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Afghans, Afghans, and More Afghans

February 25, 2014

There’s something about the months of Jan. and Feb. that motivate me to make afghans. Maybe it’s the cold weather? The fact that we have to stay inside so much? Because it’s the cold weather?

Well whatever the reason, I’ve been on a afghan-making binge for the last couple of months.

I’ve already blogged about and shown pictures of the scrap afghan with found blocks that should have been in the first granny square afghan that I made. Then, I think that I mentioned another one that I had started out of some brown variegated yarn. This one was knit in a feather and fan pattern.

Well, it’s finished as well as another knitted one out of two different kinds of yarn. This one was made with white Red Heart worsted weight and blue fuzzy yarn also from Red Heart called “Symphony” yarn. It was knit in a checkerboard block pattern.

The fourth afghan I’ve finished was a crocheted zig zag with a variegated red, white, and blue yarn with the solid three colors as well. Here’s a pic of the last three I’ve finished,


As you can see, there’s another afghan in white and burgundy that I’m still working on. These blocks are crocheted join-as-you-go, so when I finish the last block, it’ll be done! I like that. It’s a little over half-way made, so I still have a little while before it’s finished. In the meantime, I have yarn picked out for at least one more. No pattern yet however.

It was fun working on all of these afghans. When I tired of working on one, I’d simply switch to another one. All of a sudden I had all these afghans. Now what to do with them. . . . .

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

February 13, 2014

Apparently I do. While making the diaper bag last week, I had to search for some buttons to use on it. I knew I had some that would work because I’ve saved buttons for years, well all my life, and I have quite the variety of buttons.  But what a chore it was to find them!

While I was looking for just the right buttons to use on the diaper bag, I spread all of my buttons out on the daybed to search through them.


I then realized that I really needed to consolidate and organize my collection. I spent the good part of yesterday doing just that. It was quite the job but I stuck with it and got them all put back in the closet. Now when I want a button, I can pretty much go right to what I want.


Now about all that thread I have . . . . . . . .


At Long Last

February 12, 2014

Since finishing the diaper bag, I’ve been “in the mood” to do some more sewing. I’ve had a kit for a magazine rack that’s been around for a loooong time. This kit has a copywrite date on the pattern of 1987! It’s not that I’ve had it that long, (but probably have) but I bought it through the mail from Better Homes and Gardens so I’m pretty sure it was a relatively new kit at the time. I know it must be one of the oldest projects I have.

I’ve thought about it often through the years. It’s a piecework project, and when I bought it, I had very little experience doing piecework. Hense the reason I’ve put off making it all these years because I’ve explained before that I tend to procrastinate with something I’ve never done before.

My confidence for piecing has grown since making the two quilts that I’ve made in the last few years, so I dug out that kit determined to get it made.

It’s a magazine rack kit that came with the wood pieces, pattern, and the option of fabric or no fabric.  I only bought the pattern and the wood pieces probably because of money but also because I already had a fabric stash.

The wood pieces needed to be finished which I managed to do right after I got the kit, if memory serves me correctly. I went through my stash and found the colors I wanted to use for the piecing part as well. Then it went to the back burner where it stayed for all these many years.

It just took a few hours of two days, but here it is:


Here’s a side view,


It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The cutting is the worst for me. And yes, I cut a piece wrong and had to re-cut it but luckily I had enough material.  (Rule #1 for me — always have extra fabric when I get ready to cut.)

Then I sewed some of the triangle squares wrong so had to find the seam ripper. (Rule #2 — always have a seam ripper close at hand.)

Then I turned four of the squares the wrong way and didn’t notice it until the square was all together!  No way was I going to rip the whole thing apart to fix that mistake! Hubby said he would never have noticed and thought it looked beautiful. At least I was consistent and it still looks balanced. So I guess I inadvertently discovered a new quilt block. I’ll have to name it “Barb’s mistake!” ­čÖé

Nevertheless, I like my new “knitting bag”. (Did you notice the knitting needles sticking out of the top of it? Yep, it’s going to be used as a knitting bag — like I need another bag. Ha Ha)

It’s Finished!!

February 9, 2014

The Hobo bag is finished!


Here’s what the inside looks like. The purple fabric with the buttons on each corner is the pockets. There’s another two pockets on the other side. They go all the way to the bottom of the bag so there’s lots of room for baby paraphilia.


Here’s another look at it. Isn’t it cute?


Just don’t ask me to make another one!



February 7, 2014

It seemed to take forever, but I finally got all the strips made for the bag I’m making for the new baby.


The next step was to lay them out in the color sequence that I thought would be the prettiest. I hope my SIL and mother-to-be like it as well.


Now to zig zag all the strips together.


That was a lot of sewing! It’s a big piece of fabric now — bigger than I was thinking. If you look closely, you can see the zig zag stitching.


Now I can start sewing the bag together.