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A Vet Laid To Rest

April 24, 2016

My Sis’s hubby passed away last weekend. He had cancer and we all knew that his death was expected. But it’s still hard when the time comes.

They had time to plan for it however, and he wanted to be buried at the Veteran’s Cemetery. He’d always been proud of being a vet especially since he had fought in the Viet Nam war. And rightfully so.

After a very nice funeral at the funeral home and a wonderful lunch at the church, we headed to the new Veteran’s Cemetery located in a beautiful area south of the city.


We had another brief service inside the memorial chapel where my Sis (in the middle here with her children and grandchildren)


was presented with a short “thank you for your husband’s service” speech


and was presented with the flag and a coin of recognition.


They also gave him a 21-gun salute.


His final resting place is in a wall of crypts with the information on the front that the family will provide. (His is the second one from the bottom.) There’s enough room for my Sis to be there with him when the time comes.


It was a very nice service, very respectful, and impressive. And he deserved it all!

Bunnies and Flowers

April 9, 2016

Yes, we still have our bunnies. They’ve been getting through the winters just fine being outside. Their coats get thicker, we’ve noticed, when the weather starts getting colder. We put fleece-material blankets in their hutches and the bunnies actually seem to like laying on them!

In fact, they seem to like the colder weather more than the hot, summery weather. They’ll shed when it starts getting warm and the black one, Snoopy, turns brown in the summertime!

Hubby gives them fresh pellets and water every day, but they still come running when he takes out their plates of kale, carrots, and apples or grapes.



They “allow” us to pet them all we want while they’re eating. If we go sit in their pens with them, they will come up to us and we can pet them then; but they’re too busy checking us out to stand for too much petting.

Yes, they’re a nuisance and a lot of work, but we sure enjoy watching them run and jump around and loving them.


We’ve been having a rather cool Spring this year. In fact, last night got back into the 30’s again. I’m not much of one to dig in the yard and plant things. But once in a while the mood strikes me and I’ll grab my little spade. Actually I really enjoy it once I get into the dirt.

For years, I’ve been wanting to fix the south side of my little shop out back the same way I fixed the front of the shop. So last week when I was out cleaning up after our “flood”, I thought that now is the time. After picking up the bricks and gravel, and with Hubby’s help, it took me all of a couple of hours to “get ‘r done”.



It’s kind of sad, however, that the south side of my little shop out back doesn’t face the house. But it looks nice anyway — until the next flood.


March Crafts Etc.

April 2, 2016

Oh my, I’ve let the whole month of March get away from me. Now so much to say and lots of pics to show. Bear with me.

First of all, I want to say that I’ve been after my sis to come craft with me again. Before our older sis passed away in  1999, we three girls spent the previous year getting together to have a “craft day” once a week. It was so much fun! But after Pauline passed away, it just wasn’t the same any more and we got out of the habit of getting together.

So after all this time and mentioning it over and over to my sis, she decided that she would come over and craft with me. I don’t know if it was because I mentioned that it was National Craft Month, the fact that I’ve been after her for so long to come help me with a lot of little craft kits that I’ve had stashed away for years, or if she just decided on her own to “just do it”; but she came over one Thurs. and spent the whole afternoon with me! We had such a good time working on these little ornaments.



We had quite the mess! But we didn’t get to all of them, so she said that she would come over again the following week. We finished up all of these and when I mentioned that she would be welcome to come and help me finish up my crocheted angels that had been stashed away (yes, they were a UFO!), she said she would!

So the following week she was here again and we got these little angels finished.


As we were finishing up the angels, I showed her another UFO that’s been stashed for a long time. It’s money pockets made with plastic canvas and decorated like animals etc. She said she would be happy to take some of the plastic canvas home with her and cut the rest of the pieces for me. Then we could work on them the following week. Wow! I don’t know what got into her, but I’m happy I have a partner in crime crafts once again.

