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Yarn Barn Haul

August 20, 2015

My Sis went with me to the Yarn Barn to cash in my two gift certificates from the Fair. One of my reasons for taking her was that I was hoping she would help me out by selecting some yarn for herself — I wanted to spread out my good fortune. But she wouldn’t have any of that.  She said, “you earned it, you get the rewards from it!”

Like I need any more yarn. But I had gift certificates for “free” yarn and by George I was going to use them!

I was like a kid in a candy store — so much yarn, what to get?! Finally I picked out some yarn and filled my trunk.


The yarn I chose is two different colors in a linen/poly/viscose (which is a sort of rayon) blend. One bunch is a light grayish color, even though it looks blue here,


and the other is a turquoise/white color.


Both of them are sooooo soft! They’ll be easy care as well.

This big spool of yarn is a rayon/linen yarn in a natural color.


Oh my goodness, I’ll never use all that up!! What was I thinking?! But it’s really beautiful yarn and it’ll make all kinds of things from tops to bags.

All of these yarns are about a #2 weight. It’ll take more yarn to make something, but I think I’ll have enough of it to make just about anything I feel an urge to make.

To finish out the $5.00 I had left, I got some orange acrylic yarn that I’m going to use to make more crocheted pumpkins that I’ve been into lately,  and some black and white acrylic yarn because “you can always use black and white.”

So I’ll get busy knitting up my new yarn and soon post pics of what my projects turn out to be. Yeah, right! Like that’s going to happen! 🙂




Fair Finale

August 16, 2015

Ok, one last blog entry on the Fair. I promise.

I had to write one more because this was the year for surprises. And I need to write about these “surprises” because they are BIG. Pleasant, but at the same time a little aggravating.

It seems that there were issues this year with the ribbons. I was told after much frustration that the ribbons were late arriving on time to be placed on the winning items. (And how long did they know that the Fair was coming?)

In addition to this, they had computer problems as well. OK, I can believe that. But some of the explanations are a little hard to swallow. Like “the judges failed to write the winning numbers on the back of the tags.” Nope. Can’t buy that one. Some of my tags had some personal messages written on them that only the judge would have written.

All of these issues took place in the Home Arts section by the way. The Hobby Crafts and the Food sections didn’t seem to have any issues. Think about that one.

Anyway, here is how their issues affected me:

Two of my items had been placed in a display case along with several others but the display case was in another area away from all the other items in Home Arts. I had to ask where my other two items were before I knew that, 1. they hadn’t lost them, and 2. that they both had blue ribbons on them! Surprise #1.


A hat that I thought didn’t win a ribbon suddenly had a blue ribbon on it the next time I went to the Fair. Surprise #2.


Same thing happened to my cross-stitched pillow. No ribbon, then suddenly, a red ribbon showed up on it. Surprise #3.


On the last day of the Fair, I found out that my sweater that had been displayed prominently right in front was supposed to have had a blue ribbon on it as well. Surprise #4. (I was sure to get one when I went back to pick up my items after the Fair was over.)


By this time I was getting pretty upset. The Fair runs for 10 days and my ribbons weren’t even displayed on all of my items! It’s hard for me to believe that I was the only exhibitor that had these issues.

Oh the biggest is yet to come.

When I went to the Fairgrounds to pick up my items after the Fair was over, I was given TWO gift certificates for Champion ribbons!! WHAT? I knew about the afghan, but what was this second one for? So I said to her that I should get another Champion ribbon. But she said, “No you don’t get a ribbon, just the gift certificate. No, no, no. I knew better but I didn’t argue with her in front of everybody else.

So I e-mailed her and mentioned all the “issues” I had had this year, and she (the same gal that was handing out the prize money the day before) wrote back and said that she was sorry, blah, blah, blah, and yes, that I had a Champion ribbon coming to me and I could pick it up at the office anytime.

Apparently I was supposed to have won the Champion ribbon on my crocheted top. It was displayed with the blue ribbon during the Fair, but it sure would have been nice if it had had the Champion ribbon on it as well!



Next year is the 80th year for the Ozark Empire Fair. (This year, BTW, was my 40th year for entering my craft items in the Fair!) The gal assured me that all the kinks will be ironed out and next year’s Fair will be better. She said that she hopes that she’ll see me next year. We’ll see!

I’ve just about had it with the Fair. It seems that the running of it gets worse and worse every year. But I’m sure when the Fair rolls around again in a year, that I’ll get excited all over again, and yes, I’ll be right in there getting knocked around again.

P.S.  It seemed appropriate that this being my 40th anniversary of entering in the Fair, that I got a ribbon on every item I entered this year. And to put the frosting on the cake, that I got two Champion ribbons! AND I have two gift certificates to the Yarn Barn for $20 each! Yarn Barn here I come!!

And The Ribbons Go To . . . . .

August 5, 2015

The first contest that I entered during the Fair took place on the first day of the Fair. It was the Fair Flair contest where we were supposed to decorate a pair of shoes. Remember the flip-flops that I crocheted on? Well here they are,


It’s hard to tell, but I got second place on them.

After the judging was over, Hubby and I walked around to see everything else.

The first item we saw was the penguin.


Next was the granny square baby afghan with the red ribbon hanging over the side of the box. Then we looked up and saw the little girl with her red ribbon.


Walking on down the aisle, next was the blue crocheted top. You have to look close, but there’s a blue ribbon hanging from it!


Next was the hats for the Amer. Cancer Society. My green one got a blue ribbon, but my knitted hat didn’t get anything.


As we came to the next section, there was my sampler afghan with a blue ribbon on it!


As Hubby and I was standing there looking at all the other beautiful items, a gal came along with her hands full of champion ribbons and started attaching them to some of the items. I made a comment about it and she said that they just got the ribbons today! (And how long did they know they would be needing these ribbons?) Then she attached one to MY afghan!!


The last item I saw of my things was the knitted sweater I made. But, alas, no ribbon on it. Can’t win them all!

Then we headed over to the craft section. The first item I saw was the photo album I had painted on with another blue ribbon attached!


Then the Christmas tree ornament,


You should have seen the blue ribbon winner! It also got a champion ribbon!!

Next was my pickle jar,


and my wall plaque,


the wooden pumpkin,


the wreath with the saw blade, (it has a blue ribbon hanging from it, but I failed to catch it in the pic.)


The scarecrow and pumpkins and the bottle with the wooden flower.


And last was the pan with the gingerbread man.


I’ve been to the Fair on Sat., Sun. and Mon. to be in some baking competitions. Sat. was the pies. I only made one this year. It was a cherry pie. This is what it looked like right out of the oven! Yum!


I got third place on it,


They wanted us to just leave a piece of the pie, so the whole thing wouldn’t be wasted. (Why did it take them 79 years to come up with that logic?)

Sun. was the quick breads. I entered a sweet potato bread with raisins and nuts. It had a good taste, but my oven doesn’t do bread very well. The center didn’t completely bake and it was a little gooey plus the sides were beginning to burn. I was so disappointed that I almost didn’t take it! But I did. And it got a blue ribbon!!!!


I also took some muffins — a chocolate banana bran muffin and a breakfast muffin. They both got second place!


Then Mon. was the chocolate contest. I took sugar cookies with a chocolate filling and rolled the edges in chocolate sprinkles and my famous peanut butter cups that I make every year for Christmas.


As you can see, I got ribbons on both of them!

The last contest I’ll be in will be the last day of the Fair this Sat. It’s the “It’s in the bag” contest. I’ll be taking two bags. One I crocheted and the other is a store-bought bag that I’ll have decorated. The way it’s been going this year, I may have another ribbon or two! Hope so!