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Facelift #2

June 28, 2014

In addition to the new face we put on my little shop out back, we’d decided it was time to fix the bench that we bought right after we moved to this house. It’s been needing some new boards for several years even at the time I gave it a new paint job a couple of years ago. (I actually took a “before” pic this time!)


Here’s what it looks like after its “facelift”.


Pretty nice, huh? We hardly use it — usually just when we have company, which isn’t all that often. Hubby would just as soon get rid of it but he knows that I like it, so he puts up with my whims.


A Facelift

June 26, 2014

No, not for me. Even though I could probably use one. ūüôā This facelift happened to my little shop out back.

It’s been a few years since we painted my shop and it was beginning to look its age. The little porch roof was soaking up rain and starting to hang down on the inside. Some of the boards on the trim was looking pretty sad as well. (Also one of the boards on the floor of the porch needed to be replaced.)

So Hubby got out the big tools and tore the old boards and porch off, replaced with new boards and I repainted the whole front of the shop. (Sorry, again, I didn’t take “before” pics.)


Instead of building another porch¬†roof, Hubby suggested an awning instead. He’s never liked having anything made of wood exposed to the weather if it can be helped. Ok, I liked that idea so we looked into awnings.

After taking measurements and checking on-line, we ordered an awning from Lowe’s. It took two weeks to get here and finally arrived over the weekend.

Mon. morning we spent about three hours getting this awning together and¬†attached to¬†the shop. (Boy, that’s not bad for a couple of old fogies who know nothing about what they’re doing three-fourths of the time!) We finished the job just before a torrential rainfall hit the area and then rained the rest of the day. Whew!

Here’s what it looks like now,




Pretty darn nice, right? Looks like we took years off the ol’ girl!

And It’s Not Even My Birthday!

June 7, 2014

Hubby and I did some errand running yesterday. While we were out and about and close to the Hobby Lobby store, I wanted to stop and get some green crochet thread for some Christmas balls that I’m making for my craft booth. (All those totes of crochet thread that I have and not one with¬†the Christmas green I needed! Go figure!)

While we were there, we walked around and looked at all the goodies. Hobby Lobby sells some of the cutest home d√©cor items that I’ve ever seen anywhere. I LOVE to look at it all. And sometimes I get an idea of a craft to make.

Of course when we wound up in the yarn section to get my thread, I had to check out the clearance section. Apparently, they have been doing a change over and had a lot of new items in this section. When I spied the yarn swift, I just about had a melt-down.¬†It’s made by Boye and was originally $59.99, marked down to $21.59! What a bargain! After I told Hubby that I’d been wanting one for quite a while, but they’ve always been so expensive, he insisted that I get it.

Now what good is a yarn swift if you don’t have the ball winder to go with it? Right? We looked at the ball winder and it was $29.99 — not on sale. “BUT,” he reminded me, “you have the 40% off coupon.” Well, I was going to get the thread with that. No, he insisted that I get the ball winder with the coupon. “Just pay the full price for the thread — $2.99!”

I came home with the ball winder, the swift, and my green crochet thread. If he hadn’t been with me, I would have come home without all of this.

Of course, I immediately had to try out my new stuff!


Now I have a nice little yarn cake with a center pull-out end.


I LOVE THEM! When I told Hubby that it isn’t even my birthday or any special day, he said, “Every day is special when you’re in it.” Yep, he’s a keeper!

My Bizarre Bazaar Bag

June 3, 2014

It’s time once again to get¬†things ready for the Fair. Some of the afghans I made at the beginning of the year will¬†be entered¬†and they’re ready, thank goodness. In addition to¬†a few other items¬†finished and ready to go, I’ve been working on a few UFO’s and some new projects as well.¬† More on all of this later.

One of the categories that I enjoy entering each year is the “It’s in the Bag” contest. One of my biggest passions is making and decorating bags. This year’s theme for this contest is¬†“bizarre bazaar” bag. We’re supposed to bring a bag big enough to hold items that we would find at a bazaar. And the “bizarre” part tells me that they’re looking for something unusual as well.

One day while looking through a new magazine again that I had received a few weeks prior, I came across this crocheted bag that was designed by¬†Kristin Omdahl. When I saw it the first time, my immediate reaction was “what an ugly bag, who would want to make that!”

But this time when I saw it again, I was in the “Fair mode” and started seeing it in a different eye. I found some yarn in my stash and started crocheting it.

This is what it looks like with a pillow stuffed inside.


It’s made up of a¬†large doily-like front and back and four “doilies” for the sides. The middle of the “doilies” poof out (for what reason, I don’t know — just a decorated effect, I guess.) Here it is laying flat.


The pattern came from my newest “Crochet today!”¬†magazine and is even pictured on the front cover. (I guess they thought it deserved special attention. ūüôā )

I call it my ugly bag, but you know what? The more I look at it, the more I’m liking it. And it is a pretty good size. You all know how I like my¬†big bags!!