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Feb. Amigurumi #2

February 14, 2016

She’s a cat and a ballerina. Isn’t she just too cute!






One Of More

February 10, 2016

One of my goals for this year is to make an amigurumi character every week. This is the first one for this month,


It’s a little turtle, if you can’t tell.

This blouse is another UFO from my stash of sewing projects. It turned out cute and didn’t take very long to make.


It’s made with a knit fabric for the stretch because there’s no buttons or zippers. Just pull it down over the head. I like these kinds of tops and I’m thinking I’ll make another one or two from the many pieces of knit and double-knit fabric that I have in my stash.

Going through my sewing UFO’s, I decided to eliminate two more projects. One of them was already cut out. It’s a suit with a jacket and skirt out of black fabric. I’m sure it’s been a UFO for many years. Even when I was cutting it out, I remember really not wanting this suit and why I continued with it, I have no idea. Anyway, I put all the pieces together with the pattern into a plastic bag and now it’s with the stuff that will make the next trip to the thrift store.

The other UFO was partially cut out, so I just put all the fabric back in my stash, put the pattern in my box with the other patterns, and poof! that UFO is no more. I didn’t really want that one either. My dreams are bigger than the reality of life sometimes.

This next sewing project is from my fabric wannabe stash. It’s a pre-printed panel that makes a book when it’s cut out and sewed together. While going through my totes of fabric wannabes, I found SIX of these books. Getting all of them made is another project that I would like to get to this year. Here’s the first one:


It has a cover and two other panels for the pages. After it’s all sewn together, there’s 10 pages to the book.


It’s fairly easy to sew each page unit. Then you get to the point where you have to stack all the pages and sew them together through the center. This process needs to be done easy and  s l o w   so you don’t break a needle! It’s a little tedious.

I’ve also been knitting on the sweater from the yarn that I frogged. The two fronts were finished last night. I knit them at the same time so I wouldn’t mess up the shaping. I’ll start on the sleeves tonight.

I have another cross-stitch picture in the big hoop that I’ve been working on as well. It’s very time-consuming. LOTS of stitches in the same color of thread and I’m getting a little bored with it. But stick with it I will! I’m determined to finish projects as I go along and not add more to the stack of UFO’s!

After I finish this sweater and cross-stitch picture, I need to work on some projects that are quick to finish. This gets me motivated to carry on. (Not that I really need motivation. 🙂 )

A UFO “Vision” finished!

February 6, 2016

It’s a tote bag that I started who knows when. It’s been sitting in my stack of UFO’s for quite a while. This tote is made from more of that straw-like yarn that I mentioned in my last entry. I just sit down one evening, picked up this yarn and started crocheting. I used a pretty stitch and it turned out rectangular. A nice tote bag, I thought.

I’m not a visionary and I have a hard time “seeing” things in my mind’s eye. So when I try to make something from just an idea, 9 times out of 10, my idea never works out. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to finish this tote. Also, I wanted to decorate it some way. So it sit.

This “rectangle” was the next item on my pile of UFO’s, so I decided I needed to do something with it once and for all. I knew I wanted to decorate it with some flowers. So I found a book on crocheted flowers and saw some that I thought would do, so I started crocheting and the ideas starting coming in my mind.

After the flowers were made, I found some rick rack for the stems, a few beads for the flower centers, and some artificial leaves to complete the decorations.

A lining was my next step. I found some bright green (I love polka dots!) and I wanted the wilder, the better, look. I even sewed a pocket on the lining.

Next was sewing it all together. I had to adjust the lining a little because I cut it a little big. I even sewed the bottoms of the bag and the lining to create a “bottom” so it would sit up easier. Then I covered a piece of hard foam with the same fabric to make the bottom flatter.

I had these bamboo handles in my supplies stash and thought they would look nice with this straw-like yarn.

This is the result of my “vision”,



I certainly don’t need another bag, but this one turned out kind of cute, has a lining, and is big enough for a knitting bag. So, I guess I have another knitting bag!

Feb. Is Here

February 3, 2016

This month starts out good because I’ve already finished a UFO! It’s not a biggie, but it’s a project that’s been “in my way” for a while now.

I’ve been saving these oatmeal boxes since 2013, (that’s the expiration date on one of the boxes), and it was time to finish my idea for them.

Several years ago, I “won” some yarn for competing in classes at the Fair. I chose this textured straw-like yarn among some other regular yarns. Since getting it, I’ve made several items from it including a couple of bags, some bowls, etc. It was a huge ball of “yarn” and it seems like it’s lasting f o r e v e r! Coming up with new ideas to use it has been an on-going issue for me.

One idea I had was to wrap these oatmeal boxes with this yarn and then decorate them with some kind of design. This is what I came up with.


The one on the left has a flower and bird cut from scraps of burlap and glued on. The one on the right has a piece of lace and a homespun strip of fabric wrapped around it and then topped with a burlap flower with a key and some buttons hanging from it. I think they turned out cute. But what to do with them now?

Getting into my stash of laces to find just the piece of lace I wanted for this project was quite the ordeal. Several years ago I was on the kick of buying laces and trims to decorate baskets, stuffed bunnies, etc., which was the craze back then. Needless to say, I got carried away with buying when I found a place in PA that sold laces and trims at a nice discount.

Yeah, I have enough of that stuff to last two lifetimes. I thought I had it pretty organized, but hunting for just the right piece of lace opened my eyes to the fact that, not-so-much. My sis had given me some of her lace and trim when she was down-sizing a while back. (I’m thinking she knew I would keep it and she could come get some of it if she wanted some after getting rid of it. Ha!)

Anyway, I was impressed with the way she had each piece stored wrapped around a piece of cardboard. It was visible, easy to access and space-saving. Since getting hers, I’ve been thinking about doing all of my laces and trims the same way. I folded my material in easy-to-access pieces a while back, so why not my laces and trims, right?

I took a “before” pic but it was after I pulled it all from the drawer I had it in. I should have taken the pic while everything was in the drawer because you could really see that it was a mess,


but it looks a lot better now,


It took part of two days but like I said, so much easier to see what I have and access it better.

I’m working on another UFO and the sweater that I re-started after frogging another UFO. But I’m going to have to get in gear and get started on my next goals for Feb. More later. . . . . . . . .