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This Week In Crafts

January 23, 2015

Well, what have I done this week? The sweater I was making out of that beautiful yarn is off the needles. It’s waiting to be blocked and sewn together.

The little blanket buddies are finished and waiting to be sewn onto the blanket parts which have been washed.

Are you seeing a trend here? This is why I have so many UFOs. The hand-work part of crafting is the fun part for me. When I get to the finishing part, I hit a brick wall. They would call me a “process” crafter. The finishing part is what I need to work on.

But I digress.

I’ve been wanting to start a knitted sampler afghan since I bought this booklet from Leisure Arts sometime last year. At Christmastime the craft stores were offering big discount coupons, so I took advantage of it and bought enough off-white yarn to make the sampler afghan. So, needless to say, I’ve been itching to start it.

So after the sweater came off the needles, I picked up the afghan. Yes, I know. It’s no telling how long that beautiful sweater will sit — unfinished.

However! I did finish a project that’s been sitting around for a while. I bought a felt sunflower at a craft show several years ago thinking that I would like to make some like it.

One day, (a while back), going through some of my painted jars, I picked up one that had some sunflowers painted on it. Hey, wouldn’t this look cute with one of those little felt sunflowers poked in it? I gathered up all the supplies I would need to make it, put them into a box and then stuck the box alongside all my “to do” projects.

It sit there until a few days ago. It took me all of two hours to make that little sunflower! Ha Ha! After sitting in that box for I don’t even know how long! Anyway, here’s what it looks like,


Back to the afghan. It will take 20 squares to make the afghan. It’s going pretty fast and I’ve already made four and I’m working on the fifth square now.


Of course these haven’t been blocked yet so they’ll look a lot better afterwards. It amazes me that some people say they never block their items made from acrylic yarn. It makes soooo much difference in their look. But that’s another story.

Every square is supposed to be a different stitch pattern. The booklet has 60 different squares and as I’ve said before, it takes 20 to make an afghan. Maybe I’ll make another one using 20 different patterns and make them out of my stash yarn. Hey, that would be a good way to use up some of the yarn I still have that I inherited from my sis!

But first I need to finish this one.


What In The World Have I Done This Week

January 13, 2015

Well for starters, I’m still working on the new sweater that I had started last week. It’s going along pretty fast even though it’s in a DK weight yarn and using size 6 needles. I’ve only been knitting on it a couple of hours in the evenings while I listen to my audio books from the library. The back is finished and the front is knitted up to the place for the underarm decreases.


I’ll have to knit on the rest of it during a time I can concentrate because at this point, the directions are going to go like, “decrease at the arm edge and at the same time decrease at the neck edge etc.” Ya’ll know what I mean!

I love, love, love working with this yarn! It’s 60% superwash wool, 20% linen and 20% silk.


This is one of my rare “more expensive” yarns that I splurged on a while back. I tend to “save” these types of yarns for what, I don’t know? A rainy day perhaps?

However I read about a lady who had decided to use her “good” yarn before she died and her kids either threw it away or passed it on to Goodwill or some such a thing. It made me think. So this year I’ve decided to start using my “good” yarn as well. If what I make with it turns out not like I was hoping it would, then a trip to the frog pond will await me. 🙂


Last week I mentioned that I was making another blanket buddy to stash away for my sale this Fall. Well, I decided to use up the rest of that same yarn and I was able to make three blankets. Now I’m in the process of making the little bunny pieces to sew to the center of the blankets. One set is finished and I’m working on set #2. The pattern for this blanket buddy is from my “Crochet today” magazine, April/May 2014 issue.


I’ll finish all the sets first, wash the blankets to make them a little softer and then sew all the little bunny pieces onto the blankets.

So many crafts, so little time!

Back to Crafts

January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been quite a ride for Hubby and me the last several months. I’m ready to settle down and get back to a routine again. I still marvel about how I ever found time to do all the things I used to do and work a full-time job as well.

It’s not that I haven’t been working on my crafts during all this traveling around, getting through birthdays and holidays, being sick, etc., because I certainly have. It would take an act of congress to make me give up my crafting. (Not sure that would work either.)

However, my crafting has certainly suffered compared to what I’ve accomplished in the past. I didn’t get nearly as much done for my craft show and Christmas gifting as I was hoping for.

But that’s all water under the bridge now and a New Year has started and I’m ready to get on board the craft wagon again. Have I mentioned that I LOVE making things? It’s like I’m obsessed — I don’t just love to make things, I have to make things!

So on that note, I’ll mention some items that I’ve finished since the first of the year.

I made my older Sis a hat for Christmas. It’s just a simple knit 2, purl 2 hat with a cuff and an added pom-pom on top. She likes to wear them even inside because it keeps her warmer. Since Christmas, I decided to make another one to stash away for my next craft show.


For a Christmas gift, I knitted an infinity scarf using the seed stitch. I liked it so much, I made one for myself.


It’s longer than it looks all folded up on the table. When I put it on draped just one time around my neck, it comes to my knees. But when I twist it around my neck two times, it’s like a very thick cowl and yes, it’s very warm! I love it! Later on I think I’ll make a couple more of these to stash away for the sale as well.

As I’ve mentioned before, I always have UFO’s gracing my craft space. They’re always changing shape and form, but I’ve given up on ever getting them completely caught up. However, I did finish one a few days ago! It’s another ear warmer like the ones that I made for the sale last year.


And just yesterday I finished a bag that I’d started just a few days ago. It’s crocheted from my book “Crochet One-Skein Wonders.”


The directions don’t mention lining it, but I think I will. It’s supposed to be a market bag but I want to use it for a purse.

Currently, I’m working on another knitted sweater and a crocheted blanket buddy like the one I made for our newest great-niece born last year. More about them later.

I wanted to start something “special” to blog about once a day or week since it’s the beginning of a new year. But I haven’t come up with anything. One thought I had would be really neat — just grab one of my books, magazines, kits, or patterns and make something from it once a week. That would really be ambitious! But FUN! Maybe next year!