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Different View

November 28, 2015

For years now I’ve been buying the Survivor DVD’s of past seasons as soon as they become available. Because anyone who knows me knows that I’m a BIG Survivor fan. The last two seasons that were becoming available, Redemption Island and South Pacific, had to be pre-ordered way back in the summer. They finally became available and was sent to me.


I’ve been watching the whole series of seasons in sequence when I walk on the treadmill in the evenings. It makes walking not so boring. 🙂 As soon as I got the new DVDs, however, I stopped watching the one I was watching and tried to watch one of the new ones. Well, all I got was sound and the picture was unwatchable. It just showed hundreds of little square colored dots all over the screen. WHAT?

So I tried them on the other two DVD players in the living room. I didn’t get anything! Not even the sound.

I called Amazon and explained my situation. The guy said to destroy these and they would send me two new ones at no cost to me. GREAT! Amazon has amazing customer service! The new DVDs were here in less than a week!

Of course I tried them out immediately and guess what? These did the same thing. I tried every DVD in both seasons and it was the same. However, when I played the special feature section on some of them, they played normally.

By now I was so frustrated with it all that I just wanted to get my money refunded and forget the whole thing. I called Amazon back again. I had to talk with a gal with a heavy accent this time. She was very polite, however, and tried to work with me to help me understand her. Since this was the second time I had problems with these DVDs, they had to “investigate” what was going on. She asked if we had tried multiple players, etc.

After a half-hour’s time trying to understand her and being put on hold numerous times, she finally told me that they would refund my money. (Have I mentioned that Amazon has amazing customer service?) I volunteered to send the DVDs back (both sets of two), but she said to just destroy them.

Hubby and I discussed this issue over and over. Why would some parts of the DVD play (the special features) and some not. One day I got a brain-storm and tried one in my computer. IT PLAYED! We tried it in his computer. IT PLAYED!

Well, Hubby is a fixer and he thought about it and came up with a feasible explanation, at least to me. He thought that with all the new technology coming out, maybe they’re making the newer DVDs to scan at a different speed (or something to that effect) then the older ones. (Our technology devices are usually ancient because we tend to keep things until they wear out.)

What if we bought a new DVD player. Well, the TV we have in the bedroom where we have the treadmill is a combination TV and DVD/VHS player.


Yes, we’ve had it forever! But, hey, it still worked right? So we would not only have to buy a new DVD player, but a new TV as well. Because they don’t made combos anymore.

We bought a new DVD player and a 32″ flat screen SMART TV. What that means is that we can hook it up to our Wi-Fi and get Netflix, news, weather, etc. on it just like it was a computer! How TECH is that! It was only $50 more than the TV we were looking at, so it came home with us.

We got all of it connected and of course the first thing we checked was the DVDs. THEY PLAYED! Now Hubby can watch his favorite shows while he rides his new bicycle and I can watch my Survivor DVDs while I walk on the treadmill.


Now I feel guilty that I made Amazon refund my money. I’ve thought seriously that  I need to contact them again and let them know what happened and try to pay for these DVDs. But I’m afraid that will open up another can of worms. I’ll have to see what my conscience leads me to do. However, since we had to spend almost three hundred dollars just so I could watch my new DVDs, (because we had no plans to buy this outfit), maybe it all works out after all.

What To Do On A Nasty Rainy Day

November 27, 2015

It’s being typical Nov. weather today with a cold, rainy day-after-Thanksgiving day. But I’m staying nice and warm in my little sewing room nook where I can stitch and watch it rain all day.


Here’s what I’m working on.


I found this kit at the thrift store. (I KNOW! I don’t need to buy any more kits! But this one just called out to me and besides that it was only $2.46!) 🙂 I love flowers, bees, butterflies, etc. and I knew it would fit perfectly in my sunroom where it’s decorated with garden and outdoor things. It will be a pillow when finished.

It’s a pretty big project so it’s taking some time to work up. I’m leaving it set up ready to sit down and work on it when I get a few minutes from all the other stuff I have to do. On days like this, however, it’s nice to sit and work on and watch the rain come down. All the pretty flowers reminds me of a beautiful, sunny, Spring day. (Oh, and I’m keeping my hot cup of coffee close as well!)


Much Catching Up To Do

November 19, 2015

The main reason I started this blog was to basically have a journal of my craft adventures. It’s evolved into pretty much a journal of our every day living as well. But that’s ok. IF I would keep it up day-to-day. However, I tend to get out of the habit of writing for some reason or another.

