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Exercising Is A Good Thing

April 4, 2015

Hubby and I have joined a gym. It’s actually called the Family Center and has other activities besides the gym of mechanical machines. There’s a basketball court, a track to walk around, table games, (pool, ping-pong, etc.), and even, in the case of two of the locations, (there’s three locations in the city), a swimming pool.


We’ve been members since the middle of Jan. We first thought that we would just go a couple of times a week, but the habit has morphed into every. single. day.

Hubby wants to walk at least three times a day for 30 min. each time. We have a treadmill that he uses for this. But it’s boring. Hence the reason for joining the gym.

We’re going every morning, (except on Sundays — then it might be in the afternoon.) We spend anywhere from three to four hours at the gym. Here’s our routine:

We get there and both of us walk around the track 20 times which takes about half an hour.



Then we rest for half an hour and have a cup of coffee.


Then Hubby walks on one of the treadmills for another half hour while I stay in the lounge and do some knitting or crocheting.


Another half-hour break. And lastly, we do another 20 times around the track.

In between all this walking, we’ll visit with people we’ve met since joining the gym. Sometimes we’ll “visit” in the lounge area for another 30 to 45 min., (We’ve met some really nice people about our age.)  So we leave the house about 9:30 am and get back home in time for lunch at 1:00.

This routine has put a big damper in my activities every day — not that I was doing all that much anyway. But I am so much more aware of my limited time to get things done now than I was before we started this “routine”– I have to “plan” my projects like I did when I was working. So it’s like having a part-time job again. I was sure enjoying my retirement! (Or I should say I was sure enjoying being lazy. 🙂 )

But all in all, exercising is a good thing. We’re both feeling better, making friends, and have a nice place to do our walking. (The Family Center also has a nice track outside to walk around in nice weather.)