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Our Annual Fun Day

October 21, 2013

It’s that time of year again when my friend Barb and I get together to celebrate our friendship and birthdays. Her birthday is only two weeks after mine.  We’re the same age so we have a lot in common as I’ve mentioned here before.

We try to meet between or as close to our birthdays as possible. But this year we both had other commitments, so it was a little later. But finally last week we got together.

We live quite a distance from each other so we plan on meeting in Mountain Grove, which is about half way for both of us. We try to meet early in the day so we can visit and catch up with each others lives, have lunch, and then thrift shop hop and visit some more before we head for home.

This year was no different. We had a wonderful time visiting. We talked each other’s heads off! Then we had a wonderful lunch at our favorite place to eat, The Oriental Hut.




This is my friend coming to the table with her selections from the buffet.

After lunch, we headed for the thrift shops. We both enjoy finding the perfect treasures and at the most reasonable prices! I found a couple of unusual bottles that I’ll probably paint something on.


After we’d claimed all the goodies we could, we headed back to our cars and visited a little more. This is when we exchanged birthday gifts. I gave Barb a pair of fingerless gloves,


and she gave me this vase with some beautiful paper flowers that she had made. It’s so colorful and in tune for this time of year, that I’ll use it to make a centerpiece for the table.


After even more visiting, we each headed for home already looking forward to another fun day next year!

Something New!

October 17, 2013

Last weekend was the Mt. Vernon Apple Butter Makin’ Days. This is one of the last big festivals of the year and of course Sis and I had to go.


They make the apple butter right on the square.

The train was there again this year,


as well as the pony rides,


and the horse-drawn carriage rides.


And of course as always, lots of craft booths to look through.


I was hoping to find the lady with her booth of quilts again this year. She’s just a little senior citizen who has nothing else to do, so she sews all year and makes her quilts. She makes some beautiful quilts and sells them very reasonable so she can have room to make more the following year.

Yep, she was there! I wanted to buy one from her last year, but I’m glad I waited because she had one this year that would be perfect for our bedroom. The colors, I was pretty sure, would match our green walls just right. AND it had hearts on it!


Here’s a close-up of the heart,


As you can see, it fits right into our room as if it was made just for us. Included in the price of the king-sized quilt was two pillow shams and the extra little pillow. I’m so happy with it and Hubby likes it as well!

Number 49

October 10, 2013

Yesterday was our anniversary. It was a beautiful day just like the day we got married. And we’ve been married for forty-nine years! Sometimes it seems longer than that, :), and sometimes it doesn’t seem like that long ago.

A lot has happened to us during that time — three kids, six grandkids, moving all over the state, sickness and health, etc. etc. And lots of other things in between. But I wouldn’t trade or change any of it because we’ve grown through it all and I’ve been with my best friend forever.

We’re at the stage in our lives that doing anything “special” for our anniversary are things of the past. So we spent the day with each other — went out to eat,


walked at the Mall, and splurged by buying the movie, “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Yeah, it doesn’t take much to make us happy!

The BIG anniversary is next year, however, and we would like to do something a little special for that one. We thought about a cruise, but Hubby gets motion sick so easily that we snubbed that idea.

When we first got married, Hubby was still in the Army finishing up a three-year hitch with nine months to go. He was stationed on the East coast. So he packed me up and off we went to a little town in West Virginia called Shepherdstown. It was the first time I’d ever been away from home, even out of the state. It was quite an adventure for me.

So we’ve been thinking about taking another trip East to visit our “first” home again. He has a friend from the Army who lives in MA so we may drive through to see him as well. We’re both liking this plan the more we think about it, so we’ll start the planning stage soon.

What a Weekend!

October 8, 2013

This last weekend was the craft show in Ozark that my Sis and I were involved in. Because of the rain, wind, and cold temperatures that we had to endure last year under the eave of the “barn,” (which is really just a pavilion-type structure with a roof and no sides), I told myself I wouldn’t do the show this year if I had to deal with that again. Well, the lady in charge said that we would have a booth inside the “barn” this year.

We were allowed to set up our booth on Thurs. and we were very anxious to found out where in the barn our booth would be located. RIGHT. IN. THE. MIDDLE. There were four aisles in the barn with about ten or twelve booth spaces in each aisle and we were in aisle three about five booths in from one end. Wow! We were so excited!

The weather ran the gamut from hot to rainy to cold in just those three days of the show. In fact Sat. it rained and stormed all day. I felt so sorry for the people who had booths under the eave where we were last year. The rain was so much worse as well. And it was a muddy mess when we had to drive our cars out of the grassy parking area when it was time to go home. The next day they let us park streetside.

Here’s some pics of our booth,


This is Sis after we got everything put out. (Actually, I still had three boxes of items under the tables that we just didn’t have room for.)


Yes, WE I had a lot of stuff!


This is after we re-arranged the next day and were able to get a few more of my things out.


Yes, that’s me with a smile thinking how thankful we were to get a nice dry booth!

We had a lot of customers on Fri., quite a few Sat. in spite of all the rain and colder temps, and A LOT on Sun. when the sun came out and warmed up a little. We sold many of our items and made a nice amount of money.

Since Sis already told me that she wouldn’t be doing this with me next year, I was a little hesitant about doing it again myself. (It IS a lot of work!) But because of being able to request this same booth, (and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t), I signed up for next year!

Even though I have enough crafty items to fill the booth already, just the thought of having a whole year to make more fills me with excitement.

Yep, I’m hopeless!