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January 25, 2014

My afghan-that-will-haunt-me-forever is finished! Now maybe it won’t haunt me anymore. I just hope I don’t find any more of those blocks hiding somewhere. However, knowing me it’s no telling.


Speaking of unfinished blocks, I want to tell you a story about another little afghan that I “re-did” for a new baby that will soon be added to our family.

After my MIL passed away in ’10, her girls were going through some of her things and found a pink and white, (well it’s really mauve and off-white) granny-square afghan along with another little square of blocks, a few loose granny squares and left-over yarn. Since I’m a well-known “yarn addict”, they gave all of that to me.

I stashed it away thinking I’d deal with it later.

After I found out that there would be a new baby and it would be a girl, I thought about this afghan again. I got it out and looked it over. MIL had made a long thin afghan that I’m assuming was going to be used on the back of her couch, and the little square of blocks would be an arm cover or pillow. There was only one of the little squares, but she had a few extra blocks made that she hadn’t sewn together yet so I’m assuming again that she was in the process of making the other smaller square for the other arm or the back of the pillow.

Looking it over, I decided that I could take the long afghan apart in the middle, re-sew it together the other way and make a more-square afghan out of it. I would have to rip the border out first, but since it was just one single row of crochet around the whole thing, it wouldn’t take long to do. I wish I had taken a “before” pic of it, (I need to make myself get in the habit of doing that!), but here’s how it turned out after I finished it with a wider border,


Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. This new baby would have been another one of my MIL’s great grandbabies, so she’ll have something from her Grandma Great to keep and pass along to her daughter one of these days.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the smaller square of granny squares yet. Maybe make a matching pillow(?) Anyway, Ill think about that another day.

Almost Done

January 24, 2014

Here’s an update on my afghan-that-will-haunt-me-forever.

All of the extra blocks are crocheted, the blocks are sewed together into strips and I’m in the process of sewing the strips together.


After the strips are together, I’ll crochet an edging around the whole thing. Then a surprise UFO will be finished! (Gee, I hope I don’t find any more of these blocks hiding somewhere!)

Last night, after realizing the end of this afghan being so near, I got into my UFO stash and brought out a sweater that I’d started with some ribbon yarn — how long ago? There’s not a whole lot of work left to do to get it to the finishing stage. I think I can handle that. Anyway, that’s my next goal.

In the meantime, however, I’ve started another afghan. 🙂 This one will be a knitted feather and fan using some of my late sis’ yarn that I inherited. (I love knitting that pattern! It’s easy but looks complicated and very pretty.) The yarn is an old variegated yarn that doesn’t have the subtle color changes that the newer variegated yarns have. So I’m not sure how the afghan will look, but there’s only one way to find out, right?

On some of the warmer days we’ve been having lately, (today the temp is in the single digits again!), I’ve been spending some time out in my shop painting. Most of the time I’ve just been base coating and prepping jars and some tins. They all need to “season” before I can actually paint on them. But I have actually started painting some snow people on some jars that were already “seasoned” and a wooden shelf that I want to hang in the kitchen. Pics will follow soon.

Well, the “afghan” is calling to me so I’d better get to it. Hopefully a pic of it will be on here tomorrow. 🙂

Working On a UFO!

January 14, 2014

First of all, I want to show another scarf I made from my MIL’s stash,


I used full skeins and it’s long enough to wrap around the neck twice, or wrap it like I have it here.


During the Christmas “clean up” around the house, I had to straighten up my sewing/guest room. It was a major clean up job. All of my UFO’s that I’ve been keeping on the daybed (so I would be tempted to work on them) had to be put away. Into the closet they went. AND they’re still there! None of them have been touched.YET.

Last year I was cleaning up the living room and looked into a side table that opens up for storage.


I just about fell over! Inside was some crocheted granny squares that I made to be used in an afghan that I started who knows when. (The magazine I got the pattern out of was Crochet today! ’07). That’s not surprising because this sort of thing has happened to me before. BUT, I’ve already finished that afghan!

Wait a minute! Why do I have these blocks? I reasoned that I had to stash them in a hurry one day — probably because company was coming over and I wanted them out of the way. Then I forgot about them. So in Jan. ’10, as usual every year, I made a goal to finish some UFO’s. The afghan was one of the UFO’s that I finished and it was entered into the Fair that year and won a ribbon.

It took 72 squares to finish that afghan. I don’t remember how many I had in the project bag, but I diligently made the rest of the squares to finish it. Now I’ve found 24 more squares that was supposed to be in that afghan. What to do?

Well there’s not enough blocks to make anything significant, so I need to make more squares. (This “project” is starting to haunt me. 🙂 ) This afghan will not be as big as the first one, however. If I can make 30 more squares, then it’ll make a nice-sized throw.

Last evening as I started another audio book, I gathered up my bag of small balls of left-over yarn and started making squares again. So far I have four out of the 32 that I need to make.

Well, at least I’m working on a UFO even though this one wasn’t a planned one. AND I’m using more of those little balls of yarn that just seem to keep multiplying!

Stash Busting and UFO’s

January 10, 2014

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” —
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, it’s been over a week since the New Year has started. It’s time to get underway on my on-going “resolution” to finish UFO’s and use up my stashes of yarn and fabrics.

