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Bunny Update

September 6, 2014

We took the bunnies to the vet yesterday to get them checked out and hopefully to find out their sex. Casper has a front tooth problem that is apparently pretty common among rabbits. His front teeth don’t align right and so consequently they don’t get the constant grinding down that they are supposed to get. So he will need to have his teeth clipped back every three to six months for the rest of his life.

The vet said that we could clip his teeth ourselves. But after seeing her struggle with it, I think we’ll be taking him back every several months to get it done. My fear would be that I’d snip something that wasn’t supposed to be snipped.

Sambo’s teeth were perfect, though, so he was good to go. They both checked out health-wise and they got weighted and their toe nails clipped as well.

Yes, we found out that both of them are males. Whew! We won’t need to neuter them unless they become aggressive with each other or with us according to the vet. She said it may happen and it may not. So we can wait and see how things go as far as that.

The vet gave us a little more information on how to care for them, answered our questions, and was very helpful and patient with us. She was very good to the bunnies. I think I’m going to like her as our bunnies’ doctor.

Hubby bought some fencing and set it up in the back yard. Now the little boys have a place to run and exercise outside. They seem to love being in the grass.


Snowman Ready

September 5, 2014

Here’s a couple of UFO’s finished for the sale.


They turned out so cute, I’m tempted to make a couple more. If I don’t sell them, I know a couple of people who might want one.

I’ve been working on crocheted snowflakes as well. I had about ten of them made, but wanted to make more. They need to be starched, and I think I’ll sprinkle glitter on them for a little shine as well. They seem to sell pretty good at craft shows and if not, they’re small enough to stick into a Christmas card.

In addition to the snowflakes, I’ve been crocheting tops on the huge stack of towels that I keep picking up from time to time. If I can get one finished every day until my show, the huge stack will disappear. 🙂

I have so many things ready to go to the craft show that I don’t really need to make much more. However, I would like to get the snowflakes and towels finished up. So with that said, back to the sewing room. . . . . .

Sept. Is Here Already!

September 3, 2014

Sept. is National Sewing Month. I was planning to spend the month sewing a little every day like I did in 2009. However, Aug. was over before I realized it and I’ve only got one more month to get ready for my craft show in Oct. Once again I’ve procrastinated a little too long.

My WIP (works in progress) and UFO’s (unfinished objects), most of which are supposed to be for the craft show, fill the daybed in my sewing room.  Every day when I walk into the sewing room, I tell myself that today I need to start finishing some of these items. But, as it almost always happens, I start working on something else. Imagine that!

Here are a few items that I’ve finished since the Fair this year:

This is a cross-stitched pillow that I was hoping to finish in time to enter into the Fair this year, but it will probably be in next year’s Fair.

A sweater I made for myself from the Creative Knitting magazine March 2009 issue that I’ve had bookmarked to make — yes, from 2009. It’s a simple sweater and didn’t take very long to make, but I liked the flared pleats on the bottom and sleeves.



And here’s a purse that’s been hidden away in my wannabe projects for years! I don’t even know how long it’s been, but I used a pattern for the “B” that’s in a book dated with a Copywrite of 1982! And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how long it’s been in my wannabe project pile.


Anyway, this month I’ve already started on those piles of WIP and UFO’s; so most of them, hopefully, will be ready to take to the craft show. (Not that I really need them because I have enough stuff to fill two booths.) So, no sewing this month unless I find something stashed on the daybed that needs a little finishing for the craft show.

Guess Who Came To Live With Us?

September 2, 2014



Yes, we are now the proud parents of two lively little bunnies. We named them Casper and Sambo. I’ll let you guess which is which.

Hubby has always loved all kinds of animals. We’ve had cats, dogs, and fish almost all of our lives. We lost our last pet several years ago and we haven’t been ready to deal with another one — until now. A rabbit seemed like a logical choice because they’ll be in their cage until we decide to play with them. It’ll still be a lot of work to care for them, but Hubby really needed a hobby.

One of my friends had a bunch of baby rabbits (suddenly) to adopt out to loving families. Hubby was the perfect Daddy for them. We told her we would take two so they could keep each other company. We don’t know yet what sex they are yet but, hopefully, we’ll be able to get them fixed before we have a bunch of babies suddenly to find homes for.

We brought them into the sunroom this morning to get some exercise while Hubby cleaned out the cage. They sure are curious.


They love to smell my feet! I wonder if I should be worried?!



I got down on the floor to take a better pic of them and they climbed all over me. It was so funny.


They ran and jumped around, explored, and smelled everything. We sure got a kick out of watching them. When they started leaving us a few little gifts, we decided they were ready for a nap and put them back in their cage.


Hubby likes to sit and watch them.


Yep, bringing the little rabbits into our family was a good thing.