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Goal Update — Jan.

January 30, 2016

There’s only a couple of days left in Jan. (where did it go?) and I need to bring my New Year’s goals up-to-date. I should have been reporting my progress as the month went along and I’ll try to do that in the coming months.

To review:

Finish a UFO at least once a week,

Make an amigurumi animal once a week, (for my craft booth),

Get a wannabe project done once a month, and

Sew a project once a month.

Ok, the first UFO project was the pink piggy bank that I had started in plastic canvas years ago that I mentioned in a previous post.

The second UFO project was a sweater that I had started a year ago out of a beautiful wool/silk/linen yarn that I splurged on, (but still got it on sale. He He.)


The third UFO project was frogged. It was a sweater that I had started almost a year ago. After knitting about two-thirds of the back with a cotton thick and thin yarn in a lacy pattern, it just wasn’t looking as pretty as I was hoping. So it got thrown to the back burner. After pulling it out and evaluating it again, I decided to frog it and knit the same sweater without the lacy pattern. The thick and thin yarn is rather pretty just as it is in a plain stockinett stitch.


So instead of a UFO, this project has been upgraded to a WIP (work in progress). The back is already half done!

The fourth project has yet to be finished. And with just a couple of days left this month, it may not happen. But three out of four isn’t bad. (Of course this last sweater is still in the works, but not technically as a UFO anymore, right?) Okay, this is a gray area.

BTW, I found a few more UFO’s stashed under the bed which had been put there when I cleaned up the sewing room for company at Christmas. Most of them are craft projects, but a few of them are knitting or crochet projects. So I have more than the six that I originally thought that I had. But my plans haven’t changed. I will get them all done this year!

Anyway, on to the next goal.

I did get the amigurumi characters made. One for each week. Aren’t they cute!


Out of my 25 kits and wannabe projects, I got the first one done. It’s a pair of fingerless gloves out of a beautiful soft malabrigo yarn. These I’m keeping for myself! They match my purple jacket. 🙂


The sewing got a little out of hand. Once I “get in the mood” to sew, there’s no stopping this gal! 🙂

I found a kit that I bought at the quilt show that my sis took me to for my birthday in 2014. It’s a mug mat and was so easy to sew up that I should have had it made a loooong time ago. Soooo cute!


After sewing that up which took a whole couple of hours, I found these pillow cases that I bought in kit form to make for a couple of the grandsons several years ago.


It didn’t take long to get those sewed together either. (Sewing goes so fast! I really should do more of it.)

Besides all the goals that I (almost) finished for the month, I also got another pillow made from a cross-stitch kit that I started and finished during this month. The kit pictures it in a frame, but I wanted to make it into a pillow.


Another project that I started and finished was another plastic canvas kit of Disney characters. These little cuties are magnets.


This hat was started just before Christmas. Just a little more crocheting and it’s finished and ready to add to finished pile!


In addition to all these projects, I completed a promise to the two younger grandsons. They wanted a hat with a beard like the one I made to put in my Christmas gift give-away. They’ve already been sent and received by mail.


I just finished another pillow today that I made from a kit that I found at the thrift store. I thought it would be so cute to put in the sunroom with all my “garden” decorations. Again, it’s a cross-stitch kit and I started it last Fall. It took quite a time to get it stitched, but I worked on it a little every day until Christmas came along. I had to put it aside for awhile, but I got right back to it and now it’s finished!


Now I’m ready to start on my goals for Feb.

Well, Jan. was pretty productive. I didn’t start anything that I didn’t finished. (Except for the sweater that I frogged.) And I got some UFO’s finished as well. Hopefully, I can keep this up for the rest of the year. 🙂

More Organizing

January 26, 2016

Last year during my “down-sizing” moments and having a yard sale to rid ourselves of unnecessary items around here, I pretty much emptied a shelf unit that was in the garage. There were just a few things left on it which easily found another home.

Now I have a shelf unit not being used! I did some measuring and discovered that if I removed one section, it would just fit in my new closet in the bedroom. Perfect! I can use it to store my newest purchases of yarns that have been somehow accumulating in this said closet. (Again, no “before” pics and it’s a shame because it was really a mess!)

So I got busy, cleaned up the shelf unit and fit it in the closet. Then I got to go through the stash of yarn, organize it, and now I know what I have and exactly where it is. No more pulling everything out to see if I have yarn for a new project that I saw in one of my magazines. Looks pretty neat, right?



Baby It’s Cold Outside!

January 18, 2016

Woke up to 3 degrees this morning! Brrrrrrr! The weather station said that it would get down to 9, but they missed the mark. But what’s 6 degrees when it’s this cold anyway?

I was going to make a cranberry/orange bread when I was doing all that baking for Christmas, but just ran out of time. The ingredients were still in the cabinet, so I decided to do some baking yesterday and help warm up the house.


The aroma coming from the kitchen was to die for! I’ve made this bread many, many times in the past. In fact, I won a blue ribbon at the Fair on it one year.

I found the recipe for this bread in a cookbook that our first landlady let me look through when we lived in West Virginia right after we were married. We were going to spend our first Christmas together away from the rest of our family and I wanted to make something special just for us.

Every time I make this bread, I remember the first little apartment we were in and what fun I had making this bread. Isn’t it funny how certain smells can take you back in time? Needless to say, it’s one of my very favorite recipes.

