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Need To Catch Up — Again!

March 29, 2014

Is it the loooong winter blues or what?! It seems like I can’t get into blogging lately. It’s not that I haven’t been busy and don’t have a lot to talk about, because I do! So without further ado, let’s continue.

It all started when my sis came over to look in my “stash” of crafting supplies. (I’ve mentioned to her on more than one occasion that if she needed an item for a craft she’s working on, to check out my “stash” before going off to buy it.)

Well, that’s just what she did.

I pride myself on being an organized person. But we all know how things can get shoved to the back burner if you don’t stay on top of the situation, right? Sis came over looking for a gold key ring. I thought I knew where all of my supplies were. But to my surprise, I discovered several different places for the same things. (BTW, I had what she was looking for but not the amount of them that she wanted.)

After she left, I decided that it was time to go through everything in my stashes and clean, organize, and re-group.

I started in my little shop out back. There were boxes of jewelry pieces, ribbons, totes of artificial flowers, Christmas trinkets, frames, etc. etc. It. was. so. much. fun!!! I found items I’d forgotten I had, items I didn’t want anymore (not too much in that category, however) and lost items I wasn’t sure if I still had or not. It took several days, I took my time (have I mentioned that I LOVE being retired?), and didn’t get stressed out one iota. I managed to get rid of a little (surprise, surprise), and find more room to spread out my supplies for easier access.

Once again, I failed to take before and after shots, so no pics to show. But take my word, my little shop out back is ORGANIZED!  What a great feeling!!

Next, I needed to tackle my sewing room.

After we had our remodeling done, I moved my sewing room into the room that was our bedroom. It was a hectic time for me. I just needed to get things put away and out of our hair for the time being.

The sewing room wasn’t as in as much disarray as the little shop out back simply because I work in there more often. I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog about going through my buttons and getting them separated and easier to find.  But one major organizing plan that’s been in the back of my mind since the switching of the rooms has been to get my two shelves of fabric pieces into a more accessible state.

It took two days (all day long) but now they are neat and I can find exactly what I’m looking for. AND, I did take a before and after pic this time. (Actually I started taking the fabric off the shelves before I remembered to take the pic.) Here’s the “before” pic,


and here’s the “after” pic,


Wouldn’t you say that’s an improvement?

That’s enough for today. Check in tomorrow for “the rest of the story”. 🙂