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My Birthday

October 1, 2014

Was made so special by my sister and husband. My sis surprised me with a trip to the quilt show the day before my birthday. She came over with a few little gifts that she’d made.


The picture is of our mom sitting at her old sewing machine. The butterfly fan is a gift from a recent trip she made with her hubby to Tennessee. And the little pillow she made for me is embroidered with the word “Believe”. Love it!

Then we took off for the quilt show. She paid my way in and bought my lunch as well!


The quilts were, well the word “beautiful” just sounds so plain compared to what they were. They were AWESOME!

The first ones we saw were the ones that were being auctioned off. We both bid on a few but we didn’t come back to check on them, so we didn’t get them. This one was made with the tiniest pieces of fabric I’ve ever seen in a quilt!


You can see in perspective to my sis’s hand how little the wall hanging is. Here she’s holding up a tape measure. Look at the size of those tiny pieces!!


Here’s a few pics of some more quilts,




Sis’s favorite,




This was my favorite. It was hand quilted! LOOK at those tiny, tiny, stitches!!





My Sis made my day! Despite some “issues” in our past, my sis has always remembered my birthday and made it special for me. I told her that and gave her a hug.

The next day, the 20th, was my birthday. Hubby took me to lunch at the Whole Hog restaurant  for barbecue pork — my favorite! I chowed down!! 🙂


After we ate, we went to the Relics Antique Mall. They have a tea room as well as LOTS of antiques and vintage items to drool over. After walking off some of our lunch, we went to the tea room and had some flavored tea and I had a caramel cheesecake! Ummmmm!

I only bought two items that I just couldn’t live without. One was a small, old, medicine syrup bottle to add to my bottle collection and a corner shelf that I’m not sure where to put yet — but I knew I HAD to have it!

Lots of friends and family members wished me a Happy Birthday, got a few cards from other friends and all said and done I had a wonderful birthday. Yes, even though I try to forget those birthdays that add yet another year to my life, no one lets me forget. But that’s a good thing!