The last several months have been like that. I’ve been so busy with life that I’ve neglected my blog and I need to get back on track again.

So in a nut shell I’ll try to go back, and with the help of some pics that I’ve taken, bring us all up-to-date on what’s been going on.

Sept. was a busy month because the whole month I was getting ready for the craft show that I was in on the first weekend of Oct. In addition to more mug mats, ghost pops, crocheted towel toppers, etc., I made these hand sanitizer covers,


and took time out to set up my booth in the garage, (which took TWO full days setting it up, finessing crafts, and then putting it all back away in order to grab it and go.  Had to leave the vehicles in the drive-way overnight — Hubby was not happy.)





(It’s amazing to me how I could get so many items in an 8 x 7 ft. space! Ha!) I LOVE my new shelves, btw. They gave me so much more room!

I also had a birthday in Sept. which is really no big deal. Since Mom and a couple of my sis’s have passed, we don’t do birthday parties anymore with them and I miss that. Of course to my three kids, my birthday is just another day to them, so I’m lucky to get a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook from a couple of them. My surviving Sis and Hubby made the day special for me however. Sis always brings me a little goodie that she makes herself. My sewing room is full of her special thoughts of me as well as a few scattered about in other rooms.

And Hubby took me out to eat and then we went shopping and I bought myself a few things. We went to the mall, where I got a new pair of earrings, a pretty top, some awesome-smelling lotion, and a new pair of shoes! Then to Barnes and Noble where I bought a new mystery. (I love to read after I go to bed.)

Also this month was an annual meeting with my friend, Barb, who lives in West Plains. We only get together once a year, but oh! what a fun time when we do! We usually meet about half-way from here to there, exchange gifts, (because our birthdays are only two weeks apart), (I got a cute crocheted pumpkin and some pumpkin fudge on a pumpkin plate,


and Barb got a crocheted candy corn doll, a pumpkin mug mat, and a decorated gift bag),


have lunch


and then spend a little time doing what we both love to do — shopping at a thrift store! I found another mystery book, a pan for the rabbit’s treats, and my best buy was a distressed leather jacket for $5!


Barb found some scarves for the cat’s bed, a purse, and her best buy was a terra-cotta clock.


The Ozark craft sale was the following weekend. Sis helped me set up my booth even though she didn’t have anything to sell. She also came to sit with me one day.


It was a beautiful weekend, lots and lots of people, and I made more money than I have in the past. It seemed like I still brought home as many crafts as I took though! Ha! It was fun but a lot of work and I had a few doubts about doing this again new year. (I’ll be 70 years old next year!) But after all the ins and outs of it, I signed up for at least one more go around. 🙂

After the craft show was history, I dragged out all of my Halloween decorations. OMGosh! I didn’t realize how much I actually had! I wish I’d have taken a pic of all of it but suffice to say, it took up all of the sunroom floor pretty much. It was time to get rid of most of it.

I got all the decorations put out that I wanted to keep, (here’s what I put on my table),


and loaded all the rest of it up to take to the thrift store. Some of it was still in the original packages! With Halloween on the way, I knew it wouldn’t last very long and, sure enough, when Hubby and I were leaving, we saw some people buying it.

During all the years that I’ve been doing craft shows, there have been a few “accidents” with some of my crafts.  I’ve been throwing them into a box to repair “one of these days.” I decided it was time to get that box out, fix or throw the crafts away and get that project done and gone.

I toted the box to my Sis’s and asked her if she would like to help me repair “a few things”.  “Sure,” she said, but I don’t think she knew what she was getting into.



But she’s a trooper and it took us several hours, but we “got her done!”

Besides going to a lot of craft festivals this month, I got together with a couple of friends I made when I worked in Belton, MO. We try to get together at least once a year. These gals are a real hoot! We talk and laugh the whole time we’re together. We met in Clinton this year and had lunch at a really nice Mexican place.


Then we walked around the square and visited some of the stores and stopped at a Dairy Queen for some ice cream before we parted ways. But the best part was just being with them and enjoying their company.

Oct. seemed like a long month. I love the Fall of the year so if it can last a long time, then that’s a good thing.

Nov. is half gone already and we’ve been busy trying to remember birthdays. All of my children and most of the grandchildren and even an in-law have birthdays in Nov. and Dec. Most of them are living away and the grandsons are getting older, so most get a card and money now. It’s easier on these old folks! Ha!

This brings us up-to-date again. I hope I remembered everything. It’s nice to sit here and go back through the years and remember.