I started these with the idea of making three of each one to sell in my craft booth. Since there’s twelve of them, that will be 36 all together. I think we may be working on these for a while. Especially since I only have six made so far.


Ok, on to report the progress of my goals for this month.

I did get four UFO’s finished this month. The first one was my jacket that I’ve had as an on-going project for quite a long time. My dear friend Carolyn helped me to sew a jacket together when we were in high school. This is the pattern that I bought to use. (Actually she did most of the sewing — well, all of the sewing.)


I liked the pattern and jacket so much that I wanted to make myself another one. Back when we lived in our first house — 1973 to 1985 — I found some London Fog fabric (that “they” say would make a great jacket) on sale. It was still expensive for me even being on sale.

I got the jacket cut out and then stashed it away. I would pull it out and work on it off and on until this month (March).  Enough of this, I said. Let’s “get her done!”


I can’t believe it fits me after all this time!

The next UFO is a little purse that I’ve had knitted for quite a while. I was going to put a bead trim on it, but since I’ve never done that before, into the UFO pile it went. It’s finished now,



This angel in cross-stitch was started a few years ago. I like to work on mind-less projects while I listen to my audio tapes from the library. After getting it finished, I had a time trying to find a frame big enough for it. But it’s now hanging on my wall. (Sorry about the reflection in the glass.)


The last UFO for this month (March) would be the crocheted angels that Sis helped me finish.

Before I go on to show anything else, here’s a pic of the last amigurumi critter I made for Feb.


And here’s the four amigurumi projects for the month of March,



A snail, a walrus, a snake, and a patchwork pig. The pig is on the cover of the newest Crochet World magazine. While perusing the magazine racks at Barnes and Nobel one day, I spied the Crochet World magazine and thought what a cute little pig. Well, the magazine came home with me and I just had to make this pig.


My wannabe project was a pair of slippers in the crocodile stitch in crochet. I had never done that stitch before so I learned something new! They fit me and I love them! May make some more of those one of these days.


I really didn’t do any sewing this month unless I count the jacket that I finished. But I don’t want to count that. My goal was to do some new sewing. So I slacked up on that goal this month.

However, I managed to get a few other projects started and finished! I’ve already mentioned a cross-stitch bookmark that is one of three that I wanted to make. Here’s all three of them finished,


This project was in with the wannabe projects. The little blankets came two in a package and I thought they could be cute dressed up with a crocheted trim.



And last, but not least, are some paper mache’ letters that I bought several months ago with the idea of covering them with yarn for a wall decoration.


So I did pretty good if I do say so myself. Need to sit down at the sewing machine more in April, though. It’s not because I don’t have anything to sew!

One more thing I’d like to mention. Just so it’s written down here and I can remember this event. Not that I want to, but it’s part of our history now.

This house we live in now is on a slight downhill slant from the street. We don’t have much of a drainage area because over the years the ditch in the front by the street has overgrown. We’ve called the city about it but so far they have pretty much ignored us.

Every time it rains much at all, the water drains around our house and down into the back yard. We’ve had a flooded area that looks like a pond in our backyard several times since we’ve moved here.

Well, a few weeks ago, we had a cloud burst right over this area of the city and we had SIX inches of rain come down all at once! Needless to say, we had the worst flooding that we’ve had yet!

Here’s some pics of the aftermath,



The water just toppled over all of our trash bins and some of them had trash in them.



Here’s where the water line came to on the front of my little shop out back. Luckily it didn’t make it into the shop, but Hubby’s shop wasn’t so lucky.

Unfortunately, it flooded the little lean-to at the back of my shop and everything had floated around and it was a mess!


The neighbors yards looked as bad as ours. It just looked like a huge pond! I would have taken pics, but it was dark and I don’t think they would have shown up. The next day the water had sunk into the ground, but it sure left a mess. I haven’t made it out there to clean up my lean-to, but Hubby has cleaned up the yard and it looks a lot better. Until the next down-pour.