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Fairgrove Fun

September 30, 2013

Of course this time of year the craft festivals start popping out all over the place. It’s my most favorite time of the year! Even though there are many festivals going on, the three largest festivals in this neck of the woods are the ones that draw me like a magnet every year — Fairgrove, Ozark and Mt. Vernon.

This weekend was the Fairgrove Heritage Festival. It threatened to rain Sat. and did finally do a little, so I waited until Sun. to go. It was a beautiful day after all that rain. Even though these pics don’t show it very well,


100_3143 \

it was very crowded with people. They must have been thinking the way I was. And even though the pic shows a lot of people walking around in shorts etc., I thought it was a little cool and wore my decorated sweatshirt that Daughter C. had done for me.


I got a lot of compliments on it and was proud to say that my daughter had made it for me!

It was so much fun to walk around looking at all the booths of crafts,


seeing the pony rides and games for the kids,



watching and listening to the entertainment,


and of course eating festival food and buying crafts. This is the only crafts I bought however,


Even though there was a lot more things I could have come home with, I controlled myself. It was hard! I had to get a piece of pottery though!

Next weekend is the Ozark Festival. Since my Sis and I will be in that one, we may not get a chance to walk around and see the other booths. But we’ll try!

Another Birthday

September 21, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday. There comes a time in your life when you’d rather forget about your birthdays. But in spite of trying to forget about them, someone always has to remind you that you’re having one. 🙂 But that’s ok. It’s nice to be remembered.

It was just another typical day. No big plans, no party, no gifts, no visits, no calls. I was remembered by my friends and relatives with messages to me on Facebook, however.

But one thing is constant in my life. My sis. We grew up together, being just one year apart. Sure, we’ve had our differences and spiffs like all siplings, but I honestly don’t know what life would be like without my sis being around.

She’s always remembered my birthday. (Even when we were going through one of those “differences” that lasted a while.) This year was no exception.

She called me the day before my birthday and wanted to come over to “show me something cute”. (She and I both know why she wanted to come over but she likes to “surprise” me so we both play along.)

She actually did bring something that she wanted to show me that was indeed something cute that she’d found at a thrift store. But the real reason was soon brought out in the form of a card and gifts.

The sentimental card was about “a great sister” and the message almost made me cry! She gave me two gifts. The first one was a little trinket with mice on it (I collect cute mice) in the form of sisters sitting on a compact with the mirror behind them saying that “Sisters are forever friends.” How cute!


The other gift was the one that made the tears flow. It was a pair of pillow cases that had some tatted trim on them that my aunt had done many years ago. Her daughter had received them in a gift exchange during one of our long ago Christmas parties. The pillow cases had been put away and never used for all these years. Her daughter was cleaning things out, came across them and wanted to know if her mom would want them.

Sis knew that I’ve always had a fondness for our aunt’s tatting because she’s the aunt that taught me how to tat. She wanted to gift them to me knowing that I would certainly appreciate them. Yes, I cried. It was like getting a gift from the grave. (Our aunt has been gone for 12 years.) How special is that!


Sis gave me some tatted curtain ties as well. Our aunt had made them for my mom to use on the window by her chair where she always sit every day. Her gifts were full of memories!


I had to give Sis a hug and tell her that she did good. She couldn’t have given me anything else that would have meant more to me.

To top off my birthday yesterday, Hubby and I stopped by Barnes and Noble on our way to the Mall for our walk. He wanted me to get something I really like, and I LOVE to go to Barnes and Noble.

I found three more books about knitting and mysteries to read, but he kept wanting me to buy more. “It’s your birthday” he said. After looking in the crafts section, I did find more books I would have loved to have. But, come on, I’ve got enough craft books now to last three lifetimes! So, no craft books came home with us. (I’m so proud of myself!)

Hubby’s Health Update

September 19, 2013

It’s been about four months since we were told that Hubby is diabetic. In addition to the diabetes, his blood pressure and cholesterol was on the high side as well. Being told this news was a shock at first, but I jumped on the band wagon and started doing a lot of research. Along with the help of the Drs., a therapist, and my meal planning, Hubby is just about as healthy as he’s ever been.

Of course he’ll always be diabetic, but we’re controlling it mostly through his diet. The doc even said that he may be able to go off the medications one day. 🙂

At his three-month check up, he had lost 32 pounds, his blood glucose level and blood pressure were normal, and his cholesterol had dropped 60 points! Yes, that’s good!!

Because of this illness, his stamina and energy level had slowly been going downhill for the last year and a half. When I noticed that it took him longer to do things and he would tire faster, I chalked it up to the age factor.

But look at him now,


Yes, he’s power-washing the house! (He didn’t get it done last year.) AND it didn’t even wear him out!

Today he’s been scraping the old paint off the window trims and has three of them painted so far. It’s so nice to have my hubby back again!

New Projects

September 17, 2013

Even though my yarn stash is at the SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy) stage, I went shopping yesterday and bought, guess what?


Yes, yarn! (Isn’t it pretty?) It was on sale! Besides I was looking for some wild variegated colors to make some socks. Not just socks to wear with shoes, but house socks. Like slippers.

The pattern I use is from Red Heart. It’s for Dorm Socks and was a free leaflet that I picked up from Wal-Mart a long time ago. I’ve used this pattern so many times that I’ve had to copy it because the original pattern was really getting tattered.

I LOVE making socks from this pattern and using the variegated yarns. It’s so fun to watch the color pattern form as I knit.

Since it takes me about two days to make a pair of socks, I’m going to have to get these old fingers working faster if I plan on having them done (plus all the other projects I mentioned in previous blog entries) for the craft fair.

With that, I’d better get a couple of chores done and get to the sewing room!

Dishcloths and Caddies

September 16, 2013

Sorry, didn’t get around to posting these yesterday. Here are the other dish cloths I’ve been making,

These are the sanitizer caddies that I mentioned in my last blog entry.


They’re made from the smallest scraps of cotton yarn. In fact, some of them have a contrasting color stripe that was just added with one or two yards of a left-over piece! They were so fun to make, and they’ll be handy as well,


The only crafts I’m going to try to finish are a few more fingerless gloves, some little owl stuffed toys, a couple of cowls, and some socks. Most of these items are nearly done.

Better keep these fingers flying for a while longer!