Hubby and I going to take it with us when we go to the Family Center today. We’ll share it with our friends when we have our “coffee break” after our walk.

Mmmmmm, coffee and cranberry/orange bread! My mouth is already salivating.


“Just There” Crafts

January 11, 2016

These items were finished before Christmas last year. (That sounds weird because “last year” was only a couple of weeks ago.)

Some of these were used in my “Granny Give Away” as Christmas presents. And some of them were “just there”. This first pic is of a Christmas stocking that came to me in pieces. My friend gave it to me with all the little embellishments to go on it and the stocking was knitted, but not blocked or sewed together. Turned out kind of cute.


These little frames had been made a long time ago. I think the girls and I had made them for a baby shower for one of my first grandsons. Needless to say, they’ve been around a looooooong time. When I came across them while going through things last year, a lot of the buttons had popped off and they were part of the “fixes” that Sis and I worked on one day. I got to looking at them and thought “wouldn’t they be cute with little cross-stitched pictures in them.” I worked them on 18 count Aida cloth, a strong light, and lots of patience! But they turned out so cute, I think.


I made a couple more knitted owls for my booth because the other ones I made sold out so fast! The socks were an on-going project. They’ll probably go in the booth as well.


These little ornaments were plastic canvas kits that I pulled out of the stash to make for all the kids and g-kids for Christmas. The last several years, I’ve been giving them all an ornament each year so they can start building up their own stash of ornaments and also to have something to remember Grandma/Mom by. What they do with them is their business, but I’m hoping they are keeping them. 🙂


I had one of these in my UFO stash and when I found it one day and got it worked up, it was so darned cute that I made five more! I guess these will go in my booth. They really are cuter than this pic shows. The little decorations on their hats and the bow ties are made separately and then glued on as well as the buttons.


Hubby graciously modeled the crocheted hat with beard for me so I could get the beard in the right spot on the hat. When he put it on, I cracked up so much I had tears in my eyes. He’s a real trooper!


Here’s a close-up of the cute Coke bottle idea I had. My Sis gave me this set of Coke bottles in a metal carrier that looks like a container for picnic supplies without the bottles. They had drank the Coke and she thought it was just too cute to toss, but she didn’t know what to do with it. So she gave it to me. I guess she thought I would think of something to use it for. After washing the bottles out good, I filled them with snacks. Recycled and


instant gift!


This cute fella came to me as I was perusing one of my magazines one evening. What a cute idea for another gift! I made the gift card holder, then got a W-M gift card to put in it.


The little penguin’s arms come around and Velcro holds it in place.


This is just a piece of pre-printed fabric (with sparkles). Since I have a tote full of wooden hoops, I thought how cute this would be in one of those hoops and accented with a silver bow. Simple. I attached this to one of the packages that went into the gift give-away. I don’t know if it got thrown away with the wrapping papers, or if someone rescued it. (I hope it was the latter.)


It’s so fun to go through my stash of supplies and come up with these cute little items. It’s like finding treasures hidden away just waiting to be discovered!

Happy New Year Baby 2016

January 10, 2016

Well, the New Year is a week old already. Time flies when you’re having fun! I guess getting old is fun because the time seems to go faster as I get older. 🙂

But I digress.

I usually don’t make resolutions, but this year I’m making (and will keep) this resolution: to finish all of my UFOs! It sounds like I’ve had this goal before. Hmmmm. But I really don’t have that many anymore. Since I retired in 2012, I’ve actually been working on and finishing a lot of my UFOs. So this project seems doable now.

Getting ready for company at Christmas, my sewing room got a good cleaning. I had to move a lot of my projects, yarn, and wannabes out of the sewing room. As I was going through them and putting things back a few days ago, I counted my UFOs. Would you believe that I only had six knitted and crocheted UFOs? I was surprised! That, of course, doesn’t count all the sewing, cross-stitch, and other UFOs. But there isn’t that many of those either.

So it’s a doable project. Especially the knitting and crochet ones.

However, on the other hand, I have already counted 29 wannabes just in yarn projects! Yes, that includes kits plus yarn and patterns that I’ve put together for other projects. I’m thinking that if I can do at least one a month, it will only take me a little over two years to get them all finished. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa  (Like that’s going to happen. I’ll sure have fun trying anyway.)

I’ve already finished one UFO — a little piggy bank made in plastic canvas,


This project was started when my first grandchildren started coming along. I have no idea what I’ll do with it now.

Yesterday I sewed a sweater together that I finished knitting back in Jan. of last year. The only thing left to do is knit the ribbing around the neck which I did last night. Evidently the pattern instructions was off and the amount of stitches it said to use was wrong because the neck was puckered after I got it knitted. So I’m going to have to frog it and add more stitches to make it lay flat. After working with it all day yesterday, I was getting frustrated with it so I put it aside to finish today.

After taking a somewhat scattered-brained inventory of my UFOs, wannabe projects, and what I would still like to make, I come up with some goals for 2016:

Finish a UFO at least once a week,

Make an amigurumi animal once a week, (for my craft booth),

Get a wannabe project done once a month, and

Sew a project once a month.

This of course is in addition to daily walks at the Family Center, other projects that come along in the meantime, and all the other daily happenings.

I’m going to be like the lady in this cartoon.