alone. What can I say? I LOVE the Fair.

Yesterday was the day to turn everything in except the items that will be judged during the Fair. All of the 17 items I was supposed to take was taken with the exception of one. It’s not that I didn’t have time to finish it, (because I wasn’t really that rushed to get everything done), I just didn’t know how I wanted to do it. It was going to be a centerpiece using my little jars with the painted owls in an arrangement of Christmas greenery. However, one of my weakest talents is flower arranging. So instead of stressing over it, I made up my mind I wouldn’t take it.

There are still five items in the Special Events category that will be taken during the Fair. Just a couple of them are food items this year. Some of the new rules have taken the fun out of all the work involved in making food items.

Here’s a pic of the toys I made for the Toys For Tots section,



The zebra is knitted and the hot dog, mustard and ketchup are crocheted. These will be kept after the Fair is over and given to the Toys for Tots organization. The zebra was such a hassle to get sewed together, I had to keep reminding myself that one of these days a child will be getting this toy for Christmas and will probably take it to bed with him/her. That put a smile on my face and I plotted along. Well, it turned out cute, didn’t he?

The afghan and the cross-stitch pic I mentioned in other blogs got finished, so they were entered as well.



The rest of the items didn’t get their pics taken, so I’ll have to do that when I go to the Fair which starts this coming Thurs. I CAN’T WAIT!!

Lots of Knitting — And A Little Crocheting

July 3, 2013

In spite on all the stress going on in June, (or because of it), I’ve managed to do a little crafting and knitting. In fact, I’m just about ready to take my “problem child” baby afghan off the needles. (I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see the day!) The pattern has actually become easier for me as time goes on. In fact, it’s such a pretty pattern, I’m thinking about making a scarf from it! Yes, with all the stress I’ve had during the last several weeks, I’m finding some relaxation in the knitting — finally!

A couple of months ago I started another sweater with yarn that I’ve had forever. This yarn has been with me since we lived in Gladstone from ’87-’91. My friend gave me This pattern and it just seemed perfect for it. In spite of the different stitches, it’s coming along very nicely.

I had put this sweater aside for a while but picked it up again a week or so ago. The back and both fronts are done and I’ve started on a sleeve. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow, so it’s not surprising to me that the knitting is going right along.

This little shawlette is a project that was started and finished in a short amount of time.


It is done with only two skeins of Homespun yarn. You can get the pattern from Lion Brand here. Mine isn’t blocked yet, but I was very happy with the way it turned out.

I think I’ve mentioned on a previous entry about an afghan that I started in red, while, and blue yarn. The crocheting is just about finished and then it’ll be blocked and sewed together. More about it on a future entry.

Today will be another appointment for Hubby and I think I’ll take my knitting along. Maybe that baby afghan will get taken off the needles today!