I say “on-going” because as long as I live in this body, I’ll never be caught up with UFO’s and have no stash of yarn and fabrics. 🙂 Of course this is hoping that the UFO’s aren’t the same ones from year to year. Unfortunately, some of them are. And some of the yarn and fabric pieces in my stash have been with me for more years than I can remember having them.

Oh well! I’ve come to peace with myself about this.

My sis doesn’t want a lot of junk stuff around for her kids to have to deal with after she’s gone. But this is my thoughts on this subject — it’s my stuff and if I want it around, then as long as I’m here, it will be around. The kids can trash it all after I’m gone or have a big auction and it’ll be out of their hair in no time. And I won’t care by then.

But I digress.

For some reason, (gee, I don’t know how this happened), I have at least as many UFO’s as I had last year at this time. And yes, I’m afraid that some of them are left-overs from other years. 😦 So once again, I’ll make a goal of getting them done this year.

I wish I could come up with the perfect plan to make myself continuously work on them. But I have a disease that’s called “Startitis” and I don’t think there’s a cure for it.

As far as the stashes go, I’ve actually used some of my yarn in a few projects since Christmas. There are at least six totes and boxes of crochet cotton (size 10, 20 and 30) in storage that I’ve had for ages. Some of it is what I inherited from my older sis when she passed away. That’s a lot of crochet cotton, people.

I’ve been making dish clothes with it and emptying spool after spool.


It’s going fast because I use three strands of the cotton to make it thick enough for a dish cloth — usually using two strands of #10 in white or ecru and a #20 or #30 in a color. This is a fun and mindless knit that I work on while I’m listening to my audio books that I borrow from the library.

I’ve been a good girl and haven’t bought any new yarn for a long time. However, when someone gets yarn from anywhere, they give it to me because they know I knit and crochet. One day a few weeks ago, we were visiting Hubby’s dad. His sister had been going through things again, and found a large sack of yarn that their mom had acquired from somewhere. Now all of this, as well, has joined my other stash.


Here’s a link to some stash busting ideas that I found on the net.

After finishing another dish cloth one evening, I felt like doing something else for a while. Looking through my magazines, I came upon a shawl made with two different yarns. It looked interesting. Finding the two colors from my stash that I wanted to use, I started the shawl.


Here’s a close-up


It’s kind of pretty, I think.

AND, there was enough of the blue/green yarn left, that I thought I would have enough to make a scarf. Dragging out the loom that I haven’t used in a while, I grabbed a blue yarn from my newest  stash, and made this scarf,


This had to be made with a bulky yarn, so I had to use two strands of #4 yarn to make it bulky enough. (That’s why I had to grab the blue from my MIL’s stash.) There was just enough yarn to make a nice-sized scarf.

Here’s another link to an afghan that I’d like to make from more of the stash from my MIL,

Hmmmm, I think I’ll go look through those colors again and make another scarf from that yarn first.

Catch-Up #7 (Final) — Christmas

January 7, 2014

This should be the last catch-up for 2013. Of course it’s about Christmas.

We had to have our Christmas with the family a week later than we’d planned because of bad weather, (I mentioned this in the last blog), so our get-together was after Christmas this year. It was nice in a way to have an extra week to do more baking, cleaning, and finishing up final details for the party. I think this was the first year since our very first Christmas almost 50 years ago, that I wasn’t doing things at the last minute! Ha!

The actual day of Christmas, on a Wed. this year, was very laid back for us. We were invited to Hubby’s sister’s again. (I think they felt sorry for us because we weren’t with family that day.) We had a nice visit with all of them again. His Dad was there and relaxed in one of her easy chairs. He just about couldn’t get up when it was time to go. He’s does pretty good for a man going on 91 years old. We took movies at her house this time, so I don’t have any pics to show.

The weather cooperated with us for Sat., and everyone started showing up around 2:30. Our youngest grandson’s birthday is two days after Christmas, so we had a little party for him with cake and a Happy Birthday song. He opened the birthday gift that Hubby and I got for him.



After eating some of the tons and tons of food that I’d fixed, we started opening gifts. We let the two little ones open their gifts first. (They had been so patient waiting to open gifts!)



They had stockings as well because they weren’t going to be playing the “barter game” with the adults.


We then played our game and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was a little “bartering” going on especially among the older boys,







You may have noticed that Hubby is holding a camera and pointing it to the goings-on. This is for the benefit of our other daughter and her family who couldn’t come for our Christmas. We’re visiting with her via Skype. What a wonderful piece of technology!

We were taking pics, movies, and using the Skype camera so I didn’t get some pics that I was going to get. I wanted to get some of all the boys together and one of daughter’s family on Skype. Too much going on, I guess. It’s a hassle to take pics, etc., but it’s nice afterward when you can go through all of the pics and remember what went on.There’s a lot more pics of our Christmas but it would take up too much room to post very many more.

I’ve already mentioned the Christmas with my Sis in another blog, so this should be all the catching up I need to do. The next blog should start the New Year, which has already started, but I haven’t done much so far, (except to try to stay warm!)

Hopefully I’ll keep putting regular blogs on here for 2014. Keep checking back!