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Up-to-date Scrapbooks

August 19, 2014

It took me a week, but I finally got my Fair-ribbon scrapbooks brought up-to-date and repaired. I knew I was behind a couple of years getting ribbons pasted in them, but when I got them out to review, I was five years behind!

It’s nice to take pics and paste them in with the ribbons, (which wasn’t done some years), so when I look back at them, I can see what item won a ribbon. Two of the five years’ worth of ribbons didn’t have pics, so I had to go back through my camera chips, find them, and have them developed. The first book was coming apart so it had to be repaired as well. It’s been quite a process, but the books are now up-to-date and repaired.

There are two scrapbooks, but if I get any more ribbons, I think I’ll have to get another one.


The one on the right is the latest one. It holds all the ribbons from 2000 to this year. The one on the left is the first one started in 1975! It runs through 1999.


As you can see, my ribbon accumulation has increased year by year.

Here is the first page and the first entries I entered into the Fair in 1975. It’s hard to tell from the pic, but I made a pair of yellow loopy baby booties which won a 1st place, and a tatted choker that took second place.


It’s fun to go back through my scrapbooks to see all the projects I’ve won ribbons on all these years and how entering into the Fair has changed throughout the years. Next year will be my 40th anniversary of Fair participation. Where did all those years go?

Bicycle Airplanes?

August 7, 2014

My father-in-law is 91 years old. He’s always been an active man — a go-getter, a work horse. When he retired from his job in construction many years ago, he bought his own heavy equipment and worked for himself. He did this for many years until he was injured and couldn’t work anymore.

He’s not one to sit around and feel sorry for himself. He had to have something to keep himself busy. Somewhere he saw an airplane made from pop cans. It fascinated him and he copied it from just looking at one. Through the years, he’s finessed them and made hundreds of airplanes. In addition to the airplanes, he’s made whirligigs and train engines as well. His work is perfection.

He gives them all away with the exception of a friend who would buy them from him to put in his craft booth. FIL tired of this after a couple of years, however, because he felt it was “work”. He’d rather give them away to family and friends and see their happy faces as they receive one.

People are always giving him cans because they know that he makes these items from them. Someone gave him these beer cans and this is one of his latest airplanes that he made.



I’ve never seen cans with bicycles on them. I think he said it was a beer can. It made a really pretty one, I think.

Beware: If you take him some cans, you can expect an airplane in return!

Last Fair News

August 6, 2014

The last day of the Fair for this year was Sat. It was also the last day for the Special Events contests. This was the “It’s in the bag” contest which is my favorite contest of all. You all should know by now that I’m a “bag” lady and any opportunity I have to make or decorate a bag, I will jump at it.

I’ve already posted the “ugly” crochet bag that I made for this contest. It was the one that would be entered into the “bag made by the exhibitor” class. The other class was “a purchased bag decorated by the exhibitor”. Here’s what I came up with for this one,


Here’s a close-up of one of the hearts which I cut from a piece of old quilt that I bought at War Eagle a few years ago,


I added a little pocket (from a stack of pockets from old jeans that Daughter C. had given me),  sewed an extra seam for a pocket for the pen, and sewed it to the inside of the bag. The word “notes” I painted with my fabric paints.


Annnnnnd, here’s the result of all my work,


Yep, two more blue ribbons! Go me!

While Hubby and I were at the Fair on the last day Sat., we decided to be wild and crazy and ride the Ferris wheel,




It’s sort of tradition, what can I say. It cost us $12.50 to go around three times. Are we wild and crazy or what?

BTW, I forgot to get a pic of my cake on Mon., so I took one when we were there on Sat. It was looking a little droopy by Sat., but here’s kind of what it looked like,


So the Fair is over for another year. I’ll be working on my scrapbook in the upcoming days, pasting the ribbons and pics of my entries into it.

It’s fun to go back in my scrapbooks and look at the previous entries I’ve put in the Fair. It’s mind-boggling to me to see all the projects I’ve made through all these years. Sometimes I wonder where some of these things are today. Have they been passed on to others, or are they sitting under piles of junk rotting in a landfill somewhere? Maybe I don’t really want to know. 🙂





A Fun Visit

August 2, 2014

Our youngest and his family were passing through here on their way home from vacation and stopped for a visit with us. We had lunch and a nice time hearing all about their vacation.

The little boys know where Grandma keeps “the toys” that stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s house just for the times that they are here. So that’s one of the first things they went for. It’s so funny as soon as they are in the door and Grandma can steal a hug, it’s “Can we go out to the garage?”

I managed to snap a nice pic of them after trying to get them to give me a straight face.


Then I said, “Ok, give me a silly face,”


Do you think they take after their parents?


It was a hassle, but I finally got a pretty good one of them as well.


LOVE it when any of the kids and grandkids can visit. It doesn’t happen often enough.