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Here It Is September

September 3, 2015

Happy September Everyone! It’s National Sewing Month again! And once again, I have a vision of sewing every day during the month and possibly making something new everyday like I did back in Sept. 2009.   That Sept. was quite an endeavor and I enjoyed it even though I was working those awful  morning hours at Wal-Mart during that time.

But I don’t want to commit myself to a project like that again until I know I’ll have time to work on it. Right now I’m in the process of getting projects finished, repairing and improving some of the booth fixtures, and tagging everything in preparation of the craft show in Ozark.

Ever since the Fair finished in Aug., I’ve been working on pumpkins, ghost pops, candy corn, crocheted towel toppers, coasters and mug mats. I have a goal of so many of each item to make, so I’ve got my days divided into certain hours for each project.

So no time to sew this month. However, I did finish a project that’s been pushed so far to the back burner that I almost forgot I had them! And in addition to finishing them, they were sewing projects as well!! Two birds . . . , as the saying goes.


In case you can’t tell what they are, they’re fly swatter covers. The centers are cross-stitched and that part of the project has been finished a long time. It’s the sewing them together that was left behind. But two days of sewing and they’re all ready to go.

Here’s some mug mats that are finished,


The little sunflowers are a set of coasters.

Sometime during this month, (soon I hope), I’ll be dragging out fixtures and  crafts to set up my booth in the garage to see how it will look and where everything will go. This will be a good time to check and finesse all the crafts as well. I actually bought a couple of professional shelving units to use for my jars and painted items.


The units came with the three shelves apiece, but I think I’ll get a couple more shelves for each unit. The shelves can be adjusted in any of the slats depending on the area I’ll need. They should give me a lot more room in my tiny booth space!

Well, I’d better get on with my day and get these fingers to flying!