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February Update

March 2, 2016

Here’s the update on my crafting goals. But first to review:

Finish a UFO at least once a week,

Make an amigurumi animal once a week, (for my craft booth),

Get a wannabe project done once a month, and

Sew a project once a month.

According to my goals, I should have finished four UFOs in Feb. Let’s see. I’ve already mentioned the oatmeal boxes, the crocheted tote bag, and since I’m counting ALL UFOs including sewing projects, I have to add the material blouse, plus the two sewing projects that I’ve discarded. AND, in addition to these, I’ve also finished three blanket buddies that I started last year, (I think),



and a pillow that started out as a scarf, but I didn’t like the way it felt around my neck. It was more of a rectangle instead of long and narrow like a scarf. When I looked at it with an open mind, I could see a pillow. So,


That’s seven UFOs! I’m so impressed with me!

However my amigurumi characters suffered. Out of four, only three made it to the finish line. I’ve already mentioned the turtle and the ballerina cat. Here’s the monkey that made it as well.


I was working on an octopus and if I’d had an extra day, he would have made it as well. Oops, there was an extra day in Feb. this year. Oh dear! I messed up. But not to fear, he’ll have his picture on here soon.

The wannabe project was a kit that makes a pair of slippers in the crocodile stitch. I’ve never done that stitch before and it’s given me a bit of a headache. It’s easy enough. I just haven’t done this stitch before, so I’ve had to take my time with it and concentrate which is getting more difficult for me as I get older. 🙂

When this happens, I tend to pick up something mindless to do. I’ve been cross-stitching on an angel that I started who knows when. All the stitching is finished now and it’s waiting to be framed. I finally found the right-sized frame at Hobby Lobby a couple of days ago. The pic of it will be coming soon as well.

The sewing project has already been mentioned in a previous blog. It’s the cloth book. I was hoping to get to some of the others, (there’s five more), but didn’t get around to it. They’ll be there when I’m ready, I’m sure!

I’ve also finished a cross-stitch bookmark that is going to be one of three in the series when all of them are finished.


AND I finished the sweater that I had frogged and started again. It turned out really pretty, I think.


Would that be considered a finished UFO or a finished wannabe? Well, whatever, it’s finished and I love it.

So it looks like the month of February was productive for me. I’m happy.

Now March! National Craft Month! Oh, the possibilities!