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It’s That Time of Year Again — Fair Time

June 8, 2015

Several weeks ago, I checked the Ozark Empire Fair’s web site and sure enough, the premium lists for this year are up and ready.

The excitement and enthusiasm I usually feel at this time of year has been gradually shrinking for several years now. The Fair and how it’s run has been changing — and not for the better in my opinion. But I won’t go into that at this time. If you’ve read my past posts, then you’re probably aware of my opinions on this topic anyway.

However, I’m a die-hard on entering my items in the Fair just because I’ve done it and loved it for soooooo many years. So, once again, I’ll have some of my items in the Fair this year.

As I looked over the premium lists, I made a mental check of some items I have finished (or almost finished) to enter this year. In fact, after going through and seeing all the projects I’ve finished since last year, I’m quite surprised of the number of things I’ve done. A major problem I’m going to have is selecting what I want to enter since the entry rules have changed/combined so many categories. I’ll only be able to pick a very few of these items. Darn, cause I have some cute stuff!

After cleaning up my sewing room, I’ve uncovered a lot of UFO’s that could go into the Fair as well. All I need to do is finish them! (I’ve mentioned before that I use the Fair to motivate me to finish UFO’s. It’s worked for me in the past and hopefully it will work for me again this year.)

But guess what? I’ve started a couple more items! (I know, surprise, surprise.) There are a few categories that I feel like I have to enter as I’ve always had something in these categories. Like the baby afghan for CMN and the toys for the Toys for Tots sections (which are donated to charity after the Fair is over). It’s a tradition!

Then there’s the “It’s in the Bag” contest. Since I consider myself an unofficial “bag lady”, I have to enter that! (I LOVE making bags!)

Rummaging through my yarn stash, I found all the colors I needed to make a baby afghan.


I have about half the squares made so far. There’s about 10 ends to weave in after each block is made. But guess what?! I’m actually weaving them in after each block has been crocheted! I learned my lesson with that other afghan.

My newest Creative Knitting magazine (Summer 2015 issue) had the directions for a bag that caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It’s called the Dock of the Bay Tote. And after looking through my yarn stash, I found the exact yarn it called for in the directions!  I even had the exact amount it called for! That’s what I call “meant to be”!


I really do want to finish some of those UFO’s for the Fair that I uncovered during my sewing room clean-up. So after I burn out of steam on these two projects, I’ll really have to get busy on them. The Fair will be here before I know it!




OK, Now To Clean The Sewing Room!

June 1, 2015

The garage sale is over, things are getting back to normal, and I have a routine getting established to take care of everything I need to do.

I’ve decided that Saturdays are my day to stay home from walking and get the house cleaned from top to bottom. Also, I’ve been focusing on one room every week to get an extra good cleaning. So far it’s working out pretty good.

All the rooms have had their share of the “extra” cleaning — except the sewing room. Yep. The best for last, right? Well, even though it’ll be fun to clean up my sewing room, it’s the messiest of all. I don’t understand that either. How can a room that’s not being used that much get so messy?

For the last several months, whenever I have a few hours to devote to crafts, I’ve been running out to my little shop out back to paint. (Which is staying pretty organized, if I do say so myself.) The only time I’m in my sewing room is in the evenings after supper and a walk on the treadmill to sit, cool off, listen to my audio tapes and work on some knitting or crocheting. So when is it getting messed up?

There was yarn all over the daybed, magazines, books, and projects strung out all over the floor, daybed, ironing board, Grandma’s old sewing machine, and a tv tray table I’m using for a work table. Where did it all come from?

Well, I guess I’ve been doing more than I thought. I’ve been knitting more dish cloths,


which means I’ve been bringing in more thread from the stash in the garage, more little candy corns,


which means more projects bags around my “knitting chair”, some cross-stitching that’s been sitting on the tv tray table for several months because I can’t get “in the mood” to work on it, and then I decided to make some little doilies,



which means more thread crochet coming in from the garage.

In addition to this, I’ve been going through books and magazines and the yarn stash looking for materials and ideas for fingerless gloves to take to the gals at the Family Center.

So, ok, I’m guilty! Time to put everything back where it belongs, tidy up, clean, and get the sewing room back in order.